Terrorists peek around the Dwarf Planets, trying to see what threat they may be
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Can Astrology Develop Time DNA?

By Sue Kientz

Posted 14 Jan 2016, 8:27 a.m. PT

Each New Year's we reflect on the past year and vow to make the next one better. This year, listening to the news media invariably rehash the terror attacks of 2015 has caused me to pause and seriously ask, can't astrologers assist with terror detection? After all, astrology is about identifying troublesome time periods. What if we could show a dependable technique that pinpointed potentially dangerous windows of time and a general locale? Even just knowing the week and the city might help. That's right, I'm suggesting that Astrology might be the next step in crime detection, and could provide "Time DNA."

If you wonder if anyone would listen to us astrologers if we did come up with some useful method, remember that there have always been times when desperate investigators turned to psychics in missing persons cases. But let's not wait until anyone feels that desperate. Maybe we just have to show convincing examples of such a method at work.

So using the Paris Attacks of last November 13 as an example, I'll show you how an astrologer could have zeroed in on France, Paris, and mid-November 2015 as a time for high alert. The only caveat is, that astrologer would have to use the largest asteroids like Pallas and Vesta, and new Dwarf Planets discovered this century orbiting out in Pluto's realm.

Now many of you may use large asteroids, but you may wonder what is so special about the so-called "Dwarf Planets." Eris, Makemake, and Haumea are near Pluto's size, and indispensable when analyzing chaotic situations or troubled, alienated people. Others like Sedna, Orcus, and Quaoar, only slightly smaller (yet larger than any asteroid), fill out the picture of those excluded by society. You will shortly see how these objects could help us identify and maybe even stop Pluto-types who strive to take control and force their destructive worldview on society at large. The basic operation of these new worlds, by the way, is described at length in my book More Plutos, so I will not go into detail here about them, except to give brief summaries of their meaning at the proper time.

Here's how an astrologer, armed with ALL the major solar system bodies, could have seen coming Paris's most terrible Friday the 13th.

What To Look For

In an article written for the AFA Journal last year (PDF), I demonstrated that asteroid Vesta, the second largest body in the Asteroid Belt, serves as a very useful identifier of immanent disaster. If Vesta perfects to a challenging angle with the Sun or Mars in Secondary Progression in the chart of a central civic leader, that mayor, governor, president, or prime minister could find themselves in the hot seat due to an attack or weather catastrophe. Why Vesta? Because that city, state or country will have some "mess" to clean up, and require some "work" (Vesta's forte) to put things right again. While this could indicate either natural or man-made disaster, suspecting that a particular area may be so affected could focus authorities and vital resources on that location.

Vesta isn't the only telltale clue, of course. The person in charge will likely have other challenging patterns culminating in progression as well as in transit. With other non-Vesta markers, however, you might not be sure if the shakeup is in someone's personal life or simply some other upheaval.

But I'll guarantee you what such individuals, responsible for so many lives, will NOT be found to have when disaster strikes: no impending aspects, or all soft and supportive ones. You can't find yourself in the center of a shitstorm and not have some nasty looking indicators in Secondary Progression, Transits, or both.

So while cable news anchors complain to their viewers that "we just don't know who will commit the next terror attack," specifically blaming the difficulty on "lone wolf" actors, I say you don't necessarily need to know who is planning an attack. Astrology has techniques both old and new that could be brought to bear against the war on terror. First let's see if Vesta could have clued us that France in general and Paris in particular was going to have a great mess to sort out, by looking at the key figures in government, the country's mundane chart, and the day in general. Then we shall open up that moment in time, like TV's Doctor Who's title character walking into his TARDIS, and see how amazingly spacious a Key Moment can be.

About Chart Wheels and Diagrams Presented

To satisfy everyone's favorite way of looking at horoscopic charts, I've provided wheels of all the people and events, and their transits and Secondary progression wheels. These charts include the traditional and modern points many astrologers use, plus the Dwarf Planets in the Kuiper Belt that I advocate as absolutely essential.

To focus on certain important aspects in these charts, however, I use diagrams that only show planet/luminary, location (sign/degree) and angular relationship (conjunction, square, trine, and so on), which was what the great astronomer/astrologer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) theorized to be possible. Unfortunately, Kepler only had five planets, Sun and Moon, so he couldn't realize that vision. Now that the Kuiper Belt's largest members are finally at our disposal, Kepler's championing of angular relationship is now possible.

Check Out the People in Charge

To generally predict a terror attack based on Vesta and other culminating planetary patterns, you would need to check the birth charts and progressions for a large number of world and local leaders. This isn't impossible with computers. However, anyone specifically interested in France's mundane chart and keeping track of its government figures, could have noticed that the Charlie Hebdo massacre was not the end of France's terror troubles.

Francois Hollande, President of France

Francois Hollande
Full Natal Wheel
Francois Hollande
Progressed Wheel
Click wheel for full view
- provided for reference only -
analysis refers to diagrams below

President Hollande's natal wheel is provided above for information only, as we're not doing a natal analysis. We just need his "jumping off point" from which he has now landed on Nov. 13, 2015, just before 9:30 p.m., when all hell broke loose on Parisian streets.

Let's first examine Hollande's transits on that awful day, referencing the image below of two diagrams. The natal Sun (18 Leo 43), is shown in brackets at the top of the left diagram, and his natal Mars (26 Sagittarius 49), is bracketed at the top of the right diagram. All other objects are transiting bodies. As you can see, he was under considerable strain.


  • Sun/Mercury square his Sun — OK this happens twice a year for either, but both at the same time is definitely not pleasant. This alone, however, won't account for the vicious, widespread attacks.
  • Makemake (M) semi-square his Sun — If you read my chapter on Makemake (available online), you doubtless recall its electric charge. Makemake in challenging aspect means you're about to be hit by some equivalent of a lightning bolt. Hollande was in the stadium when the bombs were first heard. I'm sure he and his entourage were shaken to their core.
  • Vesta square his Mars — Didn't I tell you?! Here's the dreaded Vesta, saying "You're going to have a mess on your hands, Monsieur President!"
  • Mars/North Node also square his Mars — Hollande needs results, needs to reassure people, and he couldn't issue orders fast enough, I would wager.
  • Dwarf Planet Quaoar (Q) conjunct his Mars — Hollande's action plan will be a gamble (Quaoar). So he calls for war, for more bombing, for stepped-up police measures. Will this do the trick?

And now for the Secondary Progressions (which are the only progressions used here, so I'll stop saying "Secondary"; notated by "p.").


  • Progressed FULL MOON — This configuration says it all. Everyone around him is massively upset: his family is upset, his staff, the French people — everyone is completely swept by emotion. This is a terrible time in his life, a defining moment.
  • P. Sun conjunct p. Ixion — Ixion is on the small size of a Dwarf Planet candidate, but it's four times as big as Chiron, which astrologers use all the time. Ixion is breaking the rules, doing something against the prevailing power structure. Hollande is going to take drastic action to protect France, and that could be in a war footing, or police presence, or other things. He feels violated and all bets are off for him. Sun/Ixion opp. Moon in progression perfectly symbolizes someone who has been terrorized and who will respond in kind, screw the "rules."
  • Progressed Mars is under fire! — First let's say, that sextile to p. Venus probably means he will get the French government to fund any retaliation he can dream up. But check out the other parts of that T-square up against p. Mars:
    • P. Sedna square p. Mars Sedna is devoted, often obsessed energy and that's what the Islamic terrorists have in spades. The next year to 3 years will be no picnic, as p. Mars perfects that square to p. Sedna.
    • P. Pallas/Neptune square p. Mars — Pallas is found in the birth charts of many military leaders as well as wannabe heroes like Osama bin Laden (Sun conj. Pallas). With p. Pallas conj. p. Neptune, Hollande has got to fight the militant ideology, the "beliefs" (Neptune) or his effort will be in vain. He may make that very mistake this next year.
    • P. Jupiter/Makemake/Uranus opp. p. Mars — There is a future of more of these explosive incidents, as this triple conjunction opposing his Mars is several years away from completion. Not good but this seems to square with all the people analyzing the situation, with regards to Europe and France in particular.

In summary, we can certainly see markers of November (p. Sun/Ixion opp p. Moon) bringing a watershed moment for Hollande. If you were looking at Hollande's progressions/transits back in January 2015 after Charlie Hebdo, and you kept pushing that progression forward a month at a time, you would have seen that devastating November looming up ahead. But would anyone have listened to an astrologer back then?

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Anne Hidalgo
Full Natal Wheel

Anne Hidalgo
Progressed Wheel

Click wheel for full view
- provided for reference only -
analysis refers to diagrams below

Perhaps you're wondering about President Hollande not having the Vesta marker in progression at the time of the attacks. He had it in transit, certainly. But the truth is, the president is not as close to the day-to-day mess of a massive cleanup, as the mayor, and Mayor Hidalgo had Vesta in difficult postures both in transit (to natal Sun and Mars) and in progression.


  • Vesta square natal Sun — The closest object majorly impacting Mayor Hidalgo is Vesta. As discussed earlier when I referenced my AFA article, Hidalgo joins the mayorly ranks of Rudy Giuliani (9-11), Ray Nagin (Katrina), Richard Riordan (Northridge Earthquake 1994), and even Eugene Schmitz (San Francisco Earthquake 1906) to just name a few, in being overwhelmed with the after effects of a city engulfed by catastrophe.
  • Makemake/Mars/North Node sq. n. Sun — Mars/North node would be trouble enough, but adding Makemake brings shock and awe into the equation. All this hit at once, a powerful blow. By the way, Makemake was even more closely square Hidalgo's Sun when the Charlie Hebdo attack occurred.
  • Quaoar and Vesta both sesquiquadrate n. Mars — In addition, Hidalgo's Mars is powerfully affected by Vesta and Quaoar. This is a disaster for Paris's reputation of easy-going fun and enjoyment (Quaoar), which will take a lot of effort to restore (Vesta).


  • Progessed stellium VenusR/Mars/Vesta — Hidalgo is doubly involved with Mars/Vesta, and in progression you see the effects are going to be long-term. Progressed Venus may be moving away from Vesta, but Mars is barreling right at the marker of work, work, and more work.
  • P. VenusR/Mars/Vesta semi-square p. Makemake — All that work is going to be driven by the erratic effects of possible outbreaks of terror (stellium semi-sq. M). Her city will be watchful and the usual romantic rendezvous (Venus/Mars) will be nervous ones (M).
  • P. VenusR/Mars/Vesta trine p. Varuna — Perhaps one shining light in the darkness hanging over Paris in the wakes of two attacks in one year, is that the voice of the people (trine Varuna) is insisting they will not be intimidated.

So you have a mayor of a capital city, and that country's president, poised for an emotional hit, and you can see through Vesta that they won't be going on vacation soon. But there's still the chance that these troubles in Hollande's and Hidalgo's lives might be personal ones: relationship blowup, illness, even a home renovation (another mess that can make you crazy). How can we check that this really points to terror?

How Serious Is This? Check the Country Chart

Let's look at France's founding chart, typically identified as the Storming of the Bastille in 1789. If the Attack Chart's transiting bodies majorly affect the Bastille Day chart, and the Bastille Day chart's progression also shows something afoot, you can be more confident that watchfulness in France is sorely needed.

See how well Bastille Day progresses

Some astrologers like to use a later chart for France, since the country has gone through several republics. I find the Bastille Day chart remarkable in progression, which should come as no surprise since American astrologers use the July 4, 1776, Declaration of Independence chart for the USA.

Here are two fine examples of the effectiveness of the Bastille Liberation chart in progression, in that you can clearly see the beginning and end of the Reign of Terror. In fact, Vesta again makes a dramatic appearance. The Bastille liberation event already had Sun/MercuryR square Vesta; certainly the French Revolution was one grand messy hoopla as it was going down.

Reign of Terror Begins, Sept. 5, 1793 — At left you see the Bastille Liberation chart progressed to the beginning of the massacres called the Reign of Terror. Of greatest interest:

  • Sun semi-square Mars; Sun square Vesta — A traditional astrologer would see the violence (near exact semi-sq. Mars); an astrologer using all the largest bodies sees an even greater catastrophe approach (applying square to Vesta).
  • MercuryR opposite Eris and square Neptune — A traditional astrologer could perceive the dissolution of communication (MercuryR sq. Neptune) as the lower classes rose up, tried, and executed the royalty and whole families of the upper classes. An astrologer using the mighty Dwarfs sees the alienation and objectification (opp. Eris) that took place, as no quarter was given to anyone accused, no humanity shown.

Reign of Terror Ends, July 28, 1794

  • Sun semi-square Mars is separating; Sun square Vesta is exact — The violence and executions have peaked; the cleanup and need to restore Order has come.
  • MercuryR separates from square Neptune and opposing Eris — The crisis of polarization, of lies and accusations, is now slowly dissipating.

Transits to France's Chart on November 13. 2015

  • Haumea-Uranus/Eris opposition is square France's Sun/Mercury — Haumea is dramatic change, and Eris deals with our experience of Others. To fully appreciate how stupendous this Haumea-Eris opposition is (especially with Uranus involved), you should look at my slideshow talk on the Haumean/Eris Opposition. Suffice to say, this opposition doesn't happen every year, more like every 560+ years. The last one coincided with the fall of Constantinople (1453), which shut the land route to Asia, forcing goods traders to look for alternate ways (sea routes) to continue trading and making money. This inadvertedly led to the discovery of America and the Age of Exploration. In other words, one great city's fall, changed (Haumea) the world, and brought together for the first time some vastly different people (Eris). See the slide show (about midway) for other historic Haumea/Eris oppositions.

    The Syrian diaspora is almost certainly indicated by Haumea/Eris opposed. This will severely impact Europe, and France especially. How can it not, with that axis squaring both Sun and MercuryR? That is incredibly slow moving and corresponds to very intense experiences for the next few years. Remember, Uranus will oppose Haumea about May 9, 2016, and conjunct Eris the following month around June 8.

  • Orcus/Neptune/Saturn T-square harasses France's Mars — Mars is also under attack, from both the Haumea-Eris/Uranus opposition, and the T-square of Orcus/Saturn/Neptune. There is no way to react (Mars), it likely appears to the French, except to prepare a military response and/or initiate massive police action.

France's Progressions on November 13, 2015

  • Progressed Sun sesquiquadrate p. Moon — Again, time of intense emotions. Now perhaps you might say, "Oh, it's just a 135 degree angle, kind of minor." True, if it weren't for the degree of that p. Moon (see next).
  • Progressed Moon conjunct France's Sun/MercuryR — At the time of the November attacks, France's progressed Moon is plowing right over its mundane Sun/Merc! There are two ways to see this: the people of France are getting an emotional whallop, or think of President Hollande, with his p. Moon opposing his p. Sun. The "Sun" after all represents the leader. Double whammy, or coincident events representing a Big One?
  • Progressed Sun semi-square p. Eris — Separating in France's progressed chart is p. Sun semi-sq p. Eris. This could not be more apt. That's either the past Hebdo massacre, or just the trouble in general with unrest in many Muslim communities, the feeling of disenfranchisement, of not being considered really "French." Or both.
  • Progressed Sun: Upcoming Attractions — Let's just briefly see what's in store, since the rest of this figure is "coming" in a few years:
    1. Sun semi-square Ixion — Exact in early 2018, as p. Moon sesquiquadrate the p. Sun. Pushing the limits of civilized behavior (IX) is a last resort, so seeing France in such a position in a few years does not bode well, especially considering the next major Sun angle:
    2. Sun square Makemake — Late 2019/early 2020 this culminates. At the same time, p. Moon is square p. Haumea. Buckle your seat belts, this could get ugly...
    3. Sun conjunct Quaoar — Closest approach is Nov. 2021, as p. Moon squares France's p. Sun/Merc, but that progressed Moon will also sextile p. Jupiter and trine p. Mercury. So maybe Sun/Q will be good, a celebration. Hopefully not a desperate gamble, some game playing in order to outsmart a persistent, still potent enemy.

So We Could Suspect November 2015, but Which Day?

Granted we haven't had a real good look yet at November 13, 2015. You might think this was a day that had obvious culminating angles like squares, oppositions, and/or conjunctions. If you're looking for such dramatic figures, you'll be disappointed. Let's see what we have:

Paris Attacks Begin, November 13, 2015, 9:20 p.m.

   "Paris Attacks Begin"
     Full Event Wheel

     Click for full view;
Analysis refers to diagrams

Paris Attacks Begin

Who Would Have Picked This Day?

  • Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio — Can you really think that ill of Scorpio to expect that a mere Sun/Mercury in the sign could be responsible for complete havoc? Where is the square to some gas giant, or Mars? A traditionalist would have to be stymied, or have to find some other significator to explain the utter chaos that reigned.
  • Sun/Mercury opposite Sedna — How about Sun/Mercury opposite the slowest body in the solar system? (Eris's speed is slowest right now, but Sedna overall is so slow, that since Jesus' time, the distant world has moved from early Capricorn to only 25 degrees of Taurus, period!) Sedna is suffering, devotion, determination. Those who perpetrated the attacks on Paris's lovers, its concert goers, its cafe patrons, all representative of Sun/Mercury, as in "Love/Conversation," were wholly determined to suffer, to devote themselves (to Death), all Sedna in its worst manifestation. Sun/Merc opp. Sedna is Life/Human Contact, opposed by determined Death.
  • Mercury(Sun) sextile Jupiter — Even more perplexing is this "supportive" angle in the middle of the chaos that ensued. Perhaps this means, "could have been much worse." Most of the stadium attendees were "lucky" (Jupiter) in that the stadium wasn't evacuated, for example.
  • Sun semi-square Pallas — Again with Pallas, the militant, the "hero," as mentioned above. The semi-square is too often considered minor, when I would like to point out how it's a half-square. Angles that are divisions of "2" are Trouble. Life is not just being confronted by emphatically Devoted Monsters (Sedna); they also have guns and bombs (Pallas). They had money (Venus) for guns and gear as well (Venus square Pallas).
  • Sun trine Chiron/Vesta — Both Sun and Mercury are separating from the trine to Chiron. The Mercury trine Chiron could be, the pain (Chiron) felt from the Hebdo horror, all too recent. But more critical is the applying trine to Vesta. We could feel comforted by it being a trine, but Vesta asks us to get prepared for Work, for cleaning up. Will the French prepare in creative ways? Will they be prepared each time they seek entertainment, a fun night out? I'm optimistic about the trine, certainly.

Key Markers Revealed! Makemake and Vesta against Mars

  • Mars/North Node/Makemake/Venus stellium — If you ever want a clue that some nasty stuff is about to go down, keep tabs on Makemake (symbol M), the super-Uranus of the Kuiper Belt. Mars/M in square, opposition, conjunction, and even semi-square or sesquiquadrate should be taken note of very seriously.
  • Mars/NNode/M/Venus opposite Vesta — So the stellium is bad, but the opposing Vesta makes it all that much worse. As I just warned you about Mars/Makemake, and earlier warned about Mars or Sun angular with Vesta, here we have BOTH. That's a recipe for the disaster we know happened that November night.
  • Mars/NNode/M/Venus-Vesta-Quaoar/Pallas T-square — Again, bad enough the opposition we just analyzed between Mars and company versus Vesta, but Quaoar is out for fun, for games, sport, gambling. Conjunct Pallas, and beseiged by that opposition, the "games" turn deadly (which indeed they did, the sports arena was no longer "fun," nor the concert, or any other entertainment that night).

Some Bright Spots

   We aren't looking for positive indicators here, of course, but I include these for completeness. There are always bright spots.

  • Mars/NNode/M sextile VarunaVaruna is the creative, written word (positive) and/or lies (troublesome). There has been no "Benghazi-ing" of this event for political points; the accounts all match in media, except of course from the terrorist point of view.
  • Venus trine Ceres — Just like the stellium sextile Varuna, Venus trine Ceres denotes perhaps the minimal concern with the money needed to beef up protection of the homeland (Ceres), France.

So in sum, Sun/Mercury may have not leapt out at you as a worrisome combination (unless you have that Thing against Scorpio placements), but turning one's attention to Mars should have caused concern. Be sure to notice, it's not Mars/Saturn, or Mars/Neptune, or Mars/Uranus, or Mars/Pluto! It's Mars/Makemake — and if you don't know Makemake, you are blindsided, taken by (an unpleasant) surprise.

It's also Mars/Vesta, and again, if you haven't seen Vesta in disaster charts, then you aren't going to be cued by that Mars-Vesta opposition. You Need These Small but Potent Planets!

So I would advise that November 13 or thereabouts would have to be on your list of POSSIBLE candidates for trouble, especially being in November when Hollande's progressed Full Moon was due.

Now, can we confirm this date? You bet we can!

Finding a Candidate Date - Throw Progression in Reverse!

If we can "look ahead" in a life or from an event like a marriage or a business opening using Secondary Progression, and spot milestones in the future, doesn't it make sense that we might be able to look BACK? If Time is like many things in Nature that are mathematical, it should be invariant, which means you can track Time (and therefore its pattern using the Solar System bodies) forward AND backward.

If Time is like Space, we can look ahead, AND look back to where we came from. We just need a promising date or time period where we suspect something big might happen, and check to see if that day, counting backwards 1 day for 1 year, shows us the way back to patterns that reasonably describe key milestones of the past.

To do this, make an event chart of your Candidate Date, and then run Secondary Progression on that chart by inputing an important date from the Past. The software won't complain or be concerned that your date is past and not future, and will run in reverse and show you the "way back" from that Event. This works with Solar Fire and even the smart-phone app Astro Gold (except the app does not include Dwarf Planets), so I would bet that other Astrology software programs would allow you to run Progression backwards.

Let's do a test run. If reversing progression (or "regression") works, we should see some negative indicator just over 10 months before the 13 Nov Paris Attacks, corresponding with the 7 Jan Charlie Hebdo Shootings. What do we see if we run progression in reverse just a bit over 10 months? While most of the chart will be the same, the Moon should show us some terrible disturbance, I bet.

See the image at right. We don't need that Moon to be exactly conjunct Saturn to feel that "laughter" (Moon in Sagittarius), representing the murdered Hebdo cartoonists and satirists, has been stilled (Saturn). There was a lasting effect, well represented by the approaching Moon/Saturn conjunction as well as those applying squares to Neptune (confusion, fear, suspicion) and Orcus (the efforts for more order, more security). Such a figure seems appropriate to describe Charlie Hebdo from the vantage point of November 13.

Let's venture farther back now, and see if milestones important to the French, fall in a line leading deeper into the past.

Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to Charlie Hebdo Terror Attacks

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
Charlie Hebdo

Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to 9-11 Terror Attacks

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
11 Sept 2001
September 11 Attacks (11 September 2001) — When you deal with such a major attack as Paris suffered, it invariably belongs to a timeline of "Terror Attacks" that, if the perpetrators have the same or similar demands or ideologies, should all exist on the same timeline. One inspires another, which gives rise to more.

For this reason, we might first see if we can "look back" from November 13, 2015, and see if there appears a fitting representation of the Sept. 11 Terror Attacks. The enormity and worldwide impact of that day should involve the regressed Sun, and it does:

  • Sun semi-square/sesq. Ixion-Mars/Venus-Moon T-square — Regressing to the day of 9-11, you see a time where extreme violence (Mars) and complete disregard for the humanity of others (Ixion) severely impacted the entire world (Sun). No-one on the side of Life wasn't stunned by the Bin Laden attack on the U.S. This involved a huge financial impact (Venus) and emotional toll (Moon).

Any symbol representing 9-11 must have shock value, and this one fits the bill.

France was deeply affected by 9-11. They knew it could just as well have happened to them. For this reason, the French immediately pledged solidarity with the US. The only divisive element came later, when they disagreed on the widsom of invading Iraq.

Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to 1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing
1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing (23 Oct 1983). This was another attack where both the US and France felt a deep bond in the aftermath, as both lost military personnel (US: 241 dead; France: 58 dead). President Reagan and French President Mitterand met in Lebanon after the attack. So you should be able to "look back" to this event from the Nov. 2015 Paris Attacks.

Is there a milestone present? Regressed Sun/Moon opposite r. Uranus has enough punch for some kind of unexpected, life-changing event like a mass bombing.

  • Regressed Sun/Moon opposite r. Uranus — This new moon opposing Uranus not only represents powerful change, but (as you will see) signalled the commencement of a terrible new phase in attacks on the West in general, and the US and France specifically.
  • Mercury/Makemake/North Node opposite Vesta — Notice how exact that Mercury/Makemake conjunction is, by one minute applying. The perpetrators killed numerous French paratroopers, who could be aptly described as Mercury (traveling short distances)/Makemake (jumping out of a plane). And there's Vesta again, here polarized against those talented and daring (M) troops (Mercury).
Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to First Beirut Kidnapping

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
First Beirut Kidnapping
Beginning of Beirut Kidnappings: American U. of Beirut President missing (19 July 1982). The mid-1980s were filled with kidnappings, threats, and attempts at ransom. Here we see evidence of a milestone coinciding with the first kidnapping, which was of American Univ. of Beirut president David S. Dodge.

In time, these kidnappings were mainly perpetrated against US and French citizens, as an attempt to prevent reprisals for the Barracks Bombing and other skirmishes between the West and Lebanese militants.

  • Regressed Sun semi-square r. Saturn and semi-square r. Venus — Radical Islam's focus on austerity and rejection of money/personal worth could be perfectly described with this Sun/Saturn/Venus combination.
  • Regressed Sun sesquiquadrate r. 2007 OR10 — An added element in the kidnappings was, while all of the 1979 Iran Crisis Hostages survived, a number of the Beirut kidnap victims were killed. The situation these captives were in was extremely sensitive and delicate (2007 OR10).
Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to Terry Waite Kidnapping

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
Terry Waite Kidnapping
Midpoint of Beirut Kidnappings: Terry Waite Captured (17 April 1986). See now how the Paris Attack event Sun has backed up all the way into Libra, to conjunct one end of the Haumea/Eris opposition. This is the midpoint of the Beirut kidnappings, and is a perfect representation of the time:
  • Regressed Sun conjunct r. Haumea — Fear of death and some actual murders of captives by this time.
  • Regressed Sun opposite r. Eris — Polarization with Others, both the Islamists' disconnect with the West, and visa versa. A solution was nowhere in sight.
  • Regressed Sun semi-square r. Orcus — Too much focus on following rules and instilling order. Orcus is the planet of OCD behavior, and the hard-line Islamic terrorists perpetrating the kidnappings were completely bound to obey and do things as others decreed.
  • Regressed Sun sesquiquadrate r. Neptune — It's all about religion, doing what "God wants." On the other hand, there was much deception and manipulation for selfish purposes as well, all Neptune themes.

    In addition, Terry Waite, who spent the most time in captivity, was assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury and serving as an envoy of the church. He was sent to Lebanon to secure the release of four captives, but then was himself kidnapped. Church involvement, someone working for another's release, then suffering a long imprisonment: all this is Neptune. The Sun/Neptune angle — regressed from the Paris Attack chart, remember! — is one minute from exactitude.

Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to Charles Glass Escape

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
Charles Glass Escape
Another Beirut Kidnapping Milestone: Charles Glass Escapes (19 August 1987). Now the regressed Sun has moved closely opposite r. Eris, as one of the kidnap victims makes a successful, improbable escape.

The Sun figure is the same otherwise, so just a few remarks about the regressed Moon, separating from r. Saturn. Glass is freed from his confinement (Saturn), the emotional toll is over (separating square r. 2007 OR10), and he, his family, and many in the West were deliriously excited (semi-square r. Uranus).

Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to end of Kidnapping crisis

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
End of Kidnapping Crisis
Beirut Kidnapping Crisis Ends: Waite and Sutherland Released (18 November 1991). Russian money was indirectly funding the groups that were doing the hostage-taking. Once the Soviet Union went into financial default, new kidnappings stopped and the kidnappers were more reasonable in negotiating releases. This figure shows the tide turning.
  • Regressed Sun semi-square r. Mars/Jupiter — The glorified dream of being an armed bandit (Mars) was falling apart. Mars is separating from Jupiter; the gravy train is leaving the station. Sun semi-square Jupiter probably underscores that those criminals had to get out of Lebanon (Jupiter: international travel!) and go somewhere, anywhere, to avoid repercussions.
  • Regressed Sun square r. Moon/Ceres — These guys had to eat (Moon or Ceres, take your pick). No money from Russia, the Islamist kidnappers couldn't feed their captives or themselves. Time to agree to ramsoms.

Yet another milestone aptly described!

I've provided an admittedly long list of examples for the simple reason that they all have to be there. History is a continuous set of experiences, arranged in sequence as if along a path. When you "regress" back, all the important scenes of that past need to be there.

But don't we need some real coup de grâce, some absolutely potent event that, when you view it from the vantage point of the 13 November Paris Attacks, just screams out "This is that day, absolutely!" — leaving no doubt in your mind that you really have a continuous, unbroken path of Milestones? There is such a day in this case; in fact, there are two of them:

Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to Beginning of Reign of Terror

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
Reign of Terror Begins (1793)
Super Wayback Date: Beginning of Reign of Terror (5 September 1793) - We had such incredible result PROgressing the Bastille Liberation moment forward to the beginning of the Reign of Terror. Maybe it's the word "Terror," but isn't the Reign of Terror both a key milestone for France and for incidents of Terror? That time was one where one long-time disenfranchised group of people had the chance to get their revenge on those they saw as perpetrators of their suffering. In some cases this was true; in other cases, the persons were innocent of the perceived crimes.

What do we find, by looking back this far to the beginning of the Reign of Terror? An incredibly close, virtually exact square of regressed Sun square r. Pluto! The time indeed was one of frightful attempts at gaining control, of intimidation, of terror on a grand scale. Sun/Pluto in its most negative, painful figure — and a perfect marker of the time.

Paris 13Nov2015 Attacks Regressed
to End of Reign of Terror

13 Nov 2015, regressed to
Reign of Terror Ends (1794)
Super Wayback Date #2: End of Reign of Terror (28 July 1794) - And now, representative of perhaps "Reason" calling a halt to the madness, regressed Sun conjuncts r. Uranus, near exact! Remember, this is from that first blast at the stadium, back just over 221 years, and yet we have a stunningly close pass of Uranus to Sun!

To Recap: Pinpointing a Problematic Time

In brief, here are the steps we followed:

  1. Analyze People Who'd Be Impacted — When you don't know who's going to cause trouble, you look at the people in charge of the region you're worried about. Politicians are useful because (1) people will expect them to act when some big horrific thing happens, and (2) their birthdates and sometimes even birth times are accessible. You get a few people like that and run their transits and progression. If you see their trouble times coinciding in a particular time period, move to the next step:
  2. Check the Country Chart — Check the transits and progressions to a reliable chart. Make sure that country chart regresses to its worst disasters. You need to see close, near-exact angles between the Sun or Mars and the slow-movers, especially the Kuipers like Pluto, Haumea, and Makemake.
  3. Winnow Down to a Date, and Test Drive it in Reverse! — Once you have a day you think might be Serious Trouble, make it a chart and run Secondary Progression, looking at past important dates that should look awful, e.g., culminating squares, oppositions, conjunctions. Any close angles of Two should grab your attention. If you see you are three degrees off here and there, adjust your Candidate Day three days forward or back, and run the milestones again.

In this somewhat triangulating way, an astrologer could indeed have come within a day of predicting the November 13 Paris Attacks. See how that's like "Time DNA"? You are comparing timelines, like Forensic investigators compare biologic material. Except instead of taking matter from the crime scene and matching it to samples from a suspect, we matched the timeline of some civic leaders, to the timeline of a country, and found a third timeline whose milestones lined up pretty solidly with that country.

I remember looking at the Hebdo attack chart in January 2015, as well as at Hollande and Hidalgo's transits and progressions. How I wish I had pushed the progressions farther than I did. While I noted that Hidalgo had that applying Vesta/Mars/VenusR still moving closer together, I didn't investigate further. But what would it have gotten me, had I figured it out? Who would have listened?

As it was, when I heard the news on November 13, I felt sick. I soon realized I could have seen that so much pointed to mid-November. I vowed I would do something, somehow show that this works, that we can narrow down a dangerous Time that needs watching.

This is my first step.

Birth Data

Bastille Liberation, 14 July 1789, 5:30 p.m., Paris, France (Wikipedia; Storming of the Bastille)
Anne Hidalgo, 19 June 1969, 4 a.m. rect. by author, San Fernando, Spain (astro.com)
François Hollande, 12 August 1954, 12:10 a.m., Rouen, France, from birth certificate (astro.com)

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As this article was wrapping up, news broke of an ISIS-style attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia. One report mentioned Jakarta's last major terror bombing in 2009.

Today's attack in Jakarta happened at 10:20 a.m., 14 Jan 2016. The previous attack was 17 July 2009. Taking today's attack, which came at

Sun (23 Cap 22) square Haumea (23 Libra 39)
Sun (23 Cap 22) square Eris (22 Aries 18)

and regressing it to the 2009 event, you get

r. Sun (16 Capricorn 45) square r. Uranus (16 Aries 37)

Jakarta Mayor Basuki Purnama (born 29 June 1966, Manggar, Indonesia; 7 a.m. used) today has

transiting Vesta (9 Aries 51) square his natal Sun (6 Cancer 48)

The chart for Indonesia's current reform government (21 May 1998, 12 p.m. used, Jakarta), is today progressed to

p. Sun (16 Gemini 53) conjunct p. Vesta (17 Gemini 54)

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