Terrorists peek around the Dwarf Planets, trying to see what threat they may be
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22 March 2016 Attacks in Brussels

By Sue Kientz

Posted 23 Mar 2016, 11 p.m. PDT

Another attack has hit Europe. and we are told, "There was no way to keep track of all the people on our Terror Watch List."

Is this really true? Do they have birthdates for these perpetrators? Obviously so, as they can be found on Interpol and other websites.

Here is a short analysis of why the authorities could have been more than prepared, and for these particular actors, if they were not too proud to take some Astrological counsel.

It was Time for Trouble

  1. Transiting Sun/Mercury opposite Makemake. Look at the wheel chart for the attacks and you'll see that Sun was within half a degree of opposite Dwarf Planet Makemake.
    • When the 9-11 attacks began, Sun (18 Virgo) was conjunct Makemake (17 Virgo).
    • When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Makemake (13 Can 01) was conjunct the U.S. mundane Sun (12 Can 43).
    • When Columbine students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris attacked their unsuspecting classmates, Sun (0 Tau 11) was sesq. Makemake (13 Vir 35).
    • See my online article on Makemake so you can see more examples to show that Sun/Makemake is a time for surprise attack.

  2. All three of the dead perpetrators have Sun/Makemake aspects. The wheel charts for these men are linked in at the end of this article, but to summarize the contacts:
    • Khalid el-Bakraoui - Sun (9 Sag) sq. Makemake (6 Vir) (alt date below)
    • Ibrahim el-Bakraoui - Sun (16 Lib) semisq. Makemake (2 Vir)
    • Najim Laachraoui - Sun (27 Tau) sq. Makemake (5 Vir)

    In my book More Plutos, I argue that if you use the large Dwarf Planets, it's easier to notice that people die when many of their natal planets are in aspect. Of the 19 attackers on 9-11, 17 had Sun or Mars aspects with Makemake, and seven of them had both Sun/M and Mars/M major aspects.

    Similarly, these Belgian terrorists felt compelled to act, when Sun was opposite Makemake. The time felt "right" to them. Knowing this would assist in deciding when such individuals should be watched most closely.

  3. All have Mars positions that point to violence or at least unpredictability
    • Khalid el-Bakraoui - Mars (18 Sco) conj. Pluto (18 Sco) and semisq. Uranus (4 Cap), just to name the most fearsome parts of his Mars' condition.
    • Ibrahim el-Bakraoui - Mars (0 Aq) trine Haumea (24 Vir) and semisq. Jupiter (14 Pisc). Haumea at its worst is a killer
    • Najim Laachraoui - Mars (25 Can) sextile Haumea (27 Vir), no problem with killing (or making bombs, as this guy's the bomb maker). Mars also trine Pluto (18 Sco), conj. South Node (20 Cap), and sq. Eris (17 Ari), the latter a marker of being anti-social.

  4. Secondary Progression shows long-range triggers moving into place. Each individual shows important and troubling contacts to their personal planets in progression.
    • Khalid el-Bakraoui - In progression, p. Sun is conjunct p. Uranus, opposite p. Jupiter, and trine p. Makemake. This guy is ready to pop, literally. See his dramatic progressed wheel chart and you will jump out of your chair. Even without a time of birth, this guy appears at a dangerous crisis point. In addition, his p. Mars is closely square p. Makemake. Another red flag.
    • Ibrahim el-Bakraoui - Khalid's brother Ibrahim has a looser p. Sun (15 Sco) sq. p. Mars (18 Aq), but his association with his brother should make us wary. They are on the same boat; his brother has just hijacked the boat, and sunk them both. But there are other indications all his own that should merit us watching Ibrahim. His p. Mars is semisquare p. Vesta (3 Aries) and semisq. p. Neptune (4 Cap). He's under the influence (Neptune) and on the brink of disaster (Vesta - people will be cleaning up his remains).
    • Najim Laachraoui - In progression, his Sun (21 Gem) is applying to square p. Haumea (27 Vir). Too wide? He had a long career ahead of him, but he cut it short because he was worried he was about to be caught, in my opinion. (Transiting Sedna was about to conjunct his n. Sun - he could feel the long jail sentence coming.) More closely, his p. Mars (10 Leo) was applying semisq. p. Haumea. Not to mention, if he was born later in the day, these aspects would be closer to exact.

  5. Transits confirm that they were going to catch THIS Sun/Makemake aspect, and not something later this year. The time was ripe, of course due to their cohort Abdeslam being caught alive, and it was Jupiter and Saturn really turning the screws on two of the three:
    • Khalid el-Bakraoui - It's most evident that Khalid was more "ready" than the others, with his closer progressed tensions. In Transit, Neptune (10 Pisc 19) is sq. his n. Sun (9 Sag). He's talked himself into this. Haumea (23 Lib 02) is also approaching exact semisq. his Sun as well. Mars (5 Sag 10) is close enough to keep him going through with it. And in orb, Saturn (16 Sag 23) and Jupiter (16 Vir 32) exert enormous pressure to go for the exit.
    • Ibrahim el-Bakraoui - This bomber has Sun (16 Lib) so you know he's caught between the Pluto/Uranus square, with Pluto (17 Cap 18) square and Uranus (19 Ari 23) opposite that Libra Sun. But the real transiting trigger is with his Mars (0 Aq). The Saturn/Jupiter square is semisq. and sesq. that n. Mars. That tension pushed him to his awful terror finale.
    • Najim Laachraoui - Bomb-maker brainiac has Sun (26 Tau), which as I mentioned earlier is being really squeezed by slow Sedna. He doesn't see a future in real life; too depressing and confining. But his natal Mercury (1 Tau) is in the Jupiter/Saturn firing line, just like Ibrahim's Mars, except it's likely even more exact and pressing.

    These three midguided souls would stick out like sore thumbs under the scrutiny of a professional astrologer, but especially if that astrologer had Dwarf Planets in his or her arsenal, as without them, you miss the Makemake key that would lead you to warn that just after the Vernal Equinox, Watch Out!!

    Postscript: Along the lines of my article Can Astrologers Develop Time DNA? that expanded on my observation that Vesta can warn us of disaster when we see that asteroid configuring politicians' personal planets, I noticed that the mayor of Brussels does have markers of imminently handling such a disaster.

    Brussels' mayor Yvan Mayeur (24 Jan 1960, Etterbeck, Belgium; no time/7 a.m. used) has in his progressed chart, p. Mars (20 Aqu 05) semisq. p. Vesta (4 Cap 36). So Mayor Mayeur joins the ranks of public officials who, when faced with a Disaster on their watch, has a personal planet in progression in challenging aspect with asteroid Vesta. It's actually a double-whammy in that even transiting Vesta (5 Tau 57) at the time of attack was sq. his Sun (3 Aq 15).

    So whether we know the birthdates of possible terrorist perpetrators or we keep track of the politicians, we CAN at least pinpoint the timing of these horrible events, and we should do that. Will astrologers be given the computer support and the chance to help? I hope and pray someday, and soon.

    UPDATE, 24 Mar 2016: News sources are interpreting the Interpol birthdata for Khalid el-Bakraoui as Jan. 12, 1989. Those "ALT" wheels are provided below. If the January date is correct, Khalid is still Sun/Makemake and still shows dangerous progression and transit indicators, as follows:

    1. ALT Khalid natal Sun (22 Cap) sesquiquadrate Makemake (4 Vir 29)
    2. His n. Mars (26 Ari) square Sun, and in progression, that Sun/Mars square continues throughout his life
    3. Natal Mars also trine Uranus (2 Cap)
    4. Progressed to the attacks, Khalid's p. Sun (20 Aq) semisq. p. Uranus (4 Cap)
    5. Progressed to the attacks, his p. Mars (11 Tau 29) semisq. p. Haumea (26 Vir 44) - as mentioned above, Haumea and Mars can indicate violence and having no qualms against killing.
    6. Transiting at time of the attacks, Khalid's natal Sun (22 Cap) is caught between transiting Eris (22 Ari 43) and Haumea (23 Lib 02).
    7. Transiting at time of the attacks, his Mars (26 Ari) is semisq. by transiting Neptune (10 Pisc 19) most closely, but also involved in that Eris/Haumea axis. If he wasn't rushed into martyrdom, he likely would have done worse later.
    Again, this is assuming that Interpol's info is not in some way skewed, as the Dec 1 date works quite satisfactorily as well.

    Wheel Charts

    Khalid el-Bakraoui natal (source: Interpol)
         ALTERNATE DOB: Khalid el-Bakraoui natal (source: New York Times interprets Interpol data as European-style, e.g., date-month-year, which is probably true, although Interpol could have transposed his DOB.)
    Ibrahim el-Bakraoui natal
    Najim Laachroaui natal
    Brussels Attacks Begin, 22 Mar 2016

    Khalid el-Bakraoui, prog. to Brussels Attacks
        ALTERNATE DOB: Khalid el-Bakraoui, prog. to Brussels Attacks
    Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, prog. to Brussels Attacks
    Najim Laachroaui, prog. to Brussels Attacks

    Also see: Can Astrology Develop Time DNA? which uses the Paris 2015 Attacks to argue that astrology could help in the war on Terror

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© Sue Kientz

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