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Brexit? Bremain!

By Sue Kientz

Released 19 June 2016, 4:15 p.m. PDT
Post mortem additions released 5 July 2016, 10 p.m. PDT

Updated to review what went wrong with calling the vote for "Stay" and other considerations and miscalculations . . .

UK & EU inside heart with question marks The outcome of the Brexit vote is of intense interest not just for residents of the United Kingdom, but for many who feel connected to the British Isles. Whether by birth, residency, or ancestry, or due to financial or sentimental concerns, the looming decision UK voters face, to leave or stay in the EU, means something to more than just them and the European Union. Consequently, many are venturing their guess as to what the vote outcome will be.

A number of astrologers have waded in and give their opinions, employing various strategies. All in some way use the date and time polls close on Thursday, June 23, 2016. Certainly you must begin with that date as it's key to understanding the prevailing mood. But to what do you compare that date? You might use the UK chart of 1801, or the EU chart of 1993. Or you might see how this June 23 chart "affects" key people involved, like the two leaders of the different factions, PM David Cameron (Stay) and former London Mayor/current MP Boris Johnson (Leave), or even Queen Elizabeth. You might try all of the above, because all will be affected by the decision. Even the birth chart of MP Jo Cox should be considered, in light of her horrendous assassination a mere week before the vote, to gauge what impact her death may have had on public sentiment.

We might even affirm that all life on Earth is so thoroughly interconnected, that not only the transits of June 23 should cue us to an answer, but secondary progression, that miniature fraction of the transiting pattern, should produce a view consistent with transits, so we will briefly consult those charts.

One difference you'll note in the technique used here for arriving at the Brexit results, is the use of all the largest celestial bodies in our solar system. I’m not just talking about the largest asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, i.e., Ceres (now called a Dwarf Planet), Pallas, and Vesta. Many astrologers haven't gotten up to speed about the Kuiper Objects spotted just this century that are three to four times larger than 99.9% of asteroids. Eris, Makemake, and Haumea are Pluto-sized worlds whose discovery was announced in 2005, and should now be included in any serious analysis.

Probably anything past Neptune that’s larger than 700km in diameter is not just meaningful, but essential to the complete picture. The good news is, there are not many that large. Adding them gives a level of detail that enables an astrologer to focus simply on how planets relate to one another, showing more clearly that Earth’s “social system” is a self-similar fractal pattern of the “solar system,” self-similar in that the timing is related.

I’ll be sure when mentioning any of these "newbies" to give a brief idea of their significance; more can be found at

Overview of Personal/Mundane Results

First off, when examining the various charts mentioned above, I found that all looked to have an overall positive reaction to the Vote, except for Mr. Johnson. The UK financial outlook seems solid now and going forward, the EU did not seem on any brink of bedlam, and the Queen and PM Cameron appear to be staring at good fortune directly ahead. That seems to indicate Britain would stay, as that is what Mr. Cameron is backing (and the EU is hoping). Certainly it could also mean that the British might vote to leave, but it would be found not to damage the UK economy or throw the EU into chaos as has been direly predicted. Perhaps Cameron could have a stunning backup plan in the case his cause would fail.

Post Mortem: A key assumption that was made, was that the effect of the success of Leave or Stay, would be immediately apparent in charts like the UK and EU. The fact that there would be a two-year lag in such actual effects needed to be taken into account. Seeing present financial strength for the UK (or EU) would therefore not indicate either way what the vote result would be.

But then why would Boris Johnson have what appears to be a significant hit to his reputation, as I will detail in a minute. After all, Johnson can only be mortified if the British vote to remain in the EU. Again, this all has to fit together as that's the way our little planet's massive society works.

Post Mortem: It would have seemed counterintuitive to image that Leave would win, and yet Boris Johnson would not benefit more politically. Many expected him to run for Prime Minister and replace Cameron once the latter announced he would resign, and so Johnson's bowing out of that race has been a puzzling development.

Now here are the reasons for my assertion.

Transits at June 23, Compared to UK 1801 “Act of Union”

What is positive here? In a nutshell, nothing is transiting 90 degrees (square) to the UK Sun. The one thing in range of opposition: Venus. Money is of prime concern. Yes, Pluto is conjunct the UK Sun, but moving away, its meddling influence lessening. Cameron managed to obtain significant concessions for Britain’s continued participation, which means UK will be less under the thumb (Pluto) of Brussels.

Most notably, the UK Sun is sextiled by Neptune. In other words, the country generally does not feel separate from the Whole (Neptune). It feels supported by and in support of others, even charitable. This does not look like a country whose majority is going to vote to separate from anything.

UK 1801 Act of Union Chart, and transits to it from June 23, 2016

Transiting Orcus (6 Vir 17) is trine the UK Sun, and applying. Orcus is order, the desire for perfecting oneself, especially at a structural level. With such a figure, there is more interest in making life safe, orderly, and stable. It is unlikely that such a desire would feel satisfied by chancing even an interim chaotic state.

Sedna (25 Tau 47), the most distant planet in our solar system, is sesquiquadrate the UK Sun. Sedna is dogged determination to the point of enduring extreme suffering to achieve a treasured goal. While this reflects that Great Britain is not in a boom cycle, Sedna would not instigate a dramatic shift in tactics. Sedna endures, because it wants an ideal. Sedna is not self-interested but more holistic, another clue that most people will hold fast, keep the status quo, hoping to improve what is already familiar and beloved.

Post Mortem: It's now apparent that the Sedna sesquiquadrate to UK Sun would not be a "stay fast and be determined" effect, but rather would cast a sadness over many in the country and in government at the success of the Leave campaign, especially when it was soon uncovered that many key promises that Leave proponents had made, would not (and could not) be honored. While Sedna can be selfless, it also is a strong marker of suffering and hopelessness.

Mercury/Vesta Is trine the UK Venus. I see Mercury/Vesta as the massive work (Vesta) trying to inform and sway (Mercury) voters. By June 23, this colossal task is over, and its outcome benefits the economy (UK Venus). The messaging job has worked, and all connected with income and investments will find themselves well served.

Transiting Venus, so important at midheaven, is trine Neptune, Pallas, and 2007 OR10 (weeping heart icon; third-largest Kuiper after Pluto and Eris). The United Kingdom has significant assets, even as some might seem a bit intangible. Venus/Pallas is the excellent military and security organizations, while Neptune and OR10 are elusive treasures. We’ve already mentioned the connectedness Neptune inspires; OR10 (3 Pisc 34) is similarly concerned with reaching out, but to those with whom we do not immediately identify. 2007 OR10 is found in the charts of the most compassionate figures of history, such as Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Martin Luther King, and others who dedicated their lives to making the outcast and marginalized included. Dwarf planet OR10 goes one better than Neptune, in that sense. Venus trine Neptune suggests Britain will stand together with the EU, and Sun/Venus trine OR10, intimates an even longer, deeper effort in addressing world concerns. Transiting OR10 will eventually sextile the UK Sun, but as it’s currently in the farthest part of its orbit, that won’t occur until 2039, about when the UK’s progressed Sun will sextile p. OR10.

The day of the vote itself will rattle the UK markets, as transiting Sun will sesquiquadrate UK Venus, and Dwarf Planet Makemake (0 Lib 52), representative of unusual ideas and therefore at times shocking or electrifying, will also sesquiquadrate UK Venus. Salacia (0 Ari 52; its icon showing a person about to speak) will semi-square UK Venus: the people will have spoken, and getting past this day of aired opinions will not be particularly pleasant.

Post Mortem: While this prediction was spot-on, as the markets were rattled as well as the value of the pound, unless you keep in mind that the full effect of leaving the EU will not be felt for two years, it seemed to make more sense that a short-term market hit would be a "Stay" effect, not a "Leave" win.

There will be work to do (Sun T-square with Makemake and Salacia) to flesh out details and ensure the more orderly and fair system everyone wants and will complain about until all is settled. But with transiting Mercury sq. Jupiter, the British populace will find reason for optimism.

Post Mortem: At this writing, markets have stabilized, but we do not know when the official notification will be made of UK's decision to leave — if indeed that trigger will be pulled at all.

UK progressed to June 23

Why bother looking at Secondary Progression? To see some confirmation of the transits-to-natal. Just as Venus issues look well-served in transit, progressed Venus similarly is remarkably supported.

What would be better encouragement of the state of the country’s economic outlook than to see p. Venus (25 Gemini 50) sextile Saturn/Juno (25 Leo) on one side, and sextile job-creator Vesta (25 Aries 18) on the other? Venus is ruled by Mercury which, though retrograde, is applying conjunct Jupiter. Once this great kerfuffle settles down, perhaps those holding back from hiring because of the uncertainty of the Brexit decision, will now step forward and ramp up their businesses?

UK 1801 Act of Union Chart, progressed to June 23, 2016

Progressed Mars trine p. Haumea (indicating forceful, dominating will) echoes the transiting Venus trine Pallas mentioned in last section, as a marker of the strength of the British military and security sectors.

Progressed Moon is on the UK progressed ascendant. The people of Great Britain are turning a page, but will it be to a good chapter? Progressed Moon’s next aspect is sextile retrograde Mercury in Leo. That sounds not like forging ahead into the unknown, but pulling back to what’s understood and familiar.

Post Mortem: Now, in retrospect, that progressed Moon appears to be stepping off a cliff.

The progressed UK chart shows an applying p. Sun conjunct p. Jupiter/p. Mercury Rx, with the worst to come being a square to p. Neptune a year after that. The immediate future is more than endurable, even somewhat expansive.

Post Mortem: Immediate future overall looks good, yes. But as time goes by, and once the Leave trigger is pulled, the future will seem more uncertain as denoted by the retrograde Mercury approaching sq. Neptune.

Transits at June 23 to European Union 1993 Maastricht Treaty

EU 1993, and transits to it from June 23, 2016

What should make us think the EU will wake up on Friday, June 24, with the British still taking part? Simply put, transiting Venus is trine the EU Sun. Fears that the EU would lose one of its most stable trading partners will evaporate. Haumea conjunct the EU Venus shows incredible power and strength. Nothing but the Moon is square the EU Sun. The same Neptune/Pallas/OR10 that trined the Vote Day’s Sun/Venus, trines the EU Sun. If the EU is this happy, the Brits are staying.

In just a few months, Jupiter passes into the EU tenth house – something good on the horizon. Dwarf Planet 2002 TC302 opposite EU Sun, separating, represents all the uncertainty the consortium has suffered in the last few years with many members’ economic crises, as well as the long-impending question of Britain’s Leave/Stay decision.

Post Mortem: Since post-vote, the UK was still officially in the EU, the "present" should look supportive. One would be hard pressed to use transits to decide the Vote effect, since you cannot even say the "effect" would come exactly 2 years later. Progression would be the best way to give some determination.

EU progressed to June 23

EU 1993 Treaty, progressed to June 23, 2016

Once again, we are reassured to see that progression confirms transits to the EU treaty event chart. Progressed EU Sun is sextile p. Haumea. Haumea, transformer and healer, bodes well for the European Union. In fact, that figure is probably representative of the UK maintaining its support, as one of Britain's signature themes in the 1801 chart is Sun conjunct Haumea.

Look at progressed Venus, applying sextile the p. Neptune/Uranus conjunction, highly promising financially. The only fly in the ointment is p. Mercury opposite p. Sedna, which is the most pressing EU concern, dealing with all the people from Africa and the Middle East who are on the move (Mercury) through and into Europe, and suffering (Sedna).

Also p. Mars square p. Makemake is the concerning threat of terrorism, not dissipating or even strategically addressed adequately as yet. The EU has problems but financial ones will not be the top concern until p. Venus moves far enough to square p. Saturn and conjunct p. Pluto around 2020 (which is a time that a number of mundane charts – France, USA, Britain – show something big occurring, which must be a later topic all its own).

Post Mortem: That progressing Venus moving to square Saturn and conjunct Pluto around 2020 now looks like not just UK but other countries voting to Leave, and the toll that will take on EU stability. Given the 2-year lag between vote insistence and their government compliance with such referendums, 2020 sounds about when those desertions will financially impact the European Union.

David Cameron transits at June 23

David Cameron natal, and transits to it from June 23, 2016

With Mercury/Vesta trine Cameron’s Sun, it’s good news (Mercury) and not as much work or damage control (Vesta) as he feared. Sun/Venus in his tenth bodes success. Only Pluto is square his Sun, but in a few months it turns tail and leaves, never to return. His nightmare of remaking all the trade deals will finally be over. Venus square his Venus seems a benign difficulty; perhaps too much celebrating the Vote result, which arrives as Moon trines his Sun.

Post Mortem: Never underestimage a Pluto square! But that is just what I did.

David Cameron progressed to June 23

David Cameron, progressed to June 23, 2016

How can Cameron not be successful with his p. Sun trine p. Jupiter? Is anything more desirable for a politician facing the challenge of his career? Certainly he’s got promises to keep, and p. Moon opposite p. Sun means he will be busy and engaged in animated fashion for the next few months, but that p. Moon will be sextile p. Jupiter. Try not to smile too much, Mr. Cameron.

Progressed Mercury trine p. Orcus also seems to reiterate that his efforts have saved a structure that was not worth throwing away. Progressed Venus trine p. Makemake suggests he will need the most clever consultants to refine Britain’s unique interface with the EU. With his p. Saturn trine p. Neptune, Cameron has made his particular vision (Neptune) into solid reality (Saturn). This may be his career high point.

Post Mortem: The lovely p. Sun trine p. Jupiter looked too good, and it was. It blinded me to the very serious p. Sun semisquare p. Vesta, which seems almost inconceivable that I would miss, as I have been a tireless advocate of Vesta being a marker of disaster. Sure, p. Moon would sextile p. Jupiter in a few weeks, but at the same time, the progressed Full Moon sesquiquadrate p. Vesta! So rather than success, Jupiter is perhaps indicating former PM Cameron will be relaxing on a beach somewhere, sipping a Piña Colada.

Boris Johnson transits at June 23

Boris Johnson natal, and transits to it from June 23, 2016

MP Boris Johnson has gambled and lost. Transiting Quaoar (risk taking, gambling, experimenting) opposes his Sun/Venus, and trans. Makemake (thinking you’re unusually brilliant) is square the same. Mercury/Vesta, which was friendly to Cameron (trine), is a bit suffocating conjunct Johnson’s Mercury. We have a time of birth for him, so note the besieged Moon, semi-square/sesquiquad. from the T-square of Neptune/Mercury-Vesta/Jupiter-North Node. Let him sleep in and give him an ice pack.

Mr. Johnson’s birthday falls on the weekend before the Vote, just before the Full Moon (Sun 29 Gem 32/Moon 29 Sag 32). He’s certainly shaken to his core that the murderer of Member of Parliament Jo Cox, voiced support for the Leave cause, even as he was brutally killing her. At exact Full Moon, transiting Mercury (11 Gem 34) is closely opposed trans. Saturn (11 Sag 52), and that axis is square Johnson’s Pluto (11 Virg 47). He is powerless to wipe this terrible event from people’s minds.

Post Mortem: One reason I did not publish this mea culpa right after the vote was, I could not believe Boris Johnson would not suffer some setback, even as his cause had won. I had to see what would come next, and his bombshell decision not to run for prime minister satisfied my opinion that some disaster was at hand for him. That claims of the Leave campaign were quickly (and finally) proved untrue were probably that gamble — that they were not going to win, and so it didn't matter that they promised the impossible.

Boris Johnson progressed to June 23

Boris Johnson, progressed to June 23, 2016

Johnson’s progressed Sun doesn’t have any impending or recently separating problems, but look at that tight p. Mercury (14 Vir 44) opposite p. Vesta (14 Pisc 42). His recommendations (Mercury) have led him into a mess that will need careful damage control (Vesta). This interpretation might sound unduly strong, but if you really want convincing, read my article on Vesta as a marker of disaster (PDF), written for the AFA Research Journal. It’s due to this progression combination that I felt it necessary to interpret transiting Mercury/Vesta conjunction to Johnson’s Mercury as likely negative.

Post Mortem: Not since Mel Brooks' The Producers has it been a disaster to have found unexpected success, but again, that appears to be the problem with the Leave campaigners.

Mr. Johnson won’t suffer financially, as his p. Venus is sextile p. Haumea (very strong), and trine p. Saturn (stable). But he may take some time offering his opinion.

Queen Elizabeth II transits at June 23

Queen Elizabeth II natal, and transits to it from June 23, 2016

It’s true that the Queen has kept out of the politics of the Brexit decision, but it seemed natural to want to know if she would appear pleased after the vote, or in some way perturbed. Fortunately, transiting Sun is in friendly sextile to her natal Sun. Nothing but perhaps some annoying news stories or books (transiting 2002 TX300 – reporters – conjunct her Sun; transiting Varuna – writers and wordsmiths – soon square her n. Sun) will bother her Majesty in the near future.

Post Mortem: I must now say, we should put great emphasis on that last part of the paragraph above, "in the near future." Note that Uranus will be approaching to conjunct the Queen's Sun in roughly two years — not just the timing for leaving the EU, but enough time for Scotland to vote for independence again, or even for Northern Ireland to decide to join Ireland, so as to remain in the EU.

Queen Elizabeth II progressed to June 23

Queen Elizabeth II, progressed to June 23, 2016

With the Queen about to enjoy p. Sun trine p. Varuna (writers again), is she perhaps working with one, on a new book, a memoir, an overview of her long and remarkable career? Perhaps this points to the continued success with her new book, just out in April, The King She Serves. The Queen is just months from p. Moon trine p. Sun. It’s a good time for blessed Queen Bess II. Her loyal subjects rejoice.

Post Mortem: For the meantime, this is certainly true. But note that the Queen's p. Sun is approaching p. Haumea, in a bit over two years. Again with the two years! Haumea brings total and complete change, which losing various parts of the formerly United Kingdom would certainly be.

Impact of Jo Cox Death

Exactly one week before the Vote, Member of Parliament Jo Cox was attacked just before a meeting with constituents, and stabbed, shot, kicked, and killed. Her assailant was a mentally-ill man who by all indications purposely targeted Cox because she was a campaigner for the “Stay” camp. The 52-year-old man even reportedly yelled “Britain First!” and other “Leave” slogans.

While campaigning immediately stopped and government leaders came together to honor and mourn Mrs. Cox, days later articles began to appear, insisting that the incident should not be given undue importance by the voters. Such opinion pieces stressed the known mental illness of the perpetrator and how his actions should not be tied in any way to the side he supported. Fair enough, but one wonders if that would be the clarion call, if the attacker were a Syrian refugee or other foreigner, however certifiably deranged, who assaulted a “Leave” proponent.

Such considerations completely aside, when I looked for MP Cox’s birth date, I was in for a shock. Jo Cox’s birthday will come on the day before the Vote, June 22. She has been experiencing the compassionate influence of 2007 OR10 for the last several years, with it in that long-term trine to her Sun. Indeed, one finds that natally she has Sun sesquiquadrate OR10, so on the day of the vote, Sun trine OR10 will in a way “resemble” her. Could that mean she will be irrepressibly present in the minds of voters?

Jo Cox natal (no time), and transits to it from June 23, 2016

Certainly Jo Cox will not be present to cast her vote for the EU Referendum. But her influence has not necessarily come to a full halt. We can still look at her progressed chart to see, if she had lived, how she would have experienced the immediate future. Most striking is that imminently Mrs. Cox was looking forward to p. Venus trine p. Jupiter.

Jo Cox, progressed to June 23, 2016

Jo Cox was most concerned with serving others. In recent years she advocated for the Syrian refugees. Before winning a seat in Parliament, she worked 10 years at Oxfam, a British humanitarian aid society. One can therefore assume her “riches” were of that intangible kind discussed earlier. If Jo Cox’s p. Venus is soon aligning with generous Jupiter, I think it’s clear that what she would consider her greatest reward, is near at hand.

Post Mortem: The late Jo Cox's progressed Venus/Jupiter trine is about a year from fulfillment. It seemed so positive a sign for her concerns to be allayed and for her country to stay aligned with Europe. Will her influence still work some magic? Will the break-up be modified, softened, or even set aside by the future leader of Britain, for the good of the country? Or will there be a good effect from Leaving the EU? Lovers of Britain will hope that Jo Cox's future beneficence will still come to pass.

In Conclusion


Post Mortem: Brutally Bwrong... but in any case, rooting for the United Kingdom's future prosperity and strength!

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