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Mr. Trump's Wild New Year

by Sue Kientz

28 November 2016, 6:30 p.m. PST

Fasten your seat belts! America has signed on to the equivalent of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, a jerky, head-spinning Disneyland amusement-park ride. But while the one at the Happiest Place on Earth is over in just two minutes, we don’t really know how long Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride will last. This article will examine what the year ahead has in store for him — from Astrology’s perspective.

Like many astrologers (including all of the American and International astrologers at the October 2016 ISAR conference), I predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the election. I admit it, and I will not claim (like ISAR has) to be correct since she is winning the popular vote by about 2 million. All those who predicted Clinton over Trump used many and various ways to come to their conclusion. I too used a range of indicators.

  • I looked at the birth charts of his closest supporters/surrogates. I reviewed the transits and secondary progressions (to the Election) for Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Newt Gingrich, and Kellyanne Conway.
  • I looked at the Republican Party’s first meeting chart (1854), and the first Democratic Convention chart (1832), progressed to the Election.
  • I looked at how the events of some of his most outrageous comments and even his announcement for the presidency, progressed to the Election.

In every case, the results were awful! None of Trump’s inner circle had winning charts, with most having Saturn opposing personal planets, or Orcus/Neptune square n. Sun, or Eris/Uranus semisq. n. Sun, and on and on. The Republican Party chart shows dark times ahead, and even as I now see that the p. Moon opposite p. Mars in the Democrat Party’s progressed chart wasn’t continued Republican scrutiny about Hillary's email server post-election, but the stunning election loss itself, so much else looked fine. Charts of Trump's newsworthy milestones all progressed to terrible figures. His announcement to run for president progressed to the exact same chart when Dylan Roof killed the pastors and churchgoers at Mother Emanuel church, for God's sake! How on Earth does such extreme negativity and difficulty for Republicans, and mostly benign indicators for Dems, produce a Trump win?

Trump Frog looking sideways with lips pursed

Trump used every unacceptable method, chose less than stellar people . . . and in effect, seemed begging to lose.

I’ll tell you: Trump winning the presidency is the disaster. Trump himself didn’t expect to win, and wasn’t prepared to win. His people have scrambled to staff their administration, and even neglected to contact various agencies that needed guidance until recently. Christie (who I rightly guessed was impacted by his own Bridgegate problems) is out, and Giuliani looks as if his Secretary-of-State dreams may be denied. And poor Mike Pence is stuck with Trump! He probably was looking forward to not having to explain or excuse the Trump Tweeting Machine any more, and here he’s seeing four years of it stretch off into the distance. Ryan, Priebus, and Conway are similarly tethered to the Wild Thing. Gingrich, who had one promising figure by the Election, p. Merc (3 Lib 25) trine p. Mars (3 Gem 36) (see figure), will have his good fortune but it won't be as part of Trump's cabinet. How is this called "success"?

My mistake was to treat the contest as if I were predicting the result of a sports contest, where you are well served to look at the team members, coaches, and owners. You have to admit that, in a championship scenario, there’s no DOWNSIDE to winning. But this election was like the political version of Mel Brook's movie The Producers: Trump used every unacceptable method, chose less than stellar people (because few wanted to align with his unconventional campaign), and in effect, seemed begging to lose. Everything would have been so simple, had he lost – he could fight his Trump University case, he could bitch about the rigged election from the comfort of Trump Tower, he could maneuver his now world-renowned name into whatever future project he wanted. And now? He’s stuck with a detail of 15 Secret Service agents in his kitchen and outside his door. His wife won’t move into the White House. He has to do some actual work at some point. This is a disaster!

You could also say that many astrologers (and political pundits and pollsters) were blindsided because voting motivations was based on negativity – many Trump supporters were “angry” and “disenfranchised” and “sending a message to Washington” that they wanted someone to “shake things up.” Most people were voting against the opposing party’s candidate for whatever reason (sadly, often based on what they learned from lurid and sensational Fake News stories on social media). This is not a recipe for peace and prosperity, but rather for chaos and disruption.

Now, if you think the Republican Party, which will control both houses of Congress, will gently and firmly take Trump under their wing and guide him to success, think again. This is Trump! He’s not going to put up with that. And that is absolutely apparent in the astrological forecast we can see coming up, from December 2016 and onwards.

“THE WRATH OF KHAN WEEK” – Parts FOUR & FIVE! (Dec. 7 and 19, 2016)
Remember the three Mercury-Mars squares we all endured since Trump attacked a Gold Star family over their appearance at the Democratic National Convention? If you've forgotten, let's recap:

  • Merc (28 Leo) sq. Mars (28 Sco) at end of July — This irritated Trump’s Ascendant/Mars. He could not let the Khan family alone. Just afterward, I pointed out there were two more occurences coming, in Sept. and Oct.
  • Merc (r) (20 Virg)/Sun (20 Virg) sq. Mars (20 Sag) (Sept. 12) — This “returned” as Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9-11 celebration due to a bout of pneumonia. It wasn’t too long before Trump used her temporary illness against her. This is also when he finally had to confess that President Obama was born in the US, which he did without elaboration, causing even more questions.
  • Merc (11 Lib) semisq. Mars (11 Cap) (Oct. 13) — Late on October 7, the Hollywood Access tape of Trump speaking lewdly and claiming he could grab women by their private parts because he was a “star,” hit the airwaves. By the time this last Merc/Mars square was exact, the story had not gone away and there were a multitude of calls for Trump to resign.

And now, Enter the Half-Squares. Maybe you don’t credit the Semi-square aspect as much trouble, but when you have a stationing planet drawing out the figure, that’s very different and quite potent. But before we get to that, we have some “preparatory” events coming up:

  1. Thurs, Dec. 1: Trump’s p. Moon (23 Can 48) conj. natal Saturn (23 Can 48). Is Jill Stein (Moon – a woman – conj. his Saturn) getting on his nerves, with her “recount”? Or is there trouble in Paradise more than we know, with Melania saying she won’t move into the White House “because of Barron’s schooling.” Do you know how odd it is, not to have the President’s wife move into the official residence? Martha Washington and Anna Harrison are the only two first ladies not to set foot in the White House. In Martha’s case, the building wasn’t built yet; in Anna’s, her husband William Henry Harrison died one month after inauguration and she didn’t get the chance to move.
  2. Mon, Dec. 5: Trump’s p. Moon (23 Can 57) sq. p. Jupiter (23 Lib 57). This could go either way, wildly good or enormously bad. I’d suggest the latter only because now we’re ready to talk about those Merc/Mars semi-squares, with the first one now in range.

In many ways, these aren’t just any kind of Merc/Mars semi-squares. The first one happens as Mercury opposes Trump’s Mercury and squares his Eris. Remember in my natal analysis of Trump, Trump’s Merc sq. Eris is his anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim rhetoric and misogynist comments – all negative talk (Merc) about The Other (Eris). Here's how it shakes out:

  • Dec. 7: Merc (6 Cap 18) semisq. Mars (21 Aq 12). Admittedly, Mars is trine Trump's Sun and exactly sextile his n. Moon, so what can go wrong? Well, we’re talking about Trump, and when he’s feeling good, he makes mistakes. I tend to think this is not any discovery concerning the recount, though it could be. With Trump, there are likely still a myriad of things that could emerge and trip him up as he continues his Back to Bataan march to the new job.
    • Dec. 9: Merc exactly opp. n. Mercury. Perhaps a news story he especially doesn't like, emerges?
    • Dec. 11: Mars sesq. n. Mercury ... and now he's angry ...
    • Dec. 12: Merc sesq. n. Mars ... and now the tweets begin to fly ...
    • Dec. 13 Full Moon has transiting Sun near-exact conj. Trump’s Moon, while Moon is conj. Trump’s Sun . Hoho! What is revealed?
    • Dec. 14: Mars/Pallas (26 Aq) opposes n. Mars. At same time, Mercury opposes U.S. Sun. What a week!

And now, we’re at the SECOND Merc/Mars semi-square, as Mercury slows to a halt, to station...

  • Dec. 19: Merc (sr) (15 Cap) semisq. Mars (0 Pisc). THE DAY THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES! With Mercury slowing to a stop, WOW! This is going to last and dig in. And just like the others affected Trump’s Mars or Sun, this one is dead-on sesq. and opp. his Ascendant (29 Leo 58). So here again we have a Catch-22: if the electors do vote as designated, it’s bad for Trump. But if something emerges that causes the electors to go “faithless” – also bad for Trump. He’s either mortified by defeat or stymied by success. Another note: this Merc/Mars figure is square/sesq. the U.S. Saturn (14 Lib 47). So also either way, the country’s structure is at risk. If the Trump presidency turns especially sour, this may be the death knell of the Electoral College. Because, what’s the point, if the “well-informed” electors didn’t overturn the vote and stop a bad presidency?

"That’s ONE!"1 SATURN OPPOSITE TRUMP'S SUN (Jan. 14, 2017)
Transiting planets for Jan. 14, 2017, when Saturn opposes Trump's Sun for first time. Whatever happens on December 19th, some trouble will emerge about a week before the inauguration. At just the time Saturn moves exactly opposite Trump’s Sun (which will follow Saturn conjuncting his Moon), the transiting figure will be Sun (25 Cap) besieged by two squares: Uranus/Eris/Ceres in Aries on one side, and Haumea/Jupiter on the other. Opposite the Sun, Vesta/Varuna (click image to enlarge). Trump looks faced with a big mess (Vesta) about some untruth or misleading statement (Varuna). The trouble isn’t small, with Haumea/Jupiter (huge change in status), and both the educated (Uranus) and simpler folk (Eris/Ceres) look to be demanding explanation or resolution. Can Trump wiggle past this, and cross the inaugural finish line?

What does the USA's progressed chart say? USA p Moon (3 Sag 13) opp. p. Vesta (3 Gem 23) and semisq. p. Mars (18 Lib 05). The people (Moon) also (coincidentally?) have a big hairy mess (Vesta) on their hands, and are really peeved (semisq. Mars). This could fit into a Recount result timeline.

Post-Inaugural (if there is an Inaugural...) there appears to be a honeymoon period. This looks supportive, even lucky:
Jan 25: Jupiter trine Trump’s Sun. He'll have his time in the Sun, whether as president or...?
Feb. 6: Uranus sextile Trump’s Moon. He might make some good changes in his opinion.
Feb. 17: Jupiter (r) trine his Sun. Sun trine Jupiter is a natal theme for Trump. He'll make the most of this.
Mar. 17: Uranus/Eris (22 Ari 55) exactly sextile his Moon. He might even back off his anti-immigrant promises.

Then we’re back in crisis mode again
Mar. 20: Mars semisq. n. Sun (transiting retrograde Venus square his Mercury in range for quite a while here). Trump does not do conflict well.
April 2: Saturn sq. his Saturn. His brand suffering? Or business losses? Tax day is coming up — is he still going to hide his taxes now??
June 21: Eris sq. his Saturn. How's that Wall coming?

Transiting planets for July 7, 2017, when Saturn opposes Trump's Sun for second time (in retrograde). And now we arrive at Saturn Wars: Episode 2 ...

"That’s TWO!" SATURN (R) OPPOSITE TRUMP'S SUN (July 7, 2017)
When Trump gets a second fistful of Saturn in July, the transiting planets pretty much tell the same story as in January: Sun (16 Can) square Jupiter/Haumea in Libra, and Eris in Aries. In addition, however, Sun is nearing Mars (21 Can) and opposing Pluto (18 Cap) (click image to enlarge).

With the planet of Conservatives, retrograde, opposing Trump's most personal orb, Republicans might realize they have a secret Democrat on their hands, and move to block him. In progression this is borne out, as at this time his p. Moon (2 Leo 16) conj. his p. Midheaven (2 Leo 30) and p. Saturn (2 Leo 44). Someone is saying “No!” (Saturn) and this is causing change in his career (Midheaven). If he has indeed even reached or lasted this long in office.

Impact on USA's chart? The Sun/Jupiter square again involves the USA Saturn. The establishment is highly agitated.

By July, Republicans might realize they have a Secret Democrat on their hands and move to block him. Trump Frog looking sideways with frownie face - and his tie is bright blue

Whatever the July crisis proves to be, it's followed by another respite
Aug. 27: Jupiter sext. n. Moon. Does Melania make it into the White House? Or is she “on a trip” somewhere? Hmm, Saturn is conj. Trump’s Moon, exact, that very day! Three days later, Vesta squares Trump’s Moon, as Mars conjuncts his Mars, so I don’t think he is quite so happy at this time.
Sept 5: Jupiter trine n. Sun. Something expansive or celebratory happening. But Mars is conjunct Trump’s Ascendent, so ... could he be so happy, he's yelling?

Now the third shoe is falling ...

Transiting planets for Oct. 11, 2017, when Saturn opposes Trump's Sun for third and final time. The final hit from Saturn coincides again with transiting Sun in a cardinal sign, this time in a T-square with Sun/Merc/Haumea opposing Eris/Uranus and squaring Pluto (click image to enlarge). But Trump is not going to sneak past this one at all, as at this very moment, transiting Mars (22 Virgo 54) is a whisper away from exact square to Trump’s Sun, as Saturn (22 Sag 55) hits the opposition point dead-on. THAT is going to sting.

What does the USA's progressed chart say? P. Sun (12 Pisc 22) sq. p. Moon (12 Sag 16). Progressed Moon also will sesquiquadrate p. Venus (27 Aries 16), exact. The people (Moon) may be at an emotional breaking point with the Leader (Sun), and it could very well be about money (Venus).

While the details of Trump's Saturn ordeals might be impossible to guess, it's hard to put lipstick on Saturn opposing one's Sun. Sure, we have crossed over into Bizarro USA, with Donald Trump scheduled to be inaugurated president, but even The $10 Billion Man can't easily squirm out of mighty Saturn's grasp!

Perhaps some clue of what's to come might be gathered from the previous times Trump endured Saturn opposing Sun. Looking back, you find he only had one instance where he was hit three times like we have coming up. In 1958, Saturn moved opposite his natal Sun on Feb. 4, June 7 (retrograde), and Nov. 4. While we don't know specifically what occurred those three instances, we do know what happened in 1959. Donald's parents gave up on his disruptive behavior and shipped him off to military boarding school.

But it's the 1987 instance that is perhaps more telling and cautionary. In December that year Saturn opposed Trump's Sun exactly. Trump's book The Art of the Deal had just debuted, and to boost sales, he had hit on an incredible plan: he'd pretend to run for president.2 He even went out and made some speeches, to make it look real. At one Rotary club, his spiel was hauntingly familiar: "I'm here because I'm personally tired of seeing this great country of ours being ripped off.... We should have these countries that are ripping us off pay off the $200B deficit." Trump went on to suggest that to balance out this economic injustice, the U.S. could simply attack Iran and appropriate its oil fields.3

While perpetrating this harmless little PR fraud, elsewhere he made classic Saturn mistakes of overweening ambition that would slap him down hard. That autumn, Trump insisted against all advice on pursuing a takeover bid of a company that owned the unfinished Taj Mahal,4 and pressured a friend to bring a woman Trump had just met, to his book party. The woman was Marla Maples.5 The Taj and Marla would eventually lead to deep and lasting setbacks in his professional and personal lives.

And so here we are at Saturn Slap-down: 2017. Apparently this time the fake presidential campaign has gone badly awry.

Trump Frog looking sideways with lips pursed   Trump Frog looking for a way out   Trump Frog looking sideways with lips pursed

1 That's One... That's Two... That's THREE! A plot device I remember from listening to my Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Ghost Stories for Young People record album. You'll find it in the second story, "The Magician."
2 Hurt, Harry III. Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump. New York: W.W. Norton & Co, 1993, p. 190
3 Ibid., p. 191
4 Ibid., p. 185
5 Ibid., p. 196

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