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Trump Isn't Leaving Until (Muellerlude)

by Sue Kientz

Originally posted on Facebook on January 12, 2019, 7:03 p.m. ET

While this isn’t a “Trump Isn’t Leaving Until” installment — more like an Interlude, or should I say "Muellerlude"? — just wanted to note that also supporting the assertion I have been making, that some crisis around January 20, 2019, will affect the country deeply and involve the president (and will work like a preamble to something that will come to a second crisis or culmination in mid Sept., likely around Sept 22, 2019), notice that ROBERT MUELLER is experiencing trans Jupiter trine his Sun right now, as far as we know since his birth time is unknown. See below links to Astro Gold natal chart, drawn for 7am.

ALSO, Mueller's p. Sun and p. Mercury are exactly conjunct now, or if born a few hours earlier, just “minutes” away! And the conjunction is sesquiquadrate his p. Uranus. See his progressed chart below. P. Moon is moving to or already trine his Pluto.

All this comes just a week away from “ground zero,” when trans Saturn opposes USA Sun as trans Mars squares USA Sun. And last night (January 11) we learned that just after the Comey firing, the FBI *did* start an investigation into Trump personally. They were already deeply concerned and suspicious about many instances of his advocating for and promotion of Russia since the campaign, as well as calling for Russia to obtain Hillary’s emails — on the day Russia DID begin that task. But Comey’s firing was the final straw and so the FBI began a counterintelligence investigation soon after, according to NY Times sources. That post-Comey-firing probe then passed to Mueller. And he’s about to have quite a sweet Jupiter moment.

So while trans Saturn opp USA Sun is most definitely the Government Shutdown, now the longest in US History, it is looking like Something Else is about to drop.

P.S. Mueller gets another two Jupiter trines to his Sun — the last in mid-September 2019. Wink, wink!

    - Sue Kientz, reporting from FLORIDA with only a phone to make charts


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