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Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Pt. 4

by Sue Kientz

September 8, 2019, 7 p.m. PT

Trump isnít leaving until Ė

  • Something big and/or slow, transits around 13 cardinal or 28 fixed, AND
  • His Inauguration chart shows a really nasty aspect or two in progression, AND
  • Vice president Mike Pence has some super lucky aspects, similar to Gerry Ford, AND
  • Trump's Progression and Transits become Distinctly Nixonian

If you don't understand what above items one, two, and/or three refer to, you missed earlier installments of this series. Find them at Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, or just take the statements at face value and readeth on...

WE MADE IT!!! September 2019 is here! As reported in earlier installments of this series, those of you wondering if Donald Trump can actually do something that is "The Last Straw," or if his orange makeup is infused with Kryptonite, should be electrified thinking that we have lived so long, endured so much, and crawled this far to reach a time which might be different, might actually show serious consequences arising from some ultra-crazy act, poison-pen tweet, or whatever we haven't heard about yet but might in a few short weeks.

So congratulations to everyone's stamina aside, let's get to the final indicators of why this month might really, truly be the tipping point of this way too long Trump era. To shortly recap, we looked at the USA chart of 1776, and that chart's transits looks a lot like Nixon's and other presidents' surprise departures. We looked at Trump's inaugural chart and progressed it, and saw it resembles those others where the one inaugurated made an unscheduled exit. We looked for Mike Pence's lucky day, and we found a few in Jan 2019 and this month, and the figures resembled Nixon's VP Gerry Ford's' a lot, from 1974.

But Trump himself has to show something very particular or he will continue to skate on scot free. Trump should have a transit AND a secondary progression that are startling, disturbing, and — this would put the cherry on top — might "look like" Richard Nixon's in August 1974. Nixon is our ideal (and only!) template for how a president, who is struggling with a scandal, and who just cannot come clean about it, acts and reacts until he is pulled down by the enormity of the deception. Being a terrible president is not about stupidity (George W. Bush wasn't run out of office), or personal cupidity (Bill Clinton and John F Kennedy were well liked and supported/protected from their worst failures), it's about thinking you are so smart that you can get away with breaking the law and still hang onto power. You are confident no one will figure it out. You can lie and others will lie for you, and you'll make that work. This is the one sin that US presidents have never been able to pull off.

Does Trump "resemble" Nixon at this time, via his horoscope? Yes, there is a distinct resemblance, both in transit and secondary progression — as it should be, because this moment looks to be such a whopper, it should show up in both real-time Transits and the executive-summary style of prediction, Secondary Progression, which focuses on the very high/low points.

Mars Not a Friend Anymore

Transiting Mars (22 Virg 55) set to square Trump's Sun (22 Gem 55). Now I hear you saying, Mars moves fast and had to make hard corners several times to his Gemini Sun since elected. True, and it reads like a Greatest Hits of USA's Worst Nightmare:

  • Pisces Mars sq Trump Sun (Jan 17-18, 2017): "Russia Helped Trump" headlines, and "Numerous US Intel Agencies investigating Russia-Trump Connections." This just days before inauguration. Polls show approval for Trump at 38%-44%.
  • Taurus Mars semisq Trump Sun (Mar 20, 2017): Comey testifies before Congress, admits FBI has been investigating Trump Campaign since previous July.
  • Mars conj Trump's Gemini Sun (May 24, 2017): Fallout over Trump inviting Russians into Oval Office and telling them he got rid of "nut job" Comey and that will solve the Russian investigation.
  • Virgo Mars sq Trump Sun (Oct 10, 2017): Trump decertifies Iran Deal, and has yet to comment on the military deaths in Niger. Days later he makes a mess of a call to one soldier's widow. By month end, his campaign chairman Manafort and assistant campaign chairman Rick Gates are indicted.
  • Sagittarius Mars opp Trump Sun (Mar 4, 2018): Porn Star Stormy Daniels files lawsuit
  • Aquarius Mars sesqui Trump Sun (Jun 11, 2018): Trump meets Kim Jong-Un in Singapore, where (Trump says) they "fell in love, OK?"
  • Aquarius Mars Rx sesqui Trump Sun (July 10, 2018): Kavanaugh nominated to Supreme Court. Same day it's revealed Trump talked Justice Stephens into resigning so Kavanaugh could be installed.
  • Aquarius Mars D sesqui Trump Sun (Oct 5, 2018): Kavanaugh confirmation melee, with support slipping with Republican women senators. Same time, Trump family tax frauds exposed.
  • Pisces Mars sq Trump Sun (Dec 20, 2018): First day of Trump shutting down the government.
  • Taurus Mars semisq Trump Sun (Feb 25, 2019): Failed Trump-Kim Vietnam Summit. The romance is over?
  • Mars conj Trump Gemini Sun (May 4, 2019): Post-Mueller report release, on this day, hundreds of former DOJ attorneys and legal staff sign letter saying that Mueller's evidence indeed describes prosecutable obstruction of justice.
  • Leo Mars semisq Trump Sun (July 13, 2019): Trump to four female US House Reps of color: "Go back to your country."

One thing you might not be aware of, in Secondary Progression, Trump's p. Mars (10 Lib 59) is conj Dwarf Planet Ixion (10 Lib 52), close to completion for years, now separating. Ixion represents unorthodox behavior, fearless action and, in negative expression, breaking rules you don't like or ones that inhibit your will. Sound like Trump much? He has been increasingly combative, lying more (the pace of his lying has been accelerating if you check the Washington Post's Trump Lying count). That progressed Mars/Ixion conjunction became exact on June 29, 2019, when Trump met Kim at the Korean DMZ and walked over into North Korea. Talk about breaking norms! That also adds another Mars milestone for Trump with Kim Jong-Un. It might be possible to guess when he'll try to meet his buddy again — just check Mars!

What would a Mars transit be so different this time?

Uranus has stopped propping Trump up. In those previous instances, Uranus was in sextile to Sun, applying before election and with exact sextiles in early years of his term. Now Uranus has come within a degree of semisquare his Sun before going retrograde, and has exactly sesqui. his Moon with a retrograde instance coming at this time. Lucky Pierre ain't lucky no more.

Similarity to Nixon

Mars pops up in transit and progression at Nixon resignation. On the day Nixon resigned, progressed Mars (16 Aq 31) was semisq Nixon's natal stellium of Mars (29 Sag 44)/Mercury (0 Cap 00)/Jupiter (1 Cap 40). Transiting Mars was exactly conj his natal Ixion, reminding us of Trump's Mars-Ixion duo. Certainly that day really blew a hole in Nixon's belief that, as president, he was above the law.

No More Mr. "Smart" Guy

Transiting Uranus near semisq his Sun and exactly sesqui his Moon. Let's examine this in more detail.

Why is this trouble?

Negative Uranus aspects often precede a fall. Bernie Madoff had Sun conj. Uranus at birth. But when he was arrested in 2008 for operating one of the largest ponzi schemes of all time, the Sun was square Uranus (and Makemake, a Dwarf Planet with the bizarrest of Uranian qualities. At the time, Uranus and Makemake were opposite). Madoff got away with his clever scheme for years, but in the end he outsmarted himself (negative Uranus), which was not only bad for him but ruined his family. Two years later, his son committed suicide on the anniversary of his father's arrest.

Similarity to Nixon

Uranus was the great marker of Nixon's fall. Both in transit and progression, Uranus confirms that Nixon's mental hubris was his Achilles Heel. When he resigned, transiting Uranus (24 Lib 18) squared his n. Sun (19 Cap 24). Don't like the 5 degree orb? It's true that an exact instance came before, but at a key related time. On July 23, 1973, with Uranus minutes from an square to his Sun, Nixon refused to turn over his secret tapes. This became the fulcrum of the case against Nixon, leading to charges of obstruction of justice. Even more damning was the figure in Secondary Progression: p. Sun (21 Pisc 38) semisq p. Uranus (6 Aq 05). Nixon had been on shaky ground, and by Aug 9, 1974, the political earthquake knocked him down.

Neptune Clouds are Gathering

Neptune, currently at 17 Pisces, is already squaring planets in Trump's stellium of Sun/Dwarf Orcus/Dwarf Edison/North Node/Uranus, and when it reaches square his Sun, it also squares his natal Moon.

Why is this trouble?

Neptune represents scandal and deception, lying, and cover ups. It's almost hard to imagine this Neptune figure is only just beginning. Likely that is a measure of what will be revealed when Neptune no longer is working in Trump's favor. During this near three years in office, Neptune has been in early Pisces, trine the USA Sun. The president has been able to keep 40% of American voters in the dark. However, the sons of Rupert Murdoch, now in charge of Fox News, are trying to reform their father's right-wing news source to be more reliable. Trump already finds it hard to hoodwink the self-described deplorables as effectively.

Similarity to Nixon

At his resignation, trans Neptune (6 Sag 52) semisq Nixon's natal Sun (19 Cap 24) Yes, leaving orb, but there were more important moments for the exact semisquare instances, such as:

  • January 1972, when the "White House Plumbers" who would eventually break into the Watergate, began looking for other targets after they rifled through the office of military analyst Daniel Ellsberg, source of the leaked Pentagon Papers
  • May 1972, as the "Plumbers" and their cover group, the Committee to Reelect the President, planned the June Watergate break-in, and
  • November 1972, as Nixon basked in being reelected, despite all the news coverage that was unraveling what really happened at the Watergate.
Neptune had done its damage in Nixon's life, thanks to Nixon's own actions. Despite an upbeat face to supporters and the American people, Nixon leaves Washington in disgrace. This last valid semisquare from Neptune is the mask he maintains as TV cameras film Nixon flashing victory before leaving by helicopter. Or was it, he already knew his VP Ford would pardon him?

A Vesta Mess and Depressive Sedna Up the Pressure

The Vesta/Sedna conjunction squares Trump's Mars/Ascendant. Since he's been elected, Trump has had super-downer Sedna (a Dwarf Planet that operates like Saturn-Neptune) square his Mars, and in many ways being president has really cramped his style. Until he rooted out all the sensible people in his administration, daily life was a series of constant "No you can't do that" and "You are supposed to do this" unpleasant thing (in Trump's view). This has been especially true when actual disaster strikes (as compared to the disaster he experienced when he won the presidency).

Why is this conjunction bad news?

The Vesta/Sedna won't be over soon as both planets are stationing. As mentioned in earlier installment Part 1, both of these potent bodies are also semisquare the USA Sun. Vesta is a reliable indicator of disaster, and either another big mess is in store, or resolution of the Big Mess of Trump is finally indicated. Or both. Sedna represents the utter malaise of the majority of the American People since Trump was elected. Progressing the USA's July 4, 1776 chart, p. Sun (14 Pisc 56) is also conjunct p. Sedna (15 Pisc 13)! It's been so doubly depressing, that relatives told dying men in Iowa and Oregon that Trump was just impeached, to ease their passing. But only if things suddenly get worse, will those with the power to act, do so. With Saturn at 13 Cap, stationing there opposite the US Sun, and Vesta/Sedna semisq the US Sun, at the same time turning the screws on Trump's Mars/Ascendant, something might give.

Similarity to Nixon

You can best see the mess Nixon was in, via his p. Vesta (19 Cap 37) conj Nixon's Sun (19 Cap 24). How exact can that be? Remember, this is progression! That Vesta is sloooooooooooooowww.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Progressed New Lunacy

Big Changes Afoot as Trump's progressed Sun (3 Virg 01)/Moon (3 Virg 15) semisq p. Dwarf Planet Makemake (18 Can 16)

Why is this such a game changer?

Makemake is much crazier and more unpredictable than Uranus. When Trump's p. Moon was exactly semisq his NATAL Makemake, that was the day Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell. That's not to say the bombshell to come will involve Epstein (though it could), but it will be that shocking and provocative. Something wild is on the way, something more brazen than anything we have seen — and you know how crazy it's been! Just look at the list of what Mars elicited from him, above.

It's very likely that whatever is coming this month, at p. Moon exactly semisq p. Makemake, will be a precursor to the Main Event, p. Sun (3 Vir 16) exactly semisq p. Makemake (18 Can 16), arriving the day after Christmas 2019. With so much of DC shut for the holidays (another government shutdown even?), maybe we won't hear full details until 2020 dawns. At such a point, many of the congressional investigations will be wrapping up. January 2020 might be time for the full Senate to meet, to try Donald J. Trump after the House votes for his impeachment.

Similarity to Nixon

Nixon's Exit was Pure Makemake. The transiting Sun (16 Leo 40) was conj Makemake (18 Leo 2). In the run-up to that career-ending day, Makemake had been sesqui Nixon's Mars (29 Sag 44)/Mercury (0 Cap 00)/Jupiter (1 Cap 40). The tapes show him increasingly erratic, making insulting and derogatory statements left and right (quite Trumpian, but these weren't public after all). In fact, didn't he realize the existence of those tapes was liable to come to light? Why tape everything, except you have this superhuman view of your presidency, where every emission of your brain must be captured for honor by posterity. Wrong-O, Dick!

His announcement on the night before (Aug. 8) was a real shocker (Makemake trait), sudden and completely unexpected for many, as Nixon had always fought tooth and nail to keep his grip on the presidency. But then, the American public hadn't heard the tapes. That was more shock to come, as well as the blow of Ford's pardon a mere month later. Now here's another surprise for you (unless you've already perused the chart links below). While it's true that in 1974 no one knew planet Makemake existed, also true is no one knew that Nixon himself had Makemake's disturbing erratic traits, as his natal Sun (19 Cap 24) sesqui Makemake (6 Gem 11).

WWNT: What Would Nixon Think (of Trump)?

One last Nixon connection might be made, by progressing Tricky Dick's natal to Now. After all, with cryogenics being what they are, he could have been woke up for some interviews about the Trump debacle. So his progression needs to work. I've actually shown how famous individuals' progressed charts are long-lived, sometimes over centuries. But we're only needing a few extra decades in Nixon's case. So what does Nixon secondarily progressed to "now" reveal?

  • p. Sun (6 Tau 03) square p. Uranus (7 Aq 26)/Vesta (7 Aq 39). Nixon would be forced to relive the entire Watergate scandal! The grand mess it was (Vesta, it works!), and his fierce "know-it-all" attitude (Uranus) that sunk him in the end. In fact, if you're watching the news, WE are reliving Watergate, as journalists and pundists cannot help making comparison between Trump and Nixon. Nixon hasn't had such kind press since he wept on television with his dog. (I never saw this but my mother mentioned it many times, many many times.)
  • p. Sun (6 Tau 03) semisq p. Mars (21 Pisc 24). One can imagine him very vocally saying his errors pale in comparison with his distant successor, President Trump. What's really strange is, Nixon really wrote a letter while president, to the young Trump, encouraging him! You know, that would be brought up, bigly, if Nixon could be interviewed today, sparking more irritation.
  • Nixon's' "current" p. Mars (21 Pisc 24), is minutes from conjunct the p. Sun of Nixon's resignation (21 Pisc 38). He'd be mad as hell we woke him up from cryo-sleep, if he had indeed got a berth next to Walt Disney!

Admittedly, there's no way Trump is "leaving" in a few weeks. He will be hanging on by his fingernails to power, to the last pinky. But something germane to his outage is imminent. This is history, baby! Enjoy it, and try not to be too upset by Trump's yammerings. In the end, all will be well.


* * *

Postscript: Recently I've been tracking another sizeable Dwarf Planet candidate labeled "MS" in dark pink on the charts. The full placeholder name for this object is 2005 MS4, and it's about the size of Orcus, Sedna, and Ceres (about 950km). MS appears prominent in the charts of people who often make a great contribution to human knowledge, but it's not an indicator of brains per se, but rather people who "do their homework," who research, who read and gather information. I had been ignoring MS4 because I expected its size might be readjusted downward, like 2002 TX300 and 2002 TC302, but after 18 years of staying near 1000km size, I felt bound to take a look. If you have any observations about MS, or RN, another recent addition to my Dwarfs List, let me know.

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