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Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Pt. 3

by Sue Kientz

Originally posted on Facebook on January 2, 2019, 1:23 p.m. PT

Trump isn’t leaving until –

  • His Inauguration chart shows a really nasty aspect or two in progression, AND
  • Something big and/or slow, transits around 13 cardinal or 28 fixed, AND
  • Vice president Mike Pence has some super lucky aspects, similar to Gerry Ford.

If you don’t understand what bullets one and two refer to, you missed earlier installments of this series. You can find them at Part 1 and Part 2. No, not now! I’ll catch you up. Go later; keep reading…

So here we are, January 2019 has come at last! As explained in the two earlier parts of this series, those of you anxious to get rid of Donald Trump should be on pins and needles, as we are roughly three weeks away from Saturn’s first arrival at 13 Capricorn in decades. At that time, the Great Ringed One will oppose the USA Sun degree (the place the sun was when the founders in Philadelphia approved the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776), and that will not feel nice. As mentioned in Part one, “13 Cancer,” or more generally, “13 [Cardinal Sign],” is an awfully sensitive spot for the USA. The most germane example is, when President Richard Nixon resigned on August 9. 1974, Saturn was visiting 13 Cancer at that time, and steamrolling right over the USA Sun. The American people were quite unnerved and upset at the sudden exit of their president. Part one of this series showed examples of large and/or slow planets visiting 13 [Fill in Cardinal sign here] and 27 [fill in Fixed sign here], the latter included as 27 Fixed is not as sensitive a spot as 13 Cardinal, but still irritating as hell, and would likely be involved if an American president suddenly fled the White House for any reason.

All that said, the world is a tightly related web of connections. President Trump does not live in a vacuum, even if his tweets suggest otherwise. He can’t resign or be impeached or be abducted by aliens, unless Vice President Mike Pence shows some indicator that he’s about to win the big Bingo prize. Pence’s chart, viewed through the lens of secondary progression and transits, has to signal that his presidential dreams have come true, no matter how tainted by the fact he has kept his mouth firmly shut during the long unfolding of Trump’s (is it 17 now?) scandals. We even have a ready example of this, again, from the Nixon years, because we have Gerald Ford, Nixon’s VP, to show us how it goes.

But before we look at what President Ford’s experience and chart have to offer, here’s the principle involved. It stands to reason that, when you become President, it’s a high point in your life. An astrologer would expect to see big, beneficial indicators like Jupiter and/or Venus aspects to your Sun, since there’s not much greater success as becoming an American president. (Anticipating an obvious rebuttal, I’d argue a Nobel prize is different. Your mind, not your ego, is celebrated and you’d see Uranus conjunct, trine or sextile your sun degree, or something fantastic going on with your progressed Mercury, or progressed Venus – since it’s a “prize” – but I digress.) As we’ve already amassed a load of evidence (in parts one and two) that on or around January 20, 2019 and September 22, 2019, powerful indicators herald some huge development that suggests a tectonic shakeup in the US government at the highest levels, the question is, do those two dates look like super-lotto winners for Mike Pence?

We will get to that answer, but now let's look at Gerald Ford (born July 14, 1913, 12:43 a.m., Omaha, NE). We are still not sure when the Trump debacle might end, but we know when Nixon gave it up, that magic date August 9, 1974. So how did that date look for Ford? Well, the most accurate assessment would be, “great” with reservations:

  • Transiting Venus (23 Can 31) conjunct his n. Sun (21 Can 12). THE BIG BINGO PRIZE!
  • Transiting Sun (15 Leo 40) conjunct n. Mercury (16 Leo 08), as transiting north node (17 Sag 23) trined his n. Mercury. He takes the Oath. A large swath of the public (NN) are relieved.
  • Transiting Dwarf Planet Makemake (18 Leo 02) also was conjunct his Mercury, probably indicative of the upheaval and surprise that Nixon up and resigned. Ford was only told on August 1 that a “smoking gun” had been uncovered that looked likely to lead to Nixon’s impeachment.
  • Transiting Jupiter (16 Pisces 09) was trine his n. Sun, and that would get better in time (exact by the following year).
  • Transiting Pluto (4 Libra 53) trined his n. Venus (5 Gem 52). “He got the power!!”
But here’s where the honors are tainted:
  • Trans Neptune (6 Sag 52) was sesquiquadrate his natal Sun – there’s a cloud over this ascension, of course since it’s not his merit but Nixon’s sins that gave him the honor of becoming president.
  • Trans Uranus (24 Lib 18) and Vesta (25 Lib 37) squared his Sun. He’s got a lot of cleaning up to do (Vesta), as the country is in a mess with this scandal. This shakeup (Uranus) has touched so many in Nixon’s inner circle, and the trials will continue. The ex-President is also at risk now he’s a private citizen, and Ford will make the dubious choice of pardoning Nixon just a month later, kicking off an uproar. (If the Vesta interpretation seems strange, read my Vesta article.
  • In progression, this Uranus-Vesta conjunction is repeated! His p. Sun (19 Virgo 56) is sesq. p. Uranus/Vesta which are exactly conjunct at 3 Aq 59. What a humdinger of a coincidence/ reinforcement, that says this is a MESS (Vesta, worker bee that is often called on to clean up after others, especially when disaster strikes), and one that is sudden (Uranus) and a mental fault (Uranus again – sin of pride. Nixon thought he was smarter than others and could get away with anything). Ford was the unfortunate “good guy” whose unsullied reputation was sacrificed, so Nixon could get off scot-free. The cost was, Ford lost the one election where he was on the ballot, and so served as president but without ever being elected.

You know who also has Uranus-Vesta conjunct? Mike Pence (June 7, 1959, Columbus, IN; 1 a.m. rectified used). Pence has natal Sun (15 Gem 45) sextile Uranus (13 Leo 12) Vesta (17 Leo 04). Is this prophetic?

How about January 20, 2019, the first upcoming instance of Saturn opposing the US Sun?

  • Transiting Jupiter (15 Sag 43) AND Venus (14 Sag 04) will oppose Pence’s Sun (15 Gem 45). As I’ve said in the other installments, this date likely will bring one real big bombshell that kicks off months of evidence gathering, positioning, and posturing for the real legal battle that emerges in summer of ’19. The Jupiter/Venus opposition for Pence may translate to him feeling like he can see the Holy Land up ahead, but it’s still far away, and he must be patient.
  • Pence’s progressed Sun (12 Leo 40) and p. Mercury Rx (12 Leo 26) are conjunct – exact on November 29, 2018. On that day, Trump lawyer Cohen pled guilty in court and openly implicated the president in felonious hush money payments. The next day (11/30), a U.S. president died, George H.W. Bush! What an omen. If you think that’s strictly coincidence and not ominous, do you know what happened two days after Nixon was inaugurated for the second time? Two days ( = two years in progression) later, LBJ died. Nixon was reelected, but served less than 2 years from election day (and was then “gone”). Pence doubtless took quite seriously the news of Cohen’s implication of Trump, seeing it as the “final straw” signaling that one fine day, Trump will no longer be president and Pence will. Then the very next day, a U.S. president is “gone”! Could hopeful Pence not see this as some kind of sign?
  • Even more eerie, transiting Neptune (14 Pisces 34) has been and will exactly square Pence’s Sun (15 Gem 45). Just like with Ford – a cloud hovers over any happy thought Pence may have of attaining his dream.

Then there’s September 22, 2019, which in my mind is the more likely time for Trump’s eviction or willing resignation (the mountain of evidence finally reaches the moon, perhaps):

  • Transiting Jupiter (17 Sag 06) *again* is opposite Pence’s Sun, and Mercury (20 Gem 49).
  • Transiting Venus (10 Lib 03) trines Pence’s Sun, applying. He’ll be able to hang up those drapes he had measured in 2017.
  • We even have transiting Neptune (16 Pisces 58), still square Pence’s Sun, retrograding even more tightly so, in the following months.
  • In progression, Pence’s p. Sun (13 Leo 19) will be conjunct his n. Uranus (13 Leo 12). Exciting? But also possibly unnerving. If this plays out as speculated, President Pence will have a whole country mad as hornets – the anti-Trump people who will fear Pence pardoning Trump, and the pro-Trump people who will wonder what the hell just happened, since Fox News, Breitbart, and Rush didn’t tell them things were this serious.


* * *

Postscript: You might notice an object in the attached charts labeled “RN” that isn’t in the Key. That’s 2005 RN43, which I’ve been checking out with fellow astrologer Aliza Rood. RN is considered a dwarf planet candidate, and so is relatively large, 679km/diameter give or take 50-70km. Initially observed astrological effects seem to lead one to freeze like a possum in ticklish or dangerous situations, you know, like when Dad is yelling at Nancy and Chuck, and you’re afraid he might yell at YOU next. So you just sit very, very quietly….

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