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Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Pt. 2

by Sue Kientz

Originally posted on Facebook on October 31, 2018

Trump isn’t leaving until his Inauguration chart shows a really nasty aspect or two in progression, at the same time that something big and/or slow, transits around 13 cardinal or 28 fixed.

We’ve just endured an awful week, where innocent African-Americans were hunted down by a racist outside a grocery store, as mail bombs were sent to several (Democratic) ex-presidents, Democratic leaders and donors, and others critical of the president, and as an anti-Semite mowed down 11 Jewish seniors inside their synagogue where they prayed. The country was in full crisis mode due to these awful acts by last Sunday, as Jupiter and Mercury conjuncted at 28 Scorpio, opposite slow Dwarf Planet Sedna at 27 Taurus. When the package bombs first arrived earlier in the week, large asteroid Vesta (13 Capr) opposed the US Sun. So like I said in the first installment of this series, 12-13 Cardinal and 27-28 Fixed are sensitive points to watch, if one is worried about the USA.

But for all those anxious for Trump to give up on this president gig, you don’t remove or lose a president on just any day, on any transit to 13 cardinal or 28 fixed. You need another key indicator and that’s some disturbing hard figure in that president’s inaugural chart, secondarily progressed. Here, I’ll show you with examples from history:

William Henry HARRISON died (4-4-1841) one month into his term from a sudden illness, as his inaugural chart (3-4-1841) progressed Moon (5 Leo 43) squared p. Mars (5 Sco 46).

Abraham LINCOLN died (4-15-1865), shot by a rebel partisan as Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural chart (3-4-1865) p. Moon (18 Gem 56)/p. Mars (17 Gem 14) squared p. Dwarf Planet Makemake (18 Pisc 25). If you’re skeptical that this large Dwarf Planet, representative of shocking, sudden events, e.g., assassination with firearms, skip down to KENNEDY, among others, below.

John GARFIELD died (9-19-1881) from a gunshot received 7-2-1881. Progress his inauguration chart (3-4-1881) to the lethal wounding, you have p. Moon (12 Tau 58) conjunct p. Neptune (12 Tau 01). He died as his inaugural p. Moon (15 Tau 44) sextiled p. Sun (14 Pisc 40) /p. Eris (15 Pisc 29) - a blessing by that point, as it ended his suffering. Doctors of that time were not skilled enough to save him.

William McKINLEY expired (9-14-1901), also from an assassin’s bullet, as his inaugural chart (3-4-1901) progressed Moon (12 Virg 54) opposed p. Sun (13 Pisc 57).

Warren HARDING died (8-2-1923) from illness (or possibly poisoned by his wife, who ordered no autopsy), as his inaugural chart (3-4-1921) p. Sun (16 Pisc 00) squared p. Makemake (16 Gem 13). His death was a shock and unexpected, both Makemake qualities.

Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT passed away (4-12-1945), taken by a sudden illness, as his 4th inaugural chart (1-20-1945) p. Sun (0 Aq 29) squared p. Moon (29 Ari 11), and p. Mars (11 Cap 18) squared p. Dwarf Planet Ixion (11 Lib 14). The Mars/Ixion could represent his being in the midst of waging war (Mars) against the lawless (Ixion) Nazis, or the fact that he died while having an illicit rendezvous with a mistress (Mars-Ixion).

John F. KENNEDY was killed (11-22-1063) by a sniper as his inaugural chart (1-20-1961) p. Sun (3 Aq 20) opposed p. Makemake (3 Leo 18), and p. Moon (2 Tau 12) bisected that opposition.

Last of these examples, Richard M. NIXON resigned (8-9-1974) as his first inaugural chart (1-20-1969) p. Moon (16 Tau 21) opposed p. Mars (15 Sco 06); and p. Merc Rx (12 Aq 53) opposed p. Makemake (12 Leo 12). Speaking again of surprising Makemake, on the day Nixon resigned, transiting Sun (16 Leo 40) was conjunct Makemake (18 Leo 02). No president had ever resigned before; it was a stunning turn of events.

In case you’re wondering, progressing from Nixon’s Second Inaugural (1-20-1972) to resignation, the p. Moon (15 Virg 44) squared p. Mars (15 Sag 27), and the p. Sun (2 Aq 05) squared p. Sedna (2 Tau 06) – even more precise than from Nixon's first inaugural.

All of the above events, as detailed in Part 1, coincide with important planetary transits to 12-13 cardinal and/or 27-28 fixed points of the zodiac, therefore aspecting USA’s mundane Sun (13 Can 19, using the 5:10 p.m. Phila chart for July 4, 1776; see USA chart). As you might recall (or I refer you to Part 1), with regard to Donald TRUMP, the promising dates that seem to hint of a serious crisis, enough to generate an ouster, will be around January 20, 2019, and September 22, 2019. Here are the inaugural progression figures that coincide with the requisite transits needed, for such a presidential shakeup to occur:

January 20, 2019

Transits (first mentioned in Part 1) on this day:

  • Saturn (13 Cap 42) opp. USA Sun - "The government (Saturn) turns against you." Compare transit of Saturn at Nixon resignation: 13 Can 17.
  • Mars (13 Aries 23) sq. USA Sun - Anger comes to a head, and starts some proceeding.
  • Sedna (26 Tau 20) semisq. USA Sun - Malaise of worry and concern that has affected most Americans. Also representative of the determination of those both criticizing and defending the president.
Trump’s Inaugural Day (see Trump Inaugural chart), progressed to this day (see Inaug progressed to 1-20-2019):
  • p. Moon (3 Sag 04) semisq. p. Pluto (17 Cap 40) – This is exact as the new Congress is seated. Got Dems?
  • p. Moon sq. p. North Node (3 Virg 50) – Trump is disliked by the majority of Americans (N.Node)
  • p. Mars (25 Pisc 51) sq. p. Ixion (25 Sag 19) – More representative of past crimes, which have slowly but surely surfaced (drip, drip, drip) all through the last two years.
  • p. Sun (2 Aq 51) semisq. p. large asteroid Hygeia (18 Sag 05) – Hygeia could point to a health crisis.

September 22, 2019

Transits (first mentioned in Part 1) on this day:

  • Saturn stations-direct (13 Cap 55) opp. USA Sun
  • North Node (14 Can 24) conj. USA Sun
  • Mercury (14 Lib 17) conj. USA Saturn; sq. USA Sun
  • Sedna (27 Tau 57) semisq. USA Sun
  • Vesta (27 Tau 38) semisq. USA Sun

Trump’s Inaugural Day, progressed to this day (see Inaug progressed to 9-22-2019):

  • p. Moon (11 Sag 04) sq. p. Neptune (10 Pisc 21) – Scandal revealed; lies abound
  • p. Moon sesq. p. large asteroid Vesta (26 Can 41) – Your Job (Vesta) is not going well
  • p. Moon sesq. p. Dwarf Planet Ceres (26 Ari 46) – Your home (Ceres) might be at risk (ala White House)
  • p. Sun (3 Aq 32) trine p. Makemake (3 Lib 46). Between transits to USA Sun, and progression of Inaugural, and transits and sec progression to Trump’s natal, all point that this is the one chance that he’s actually out! But he walks, somehow. Compare this with the progressed Sun figure for Nixon’s 2nd inaugural chart progressed to his resignation:

    p. Sun (6 Aq 08) trine p. Jupiter (6 Lib 00).

    And NIXON walked, resigned in disgrace, but fully pardoned.

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