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Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Pt. 1

by Sue Kientz

Originally posted on Facebook on August 20, 2018

Trump isn't leaving until something big hits 13 Cardinal or 27 Fixed.

Trump's ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort's corruption and tax evasion trial will likely wrap up today or Tuesday, with a probable guilty verdict on most counts. I say "likely" since late today, Sun at 27 Leo will not just semisq. the USA Sun (affecting him as US President) but also conjunct Trump's natal Mars. Venus also squares USA Sun from 13 Libra and semisquares Trump's ascendant. For those increasingly worried at the president's escalating behavior and guilty demeanor, this development does not even come close to signalling an end to the crazy shenanigans in the White House. In truth, we can't expect a decisive development until something BIG makes a dramatic angle to the USA Sun at 13 Cancer. What we need to do is see what slow-moving planets reach 13 Cardinal or 27 Fixed. All you have to do is look at history and you can see, that a disturbing thing like a president being removed (whether by illness, assassination, or resignation), just does not happen any old day!

USA Chart used for this article is July 4, 1776, 5:10 p.m, Phila. (see chart) with Sun (13 Can 19). Merc-Rx (24 Can 11), and Saturn (14 Lib 48)

Here's the run down, if you're interested. Otherwise skip to the final few paragraphs.

1. William Henry HARRISON was the first president to abruptly leave office. He was president for 31 days when he died of pneumonia. Some point to his long-winded speech at the bitterly cold and wet inaugural, as affecting his health so badly, leading to his unprecedented demise on April 4, 1841.

  • Eris (27 Aq 52) sesq. USA Sun - Back then people came and went in the White House with no controls. Harrison even wrote in a letter how he was harried nonstop by people for jobs, favors, social calls, etc. Historians mostly mention this constant public demand to suggest it might have aggravated his condition. "Other people" (Eris the Other) as well as the invasive germ that infected him (another "Other"), led to a tragic end.
  • Salacia (13 Can 54) conj. USA Sun (Salacia = he should have stopped talking at the inauguration! See why I say this at Salacia: Meaning.)

NOTE: Dying from illness was pretty rote back in those days, since doctors were mostly ineffective and ill equipped, yet this was a shock to the country as a president had never died in office before. No one even knew how to properly transition to the vice president, and the constitution suggested the VP was merely a temporary president until another election could be held. So it makes sense to see a big aspect or two coincide with this unusual event.

2. Zachary TAYLOR was the second president to die in office, July 9, 1850, after a 4-day illness from consuming ice water and fruit at a hot July 4 picnic. Just plain bad luck, most people of the time might declare, which might explain why the transiting aspects involved less potent bodies:

  • Juno (13 Lib 50) sq. USA Sun - his vice president (Juno, the partner), Millard Fillmore, was most challenged by the sudden responsibility
  • 2002 TC302 (15 Cap 56) conj. USA Saturn and sq. USA Sun - this Neptunian Dwarf Planet (very resonant with Neptune, and seems to work like a "little" Neptune, for good or ill) represents well the fact that when Taylor died and Fillmore took over, the entire cabinet presented their resignations (expecting them to be refused), but Fillmore DID accept them and put a pall of uncertainty over the operations of the government for a time.

3. Abraham LINCOLN was shot while watching a play and died early the next morning, April 15, 1865. His assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was a rebel sympathizer and carried out the crime as part of an unsuccessful larger plot to kill the top leaders of the government.

  • Pallas (14 Aries 50) opp. USA Saturn, sq. USA Sun - Pallas, warrior goddess of Athens, fought not so much for conquest but for "right." Bin Laden (Sun conj. Pallas), Napoleon (Sun conj. Pallas), and Hitler (Sun sext. Pallas) are negative examples of a twisted war ideology, while Patton (Sun conj. Pallas), Ulysses Grant (Mercury sext. Pallas), and Eisenhower (Mercury sext. Pallas) used their military acumen serving the greater good. Booth hoped to restart the Civil War, so Pallas aptly represents his underlying warped motivations.
  • Eris (9 Pisc 34) sesq USA Merc-Rx - the terrible news (Mercury) of Lincoln's death deeply affected so many African Americans. Their struggle being labeled "outsiders," "others," and "sub-human" was far from over.

4. James A. GARFIELD was shot on July 2, 1881, by a mentally ill job applicant. Garfield died 2 1/2 months later, partly due to the incompetence of doctors. Attempts at helping him actually hurt him in the end, and many historians claim he would have lived if doctors stopped probing his wound.

  • Quaoar (15 Can 36) sq USA Saturn, conj. USA Sun - Dwarf Planet Quaoar is the "experimenter," one who takes a chance, tries new things. An early attempt at an X-ray machine was brought in to try to find the bullet. Again, doctors were relentless in trying to help. This killed him; the Quaoar-like, risky behavior and experimental techniques did not help.
  • Pluto (29 Tau 13) sesq. USA Saturn - his doctors and others in government had little control over the outcome.
  • Jupiter (26 Tau 11) semisq. USA Sun - in a way, his death was a relief as he wasn't getting better with all the interference, and he experienced significant suffering.

5. William McKINLEY was shot on Sept. 6, 1901, by an anarchist who wanted to topple the administration. McKinley died on Sept. 14.

  • Ixion (25 Leo 58) semisq. USA Sun - Someone with no respect for any kind of law and order, took matters into his own hands. When Ixion is prominent in a chart, the individual often breaks rules and ignores limits, rightly or wrongly.
  • Saturn stationed (9 Cap 47) opp. USA Sun - McKinley was succeeded by Teddy Roosevelt. He had been nominated as VP to "get rid of him" by party leaders, who were horrified when he ascended to the presidency.
  • Salacia (9 Libra 54) sq. USA Sun - the anarchist assassin was, by his act, making a statement.

6. Warren G. HARDING died on August 2, 1923, after a sudden illness. Since his wife refused an autopsy, and he was a serial adulterer, there's some suspicion he may have been poisoned by her.

  • Sedna (14 Aries 59) opp. USA Saturn, sq. USA Sun - Sedna is a Dwarf Planet with a huge orbit, circling the Sun in 11,400 years! I expect its main square to USA Sun was the just-ended World War, as well as the 1918-19 Flu Epidemic which killed millions. Sedna is about suffering, determination, and obsession. The opposition to USA Saturn was likely the impending scandal about to break after Harding's death (see next).
  • Pluto (11 Can 28) conj. USA Sun - Harding was extremely corrupt, but this was not revealed until after his death, probably coinciding with Pluto moving exactly over the USA Sun degree.
  • Saturn (15 Lib 08) conj. USA Saturn, sq. USA Sun - Another indicator that Harding's sudden death kicked off a difficult shake-up in the government and status-quo.

7. Franklin D. ROOSEVELT died April 12, 1945, suddenly taken ill while vacationing with his mistress.

  • Makemake (14 Can 29) sq. USA Saturn, conj. USA Sun - FDR's death was shocking (Makemake's hallmark effect) not just for its suddenness, but for many Americans this was the only president they'd ever known, as he served nearly four terms.
  • Vesta (14 Lib 00) conj. USA Saturn, sq. USA Sun - Vesta, the worker-bee asteroid, is often operative when something needs to be "cleaned up," a mess dealt with. The largest challenge was wrapping up World War II, imminently ending (Hitler committed suicide 2 weeks later). But there was a flurry of things to do at the very scene of FDR's unexpected death, as his mistress had to be shuttled out of the way without the public or Eleanor Roosevelt being aware of her presence.
  • Juno (12 Can 42)/North Node (12 Can 42) conj. USA Sun - The concern for the First Lady (Juno) as just noted, and the new president Truman (Juno as partner, e.g., VP) as well, who not only needed swearing in but who had to be told about the all-important atomic bomb, nearly complete.

8. John F. KENNEDY was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963, a crushing blow to the nation. Even though Lee Harvey Oswald is considered the president's killer, many still question if he acted alone. Will the aspects of that day, with new Dwarf Planets to aid us, give us more information?

  • Orcus (13 Can 02) conj. USA Sun - This large Dwarf Planet, just slightly faster in orbit than Pluto, is found in charts of people who want order, perfection, even to the length of being obsessive or authoritarian. Orcus is prominent in the charts of all the Russian leaders (and North Korea's Kim family, for that matter). Oswald was in touch with the USSR and his wife was Russian. But Orcus is also obsessed with order and organization. Jimmy Hoffa had it out for the Kennedys since the election, and organized crime may have recruited Oswald to be the fall guy for a hit, that would punish Bobby Kennedy for his crackdown on the Teamsters and others. Some believe Hoffa ordered the hit on his brother, President Kennedy.
  • Sun (29 Sco 40) semisq. USA Saturn - A sad day for the USA, but the government transitioned successfully, and Lyndon Johnson preserved many of Kennedy's goals, like the plan to land a man on the Moon.

9. Richard M. NIXON, under fire for covering up the Watergate break-in, and told he would be impeached, announced his resignation on Aug. 8, 1974, 9:04 p.m., Washington DC.

  • Saturn (13 Can 17) conj. USA Sun - Even those in his own (ruling) party felt his position untenable.
  • Eris (13 Aries 42) sq. USA Sun; opp. USA Saturn - His downfall was his obsessive concern with the opposition party, his enemies list, and then talking about these people on tapes that were then ordered handed over by the Supreme Court.

And so what are we possibly looking at? I have some dates for you to watch, and of course these are somewhat approximate, for as you see above, sometimes you are early (9-10 cardinal) and sometimes things run a little late (14-15 cardinal).

10? Donald J. TRUMP- Resignation? Impeachment? Perhaps things might run this way:

  • Around Jan. 20, 2019. After the midterm elections, if the Democrats win big, they may control the House or both the House and Senate (more likely just the House). They will be seated in early January, and depending on how crazy things still are with Russia investigations and trials of former campaign officials, the House could vote for impeachment or maybe just begin their own investigation again.
    • Saturn (13 Cap 42) opp. USA Sun - It's a Nixonian figure, when you think of it. "The government (Saturn) turns against you."
    • Mars (13 Aries 23) sq. USA Sun - Anger comes to a head, and starts some proceeding.
    • Sedna (26 Tau 20) semisq. USA Sun - Malaise of worry and concern that has affected most Americans. Also representative of the determination of those both criticizing and defending the president.
  • By Jan. 26, 2019, the administration could be in full crisis mode. Saturn and Sedna positions above still in effect; add to that,
    • Vesta (27 Aq 14) sesq. USA Sun - some big mess to explain/handle
  • About Sept 22, 2019, investigation over? Or new revelations? Whatever the case, this is the last Saturn opposition to USA Sun, and perhaps the last straw:
    • Saturn stations-direct (13 Cap 55) opp. USA Sun
    • North Node (14 Can 24) conj. USA Sun
    • Mercury (14 Lib 17) conj. USA Saturn; sq. USA Sun
    • Sedna (27 Tau 57) semisq. USA Sun
    • Vesta (27 Tau 38) semisq. USA Sun
    Also transiting this day, Mars (22 Virgo 45) sq. Trump's n. Sun (22 Gem 55), and Uranus (5 Tau 56) semisq. Trump's n. Sun and sesq. Trump's Moon (21 Sag 12).

There is more to the story that supports this timing, which will be covered in Part 2.

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