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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A Weekly 2016 Campaign Update
by Sue Kientz

First Buoy of Hope Deployed: 13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

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Installment Nine:
A Week of Two Revelations

09 October 2016, 3:20 p.m. PDT

UPDATE! Oct. 14: The reported "new birthtime" for Hillary Clinton analyzed below, has been withdrawn by astrologer Marc Penfield, after he admitted he had not actually seen any physical birth certificate as he had claimed to ISAR. So my analysis of Hillary Clinton using 8:02 a.m. still stands. And she still wins the election.

Last week ended with shocking audio of Trump in 2005 lewdly describing forcing himself on women. Much less noticed by media, the same week began with a key revelation for astrologers — Hillary Clinton's birth certificate has been found

With Hurricane Matthew about to hit the U.S., cable news viewers were switched over to a different disaster on Friday night: the Trump Firestorm. A leaked tape, sent to the Washington Post, showed Trump making lewd comments while wearing a hot mic during an appearance on Access Hollywood. Trump described in graphic detail how he'd tried to bed a married woman, and then ended by observing that his status as a "star" allowed him to get away with anything, even grabbing women "by the pussy."

The Washington Post story broke mid-day New York time, just about when the Moon entered Capricorn and immediately squared Mercury. Ho-hum, you say? Not this time. Mercury was applying to Makemake (2 Libra) and Jupiter (6 LIbra), and the Moon was approaching Mars (7 Capricorn). This square grouping meant the impact of his words and the action he described doing was YUUUGE (Jupiter) and shocking (Makemake) — especially for a candidate for president — and caused an escalating amount of reaction and anger (Moon/Mars). Trump issued an immediate, weak apology ("If you were offended..."), and when things failed to calm down, around midnight released a video statement (see chart below).

Big Deal! Mercury-Moon Square, Soon Over, Right?

Before you expect this all to blow over like all the other Trump controversies over the last 16 months, notice this slower configuration that completed at this bombshell: the Nodes square Saturn. Public Opinion (nodes) reacted so negatively that conservatives (Saturn) and establishment figures (Saturn again) jumped out of their skins and made quick denounciations of Trump.

There's another point to make concerning North Node (12 Virgo 10) square Saturn (12 Sag 10), and that has to do with the other remarkable event of last week, the revelation of Hillary Clinton's "long lost" birth certificate that includes her coveted birth time.

To give you the background, Hillary's birth time has been reported to be 8:02 a.m., 8 p.m., and pretty much everywhere before, between, and after. But in 2007, astrologer Marc Penfield worked with someone in the Cook County Registrar's office and found a record of a Helen Diana Rodham, born Oct. 26, 1947, in the same hospital Hillary was born in. This certificate showed the time: 2:18 a.m.

Now, unless Hillary had a twin named Helen who died at birth (I can imagine the anti-Hillary set claiming baby Hillary strangled Helen with the umbilical cord), then it seems that Hillary's first name was just misspelled on the official document. Penfield reported his discovery in an American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) publication in 2008, but as he tells it, no one took much notice (source: International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR) E-Zine #914, Oct. 2, 2016).

The correct astro-view of Hillary, at last! But what changed? With just six hours difference from the most often-used time of 8:02 a.m., we have the planets in different houses, of course, a new Moon degree (19 Pisces 50), and new Midheaven and Ascendant. Check out the new Midheaven at 12 Gemini 12 — the nodes have just passed squaring her Midheaven/IC, and Saturn has just passed her IC. Could this latest Trump crisis, be a New Beginning for Clinton?

The All-Important Election

Hillary Clinton, progressed to Election Day, 8 Nov. 2016
Click to enlarge

Keeping to our focus that Trump is Toast, i.e., the determination that so many instances we have examined astrologically suggest Trump will not get elected, the good news is that this new time for Hillary still supports my prediction that she will win the election, thereby defeating Donald Trump.

How does that follow exactly? My Hillary article from March argued that by the Election, Hillary's p. Moon would be trine p. Venus, suggesting the greatest prize she's coveted, the highest goal of her life, would be achieved. This was using 8:02 a.m. That figure is still intact with the 2:18 a.m. chart, except the trine just comes into orb on Election Day. This next month will probably continue to be a challenge for Secretary Clinton, as Trump vows not to quit or change his defiant, combative style. The only break in the clouds will come after the voters have spoken.

Once you know HRC's real birth time, you can see another promising indicator that she will be elected (and Trump defeated). On November 8, her p. Sun/Mercury (applying conj. at 12 Capr) are sextile her p. Ascendant (12 Scorp 24) and applying trine her natal Ascendant (14 Virg 53). Remember, her p. Asc and n. Asc are completely different from the points most astrologers have been using.

What About the Transits? Again we needed the 2:18 a.m. chart to see things clearly.

Hillary Clinton, transits on Election Day, 8 Nov. 2016
Click to enlarge
  • The trans Sun/Hygiea conjunction (17 Scorp) is trine Hillary's Moon (19 Pisces 50), close and applying on Election Day. That better explains the Election Night configuration, since when you know Clinton's correct moon degree, it's clear that achieving the presidency is Clinton's longtime dream (Moon).
  • Transiting Pluto (15 Capr 29) trine HRC Asc (14 Vig 53) — She's got the Power! Note that as Pluto trines her Ascendant, it has been sesquiquadrate Trump's Ascendant (29 Leo 58). He has been unable to control himself or the parade of scandals that have marched out of his past.
  • Transiting Saturn (15 Sag 15) trine n. Mars (13 Leo 53)/Pluto (14 Leo 50) was already known, but if anyone was worried about Saturn not being in the 10th or 1st for someone running for such a high office, those fears might be allayed that "establishment" Saturn is good for Hillary in this position. Her lifelong efforts (Mars) to make a difference (Pluto) will now be backed by her in charge of the executive branch of government (Saturn).
  • Transiting Jupiter (12 Libr 49) trines her n. Midheaven (12 Gem 12)! Certainly this happens every six years or so, but to come on Election Day is a Good ThingTM.

Need Confirmation? Check the Inauguration

Hillary Clinton, progressed to Inaugural, 20 Jan. 2016
Click to enlarge

Similarly, the six-hour birth time change for Hillary doesn't effect her strong p. Moon figure at Inauguration Day. This 2:18 a.m. time gives us

  • p. Moon (13 Lib 36) sextile p. Pluto (14 Leo 27), and sextile p. Jupiter (15 Sag 41). Strong, fortunate, and applying.
  • p. Sun/Mercury has now completed (12 Capr 06/12 Capr 08). A milestone in her ability to communicate, e.g., as president?
  • p. Sun/Merc still applies sextile her p. Asc and trine her n. Asc. Yes, she will be communicating as the U.S. president and all the power that it entails!

Other stately indicators that Hillary is on track to become the top U.S. administrator:

  • p. Saturn (21 Leo 51) conjunct her progressed Midheaven (that will be there awhile), and
  • p. Saturn is well supported by sextile p. Orcus (21 Gem 32). She will have the authority (Saturn), but she also brings a new structure (Orcus), a new way of thinking about the presidency. Right, ladies?

Again, Do Transits Say the Same? Yes, there are indeed positive indicators for Hillary, although nothing we don't already see using a later birth time.

Hillary Clinton, transits on Inauguration Day, 20 Jan. 2016
Click to enlarge
  • Transiting North Node (3 Virg 55) sextile Hillary's Sun (2 Scor 04). Note this is applying: the public in general (Nodes) is in support of the new president (Sun). Certainly those who feared Trump will be mightily relieved, including a slew of Republicans.
  • Transiting Jupiter (22 Lib 42) opposite Eris (22 Aries 32)/Uranus (20 Aries 46) is in sextile/trine to Hillary's n. Saturn (21 Leo 17)/Haumea (20 Leo 09). The election of a woman as president will in itself transform (Haumea) the establishment (Saturn); with Jupiter and Uranus/Eris in such prime position, it looks promising that Clinton will go on to make even more positive (Jupiter), smart (Uranus) improvements for all Americans (Eris = inclusiveness).
  • Transiting Saturn (23 Sag 30) — which is sextile/trine that dramatic Jupiter/Eris/Uranus opposition — is also trine Hillary's n. Saturn/Haumea. In other words, three out of the four powerful gas giants are buttressing Clinton's Saturn/Haumea, which in itself is a powerful combo for anyone to have.

Hillary Clinton will "change the game" for women as president, but as this column is about Trump's (non)chances, suffice to say that if this newly corrected birthchart for Hillary seems to promise success, then Trump must be a loser. Don't you agree?

In any case, I hope we can all agree that we must

For more about the discovery of Hillary's actual birth certificate, see ISAR's Facebook Page later tonight. ISAR has promised to release a video interview of Mark Penfield on his search for Clinton's birth time, on Sunday evening, Oct. 9.

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