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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A Weekly 2016 Campaign Update
by Sue Kientz

First Buoy of Hope Deployed: 13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

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Installment Eight:
Trumpty Dumpty, About to Fall...

30 September 2016, 2 p.m. PDT

Any moment this weekend, polls taken since the Sept. 26 Presidential Debate will publish their results. For Trump supporters, this couldn't come at a worse time for their candidate.

Saddam's statue pulled down We may not appreciate it right now, but we are witnessing perhaps the most colossal failure of a public figure in modern times. Donald Trump is teetering on a precipice, and he's only still upright now because it takes a few days until his dismal Debate performance shows up in the more reliable, telephone-collected opinion polls. Trump has been able to pretend that he won the Sept. 26 debate against Hillary Clinton, even as so many news outlets and even his own campaign staff have contradicted that assessment.

The coming spectacle, which will certainly play out on TV, may only compare to the very public downfall of Saddam Hussein. I'm only talking about optics — the sight of Hussein's 39-ft. statue being pulled down in a public square, was highly symbolic, yet it got even better when the dictator was later found hiding in a hole in the ground. Now in Trump's case, we're talking about a Reality TV star. Somehow, in some way, Trump might top that!

Trumpty Dumpty, wants a big wall....

It's almost surreal — the nursery rhyme has come to life! The candidate who has focused so much on a wall, is now about to take a great fall. Trump followers and his loyal surrogates might say differently, but so many others agree with Nate Silver, who predicts this weekend polls will show Clinton pulling ahead.

So this week, I just want to show how Astrology can demonstrate this looming up ahead. This time the interesting view is in the transits, and I think you will agree that the assembling negativity is not only clear, but about to hit with both barrels.

Slow Mercury is speeding up and ready to square — Everything. Last week Mercury stationed in mid-Virgo and has been creeping back into gear slowly but surely. Mercury began squaring the edges of Trump's Sun stellium when it arrived at 17 Virgo Wednesday, as Trump bristled when he heard his own people suggest he did poorly in Monday's debate. The online polls (so easily warped by persistent supporters submitting multiple entries) still seemed close. Why shouldn't he believe his own eyes? But you can see how, framed in the dark red boxes, Mercury by Saturday will be squaring the heart of his natal Lunar Eclipse, first an elbow to his Moon, and next day, a left hook to his Sun. That is news that's gonna hurt!

Transiting Sun square Trump's Mercury. If Nate Silver is close to correct, the first poll results should arrive Saturday afternoon, when the transiting Sun gives Trump's Cancer Mercury a sharply pointed poke (bright green boxes). This heralds a day that one might really regret saying something, or maybe everything one said, like at a debate. Might we see him shimmy and waver on that precipice?

Next Week Should be Interesting, Too

If it looks bad on Saturday and Sunday, when Trump learns his poll numbers are sliding, and public opinion is fraying, what's next? We might easily guess. Just yesterday (Thursday), it was reported that his Trump Foundation is not registered to accept donations in the State of New York. And another story broke that Trump violated the law when his company representatives traveled to Cuba and spent money during the embargo.

Trump's surrogates are getting such a workout, trying to defend their boss, that campaign manager Kerryanne Conway accidentally tripped up and admitted on CNN that Trump in fact did spend money illegally in Cuba.

By Tuesday, there might be some governmental response to these two allegations. What might Tuesday bring?

Marker of Disaster, Vesta, bears down on his Venus. Mercury has moved on after wreaking its damage, but large asteroid Vesta has finally arrived conjunct Trump's Venus. You may have already noted how his natal Venus/Saturn has been besieged by

  • Sesquiquadrates from Saturn and Neptune: "I am being audited so I can't release my tax returns." Saturn is his fearful reluctance to reveal his tax returns, and Neptune is the lie he uses to avoid it; it's a lie as the IRS has confirmed he can release them during an audit.
  • Squares from Eris and Uranus: his trumpeting that Others (Eris) are out to destroy America (Uranus, representative of sudden attacks and a perversion of brotherhood)
  • A persistent semisquare from a very slow North Node: Trump's high negatives (nodes: public opinion)
How is Vesta so key? Because as I elaborate in this article on Vesta, when the second-largest Asteroid hits you personally, you are cleaning up the huge mess you just got yourself into.

That this all centers on Venus makes sense, as that's where Trump has issues: with his wealth (not releasing his tax returns), his history of bankruptcies, his frequent refusal to pay those who provided him services, as well as Venus as representative of women. His often insensitive and many times downright insulting comments about women is well represented by his Venus under such overwhelming fire.

Transiting Sun moves a few degrees, to semisquare Trump's Mars. Get into the root cellar! Or find a sturdy desk or table, because mid-week, Trump is going to blow a gasket.

Certainly this whets our appetite for what will follow, including the second debate on October 9th. Just a few days after the second debate, we will reach a date I mentioned in an earlier "Trump is Toast" piece, when transiting Mercury squares Mars for the third time in the last 2 months. Coming four days after the second matchup between Trump-Clinton, October 13th might be when additional poll results will wobble Mr. Trump's precarious footing a little more.

But again, despite any good outlook here or elsewhere, you must be sure to

Today's "Trump Is Toast" is dedicated to my father, Abraham A. Joseph, who would have been exactly 93 years old to the minute at the time this post was released (born 5 p.m. ET, Sept. 30, 1923). My dad Abe would have seen through a con man like Donald Trump, and if alive, would not only be voting for Hillary Clinton, but be working at his local polling place on Election Day. That said, Dad was also a fan of Joe Biden for president. He passed away in June 2001, blessedly missing out on experiencing September 11. Miss you, Dad.

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