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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A Weekly 2016 Campaign Update
by Sue Kientz

First Buoy of Hope Deployed: 13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

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Installment Seven:
Stop The Pixel Presses! The Debate May End This

25 September 2016, 10:45 a.m. PDT

We interrupt this series with Breaking News! The agony of the 2016 Election might effectively be over, within just a few days.

As we edge closer to the first Presidential Debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, the national and social media chatter is all about how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will match up. It's becoming clear that this is not just a contest between Democrat vs. Republican, Insider vs. Outsider, or between one who meticulously prepares and one who flies by the seat of his pants. This could be viewed as a much more fundamental contest:

Man versus Woman

This got me thinking, and so I scrapped the Trump slices that were crisping nicely in the toaster to instead address the pivotal moment coming over the horizon, Monday's Presidential Showdown, the First Debate.

Clinton versus Trump, Woman versus Man, Moon versus Sun! If we go for this premise, in this moment of time on Monday night, we might just look at how the Libra Sun, all cozy near Jupiter and Makemake, is taking on a Leo Moon, as representative of Donald Trump (Sun) and Hillary Clinton (Moon).

  • Moon semisquare Sun. How apt can you get? This razor close aspect is what it's all about: grating irritability, dislike, and disgust expressed on both sides, one for the other.
  • Libra Sun with Crazy Friends. Trump is well described by the Sun in close proximity with Jupiter and Makemake. Natally he's a textbook case of Sun trine Jupiter, grandiose show and excess. Plus, what are we so often remarking about but his unpredictability (Makemake) and downright crazy talk (Makemake again). If you checked out Trump's progression wheel for the convention, included in my Trump election chances analysis in April, you saw his p. Moon conjunct p. Makemake. That's still within range now, as the erratic and oddball nature of his campaign demonstrates every day.
  • Leo Moon has to fight! The woman figure we have here, who has done so much during her public life for children (Leo), someone not adverse to the front-and-center stage (Leo), is faced with the fight of her life (Moon opposite Pallas; click for full wheel). Again, in my Clinton article from March, we saw the near-perfect super sextile star of the major asteroids around Hillary's Scorpio sun, which included Sun (2 Scor 18) trine Pallas (28 Aq 28). Pallas is named for warrior goddess Pallas Athena, and both she and Hillary are natural fighters, specifically for righteous causes. In addition, all the way from her advisory involvement in killing Bin Laden, right up to debate night, Clinton's p. Mars (7 Virg 26) has been and is still opposite p. Pallas (8 Pisc 31).
    She is ready to RUMMMMMBLE!!!!!
Snippet of First Presidential Debate, Sept. 26, 2016
Click for full wheel

The Old Convention Chart Held the Clue

You see, yesterday when I should have been finishing up the article I planned for this week, I began to wonder about all the hoopla being generated by the upcoming debate. So I checked that 1854 First Republican Convention chart's Secondary Progression to see if it indicated any imminent major development. Even though that grand progression didn't appeal to everyone (OK just one guy complained on Facebook), you have to admit the article had a lot of supporting examples to defend the idea that it could serve as a useful "Republican Party" originating chart.

Progressing the GOP's first convention to Monday's debate, here's what turned my head around:

Lo and behold, there's a T-square forming of p. Moon opposite p. Pluto, bisected by p. Salacia. If you recall this plog's Salacia definition, that 900-km rock is a great marker for when to speak and when you should just shut up. The Republican candidate can't do the latter very well, and so with the GOP's chart showing a tense figure like that, there's reason to hope that Trump's performance will be highly uneven.

Now, to return to the September 26th debate chart, if it looks like such a defining moment, how about using it like a "mid-level milestone" as I've proposed, and progressing it? What does that chart show if you progress it to Election Night, for example?

Looks like the fight gives the Moon Figure, Hillary, some knock-out power (sextile p. Haumea), as well as ease with bending the rules her way (trine p. Ixion). The Sun Figure, orange-haired Trump, is moving away from all the goodies (separating from p. Jupiter, etc.), with no helping hand on the horizon to lift him to victory. Returning to the Moon, can't you see things are just about to get even better?

If you see something coming "even better" than the election, what else do you look at but the Inauguration?

By Inauguration, that p. Moon from the First Debate is enjoying center stage, trine p. Uranus/Eris, trine p. Ixion (and soon p. Quaoar), and still closely sextile p. Haumea. The fight is over, with the separating opposition to p. Pallas, but the heavy responsibilities are not absent either, with the upcoming square to p. Sedna a few months later. ISIS, improving the ecomomy, addressing the concerns with police shootings, fighting lone-wolf domestic attacks — all these and more will be on her shoulders. But with the many lines of support apparent, there's reason to hope our new president can make headway on these problems.

In sum, the First Debate chart has an internal timing that points to an election win. That the winner is Hillary, we're assuming by assigning her to the Moon and Trump the Sun. It's tempting considering all the polarized elements in this contest, but perhaps not foolproof.

What about the Democratic Party chart?

If we want some more verification, and we've just used the First Republican Convention chart again to look at the debate, how about using the First Democratic Convention chart, too?

That's right, on the other side of the aisle, you can track the Democrats using their first convention chart. You can't use just the GOP first convention and progress it every which way, and not make sure the Democrats' first official meeting chart doesn't work comparably. If the Republican Party chart progresses to a troubling T-square for the Monday Debate, a valid Democratic Party chart just might indicate something good. First, here is the originating event:

Secondary Progression works like gangbusters with this chart, which you'll see examples of in a minute, but let's just leap forward to the Sept. 26th Debate:

Doesn't this look just like the Debate, progressed to the Election? In fact, I only slightly reworked the very same boxes to highlight the incredible Moon figure, a veritable sextile star, this time complete! By Jupiter, I think the Democrat is going to win.

If you're wondering about the p. Sun opp. p. Mars about 15 months past, I wondered about that, too. When you throw progression into reverse and line that up, the 1st Dem Convention's p. Sun (28 Scor 25) opp. p. Mars (28 Tau 17) is close to that exact opposition when Trump entered the Presidential Race on June 16, 2015. And as we now know, the T in Trump was for Trouble!

And Now for the Facts, Ma'am

While these are promising indicators for Hillary's success, I'm mindful that I haven't necessarily sold you on the validity of that First Democratic Convention chart. So just as I offered in my defense of the First Republican Convention chart, here are the key milestones that the First Democratic Convention chart must progress to, those that specifically impacted Democrats or Democratic presidents:

Event Date Progressed from 5/21/1832 Commentary
1968 Chicago Democratic Convention Riot Aug. 28, 1968 p. Sun (11 Libr 38) opp. p. Pluto (10 Aries 40)

p. Moon (15 Aq 10) conj. p. Uranus (14 Aq 46)

p. Jupiter (21 Pisc 18) opp. p. Saturn (21 Virg 17)

Any chart that presumes to represent the Democratic Party needs to show a shitstorm corresponding to the 1968 Convention. And here it is.
Iran Hostage Crisis Begins. Democrat Jimmy Carter is president Nov. 4, 1979 p. Sun (22 Libr 43) sesqui. p. Mars (7 Gem 22) This sinks the Carter presidency, although there were many moments of ill-fortune during his term, e.g., at the Three-Mile Island nuclear accident, p. Sun (22 Libr 07) sesqui. p. Mars (7 Gem 23).
Camp David Accord Sept. 17, 1978 p. Sun (21 Libr 35) trine p. Eris (21 Aq 30)/p. Haumea (21 Aq 58) One of the few bright spots for Democrat president Carter. He managed to broker a deal between two vastly different communities (Eris) who were bent on destroying one another (Haumea)
Obama Elected Nov. 4, 2008 p. Sun (21 Scorp 45) trine p. Sedna (23 Pisc 26)

p. Sun (21 Scorp 45) square p. Eris (21 Aq 25)/p. Haumea (21 Aq 54)

While many felt the election of the first African-American president would go far to distance the country from its part association with racial prejudice (slavery = Sedna), in many ways race relations deteriorated, with accusations that Obama was a secret Muslim and not even born in the U.S., which a ridiculously significant number of Americans (aka Republicans) accepted as truth.
Affordable Care Act Signed Mar. 23, 2010 p. Sun (23 Scorp 08) trine p. Sedna (23 Pisc 26) The law nicknamed "Obamacare" made healthcare insurance available to millions, including those previously uninsurable due to pre-existing conditions. Sedna represents suffering, and so Sun trine Sedna well exemplifies alleviation of pain and illness.

How Do those Moon/Haumea Contacts Affect Democrats?

Just as I demonstrated using the First Republican Convention, we can take the 1832 Democratic Convention chart and see the power of p. Moon/p. Haumea, i.e., how the fourth-largest Dwarf planet you probably aren't even using, signals terrible or sweeping change:

Andrew Jackson Begins 2nd Term. The first Democrat president
clears Native Americans from their lands
May 6, 1833 p. Moon (25 Aq 58) conj. p. Haumea (24 Aq 22) conj. p. Eris (23 Aq 01)
Lincoln becomes GOP Nominee (bad for
southern Democrats who wanted to keep their slaves)
May 18, 1860 p. Moon (25 Aq 00) conj. p. Haumea (24 Aq 14) conj. p. Eris (23 Aq 00)
Bayonet Constitution. Hawaii forced to become territory,
during Democrat Grover Cleveland's presidency
July 6, 1887 p. Moon (23 Aq 36) conj. p. Haumea (23 Aq 49) conj. p. Eris (22 Aq 43)
World War I begins. Dem Woodrow Wilson is president July 28, 1914 p. Moon (21 Aq 19) conj. p. Haumea (23 Aq 13) conj. p. Eris (22 Aq 19)
Attack on Pearl Harbor. Dem FDR is president Dec. 7, 1941 p. Moon (22 Aq 19) conj. p. Haumea (22 Aq 35) conj. p. Eris (21 Aq 54)
Khobar Towers Bombing kills 19 servicemen in Saudia Arabia.
Dem Bill Clinton is president
June 25, 1996 p. Moon (20 Aq 54) conj. p. Haumea (21 Aq 53) conj. p. Eris (21 Aq 25)
Nixon becomes president. Just two months later,
Eisenhower dies, at exact p. Moon/Haumea (22 Aq 07/22 Aq 05)
Jan. 20, 1969 p. Moon (19 Aq 55) conj. p. Haumea (22 Aq 05) conj. p. Eris (21 Aq 34)

One difference for the Democrats, is their lessons in sweeping change (Haumea), so often involves Others (Eris), those with whom we don't commonly identify. As for the Nixon Moon/Haumea, his paranoia was such that he regarded so many as "Others," and spied on them or had others keep track of them.

As of this writing, polls show the presidential contest to be neck-and-neck. The Monday Sept. 26 Debate, however, looks to be a defining moment for this race. While voter surveys might not drastically change immediately, expect to see the gap between these two combatants widening from here on out.

But remember, despite the good outloook, don't be complacent —

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