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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A Weekly 2016 Campaign Update
by Sue Kientz

First Buoy of Hope Deployed: 13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

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Installment Six:
Mid-Level Milestone in Progression: Trump's David Duke Amnesia

17 September 2016, 3:26 p.m. PDT

Last week we looked at Trump from the perspective of the start of the Republican Party. We treated the early convention of 1854 in Jackson, Michigan, as if it were the "start of business" for Republicans, and then progressed the chart forward like you would do for a company or the founding of a country. I pointed out that while you might disagree with using the 1854 meeting chart as the very beginning of the GOP, preferring the 1856 Philadelphia convention chart instead, both should work. That's because both are Republican Party milestones, and both lead us forward, to here.

One thing leads to another. Some of you have doubtless experienced the unsettling confusion of marching upstairs (or to your living room, kitchen, garage), and then forgetting why you are there. Unless you suffer from Alzheimer's disease, you eventually recall what you wanted, but I bring this up to emphasize how we live lives where one thing leads to another. If you trudged upstairs, you did so for a reason.

Anything we do, is because something happened previously: we had an idea, someone told us something, we saw a show on TV, got an email, our mother screamed "clean this up!" — stimuli happen externally or internally, and we react or decide to act. No one mindlessly jumps on a plane to Barcelona for no reason. There's someone you know in Barcelona or you got a job there or something someone told you or some dream you had, led you to Spain.

Because we live lives of connection and reaction, whether emotionally or logically driven, Astrology can show what happened in the past and what is coming up. Everything is related, and you can see that when you trace back the order of events that brought you to a certain success or failure. Those "links in the chain" you can recall on your way to where you are now, are comparable to the orderly steps we see in the planetary pattern. If you're born at Sun square Saturn, in around 30 years, you're due for the progressed sextile or trine angle between Sun/Saturn. The celestial pattern runs concurrently with our life events, and uncannily matches up, so we can look ahead at our lives by pushing the math of the planet pattern forward (or back).

It can be hard to see that relationship, if you make decisions or go places intending one thing, and something different happens that you didn't anticipate. Let's say you feel strongly about visiting New York, and while there, a stranger you meet becomes a vital contact for your career. You might not have consciously known that might happen, but your astrologer could see it, perhaps Jupiter crossing your mid-heaven or another fortunate, imminent marker. The other person in NY was in the right place to help, and his or her chart could show corresponding cues.

This is how significant life milestones show the same thing that birth, founding, incorporation, and wedding charts so finely show. Our important moments all are connected backwards and forwards to all the other events that came before and will come. One thing keeps leading to the next, and on and on.

So this week we will begin looking at some middle-level milestones on Trump's death march to Election Day. I collected these dates a few months ago when I noticed that his worst gaffes or other key points, like clinching the delegate count, progressed to some very sorry-looking perfections, come November 8th. Each milestone's progression showed tightened-up squares, oppositions, or other challenging figures, or the progressed Moon settled into a disturbing square. It made me wonder if one could see the other mid-milestones, in neighboring milestone charts. For example, using the chart of when Donald Trump insisted he didn't know who David Duke was or what White Supremacists are, can progressing that chart show you that the next month he'd get in hot water for suggesting that, if Roe vs Wade were repealed, women who get abortions should be punished? Could you push that event progression a little farther, and see Trump calling an American-born judge, a Mexican? Could you rewind progression and see his escalator announcement that he is running for president? How much detail is possible?

Various transits also coincide with and well describe these crazy high points of the campaign (high or low depends on your party affiliation). But you will be amazed and your jaw will drop to see progression work so well, which is only possible if you include the mid-sized objects in our solar system: the large Dwarf planets (700km+ diameter in size) and large Asteroids (~500km diameter). Only then is progression's elegant picture complete and in focus.

"Do You Denounce David Duke?" February 28, 2016

Snippet of Trump refusing to denounce David Duke
Click for full wheel

There are so many, many remarkable statements Donald Trump has made. But I knew I had the right collection when Stephen Colbert on his Late Show rattled off a list almost identical to mine. These are the Big Ones, the statements that got Paul Ryan to spit out his coffee, grab his phone, and call RNC chair Reince Priebus.

The one we'll examine this week is when, appearing by video feed on CNN, Trump was asked if he denounces the endorsement of former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, and white supremacists in general. Trump insisted he did not know Duke or even what a White Supremacist is. This exchange came a day before a slew of southern state primaries, and looked to be a ploy to get support from extremist right-wing voters.

Of course, Trump vehemently denied he purposely misled anyone. He "couldn't hear" the question well. Luckily we don't have to "hear" the chart of that day; we can see it.

  • Sun (9 Pisc 25) conj. Neptune (9 Pisc 28). How many markers of deception can you get?? I want to scream "Say no MORE!" — but there's more.
  • Sun sextile 2002 TC302, a Dwarf Planet very resonant with Neptune. For every 5 orbits of Neptune, TC orbits the sun twice. TC could be called "Neptunette." So not only do we have Sun/NEPTUNE, in PISCES, we have TC (Neptunette) also in a supporting sextile. Confused? Of course you are!
  • Sun/Neptune was trine Trump's Mercury (8 Canc 51). So you have more Neptunian shenanigans. Trump's communication skills (Merc) are working just fine (trine), just in stealth mode (Neptune/Pisces).
  • Transiting Mercury (20 Aq 38) was sextile Trumpís Moon (21 Sag 12) and trine his Sun (22 Gem 55). He can't hear? Really?? I would say that if you have transiting Mercury in easy opposition to your natal full moon, you'd be hearing others and/or expressing yourself better than any other time of the year.
  • Transiting Uranus (18 Aries 13) was sextile Trump's natal Uranus (17 Gem 53). Had to throw this in here. To me, at such a milestone as Uranus sext. natal Uranus, you would probably feel pretty darn clever.

There were some outright negatives present:

  • Sun/Neptune was sesquiquadrate Trump's Venus (25 Canc 44) and Saturn (23 Canc 48). Due to this incident, his values (Venus) and his Conservatism (Saturn) were repeatedly questioned.
  • Asteroid Vesta (26 Aries 33) was square Trump's Venus, as well as trine Trump's Mars (26 Leo 46). While he had to work (Vesta) to clean up this mess with moderates (Venus), his statement was certainly red meat for those supremacists (Mars).
  • Moon (13 Scorp 10) square asteroid Pallas (13 Aq 02). Pallas ideally represents the "fight for right," but for those with Pallas not-so-nicely placed, they think they fight for right, but are dead wrong. The classic example are terrorists, whether inspired by a twisted version of Islam (Bin Laden: Sun conj. Pallas), or beliefs supposedly Christian yet they lead to bombing abortion clinics. The immediate reaction to Trump's waffling was he was hoping to capture votes of those who insist white people are suppressed and need to fight back against other minority groups. To them, "Make America Great Again" means Make America White Again.

Lastly, tiny but bright Dwarf 2002 TX300 (28 Aries 16), found in the charts of journalists and broadcasters, was trine Trump's Mars and Ascendant (29 Leo 58). Meaning, the whole blow-up made for great TV. Trump himself has said, "All publicity is GOOD publicity," although he just might prove that truism wrong in the final analysis.

Testing Milestone Importance

So the "David Duke Amnesia" chart well describes the incident. Might this moment be so key, that we could consider it a milestone, and try progressing it forward (and back) in time?

EventDateProgressed from David Duke CommentCommentary
Opines that women who get abortions should be punished, if Roe vs. Wade overturned 3-30-16 p. SUN (9 Pisces 28) CONJ p. Neptune (9 Pisces 28)

p. Moon (13 Scorpio 40) SESQ p. Salacia (28 Pisces 42)

p. Moon (13 Scorpio 40) SQ p. Venus (14 Aquarius 06)

Sun/Neptune: Now Trump is confused and somewhat hoodwinked, as in progression, the Sun/Neptune conjunction becomes exact. Interviewer Chris Matthews asks a provocative question, and Trump steps into the trap. The businessman shows he is completely oblivious to Republican mores or common sense.

Moon/Salacia: Don't Say That! Salacia again proves it has something to do with holding back your opinion or being careful to speak at the right time.

Moon/Venus: This applying square foreshadows Trump spiraling down in polls with Women.

Trump clinches delegate count

One day later, calls American judge a Mexican

Three days later, calls press corps dishonest, sleazy


p. Moon (16 Scorpio 04) SEXTILE p. Pluto (16 CAPRICORN 52)

p. Moon Semi-square p. M (2 LIBRA 17)

p. Moon SQ p. Venus (14 Aquarius 24)

Moon/Pluto: Trump has the nomination almost assured, which gives him power and stature (sextile Pluto)

Moon/Makemake: Very next day, he complains at length about the Trump U lawsuit, claiming the judge is unfair because he's Mexican, even after learning judge is born in Illinois. He can't seem to see his behavior as shocking and self-defeating (Makemake shakes things up).

Moon/Venus: While announcing $6M donation raised for Veterans, attacks reporters in highly personal terms for previously questioning when donation would be made. Insists press is "dishonest." The positive financial gesture (Venus) turns sour (Moon square).

Accepts Nomination 7-21-16

p. Moon (17 Scorpio 51) Semi-square p. M (2 LIBRA 17)

Moon/Makemake: Convention highly erratic and unusual. No past presidents attending, only one past nominee (Dole) present, many top Republicans refusing to attend, endorse, or support.

Odd speakers, one an underwear model, another the actor who played "Chachi" from Happy Days. Crowd urged on to chant "LOCK HER UP!" regarding opponent Clinton. (In Trump's personal progression, coincides with p. Moon conj. p. Makemake.)

Refuses to endorse Paul Ryan 8-2-16

p. Moon (18 Scorpio 15) Quincunx p. Uranus (18 ARIES 14)

No spirit of brotherhood for Speaker Ryan, a top Republican leader (Uranus: friendship and associations); rather Trump feigns being ďnot readyĒ to endorse, in revenge (quincunx) for Ryanís delayed endorsement of him.

Trump moves ahead in the polls 9-6-16

p. Moon (19 Scorpio 23) SEXTILE p. Jupiter (19 Virgo 23)

Sure, this is only progressing from a mid-level milestone, but isnít he peaking too early?

Letís try some dates in the past, which means running progression backwards (regressing)

2011 White House Correspondents Dinner 4-30-11

r. Moon (15 Virgo 41) SQUARE r. SATURN (15 Sagittarius 37)

Trump attends the dinner, only to be ridiculed by the comic host and Obama himself. His birther claims are blown apart as Obamaís long-form birth certificate is not only displayed on large monitors, but it flashes and pulses tauntingly.

To top it off, two days later, the end of Trumpís season finale of Celebrity Apprentice is preempted so Obama can announce that his administration has found and killed Osama bin Laden. Oh, Snap!

Trump announces his run for president 6-16-15

r. Moon (4 Scorpio 50) Semi-square r. Jupiter (19 Virgo 32)

Trump glides down an escalator into the lobby of glitzy Trump Tower, but only minutes later he claims that illegal immigration is the scourge of America, calling Mexicans rapists, murderers, and so on. His rhetoric is over-the-top; the whole scene a paean to the excesses of Jupiter. He is roundly ridiculed (Jupiter) and dismissed as a serious candidate.

Just think: at r. Moon semi-square Jupiter, Trump is a clown. Then one thing leads to another, and at p. Moon sextile Jupiter, Trump is leading in the polls. How finely tuned was the moment that Trump stepped into the David Duke pile of poop, and spoke?

The Main Event: Election Day, November 8, 2016

Snippet of Trump refusing to denounce David Duke, progressed to Election 2016
Click for full wheel

Time to get to the point. Where does the David Duke Flap eventually lead Trump? To victory or ignominy?

  • p. Moon (21 Scorp 27) square p. Mercury (21 Aq 43). What he said mattered, and it appears Trump's words (Mercury) will sink him (Moon square).
  • p. Moon sextile p. North Node (21 Virg 50). And there will be much rejoicing! (North Node = the general public)
  • p. Mars (27 Scorp 45) quincunx p. Vesta (26 Aries 50). Where will that anger go, which Trump stoked, against immigrants, the establishment, against the press? With Mars in Scorpio and Vesta in Mars' sign Aries, there looks to be a troubling aftermath to this election.
  • p. Sun (10 Pisc 06) semi-square p. Vesta, applying. Trump's reputation will be tarnished. He will find it hard to pick up the pieces of the mess he is left with. Since this is a semi-square, the devastation can be managed. Certainly it will all make a "fantastic" TV movie.

Next week, we'll check out the progression magic from another Trump trip-up, and watch it lead us to the Election finish line — you know, that day you will

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