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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A Weekly 2016 Campaign Update
by Sue Kientz

First Buoy of Hope Deployed: 13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

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Installment Five:
The First Republican Convention: I Can See Trump from Here

10 September 2016, 1 p.m. PDT

Everyone using professional-grade Astrology knows that people’s lives can be tracked from birth using transits and progression. Many also predict the success of marriages from the wedding day, the rise and fall of companies from incorporation day or first opening for business, and the epic fate of countries from their independence or founding days. In the example of countries, Secondary Progression is expected to “work” over hundreds of years, and no one blinks an eye. Makes you wonder, what makes a chart “progressible”? How important does that chart have to be, and why does Secondary Progression (or transits for that matter), “work” to show you future trials or success?

I ask that because I suspect quite a few would assume that “life” makes progression work. The incarnation of a creature, the first breath, is so significant (and it is), that the huge celestial masses in the solar system mirror a pattern of relevant meaning for us and our future path through the “social systems” here on Earth. But there is no “first breath” when one establishes a company, a business, or a country. I think it’s something else. Let me propose that all these are Milestones — birth, marriage, starting a business, founding a country — all points of demarcation, course-change. We emerge out of our mothers at a time that we, even if only infants, feel “right,” and certainly with our mothers' help. The hormones flow, as something in both mother and child kicks that off. Sometimes the doctor says, we have to do a C-section, and so the doctor and hospital staff participate in the birth timing. No one is born alone.

Couples decide to get married by all agreeing on a date, finding a hall, making sure key people can attend. Even if you elope, someone must agree to marry you. The same is true whether it's companies and countries: agreement is required, and people interact to find that moment when things Begin. Something gets the ball rolling. I think we align with the Right Time. We check how we “feel” — does it feel right? are we ready? — and when things come together, that is when we manage to align with a pattern that is set “out there.” Nothing short of a stray star passing by can perturb the motion of the planets. That pattern is not changing any century soon. Instead, we rather – with others assisting – find our notch, and then things just go from there. You could argue that all human achievement is a function of the community. It's only together that we keep time with the heavens.

Snippet of First Republican Convention, July 6, 1854
Click for full wheel

Today we’re going to examine the moment a group of people decided to start a new political party in the United States. The day was July 6, 1854, when about 10,000 people met in Jackson, Michigan, to attend what some consider to be the first convention of the Republican party.

Perhaps you might not agree with the date I’m using. You could argue that the June 17, 1856, convention in Philadelphiaiis more official, and certainly that date could be used. However, this earlier meeting was no less instrumental to garner interest and momentum for the new party, and so just as valid. Just take a look at this date, which had some lovely, balanced figures: Sun (14 Canc 14) sextile Uranus (15 Tau 47), and trine Neptune (15 Pisc 52). Here were some idealists, some deep thinkers, and not thinking of merely their own interests. The participants appear to be pragmatists (Uranus in Taurus), along with being caring (Sun in Cancer) and able to imagine (Neptune in its sign) how wrong Slavery in America was, because that was the main reason this party formed.

But back to the issue of whether this really should be THE date to use for the Republican Party. I propose that a milestone is just what it sounds like: a point on the road. If milestones work, then each milestone on the way of any endeavor, has to point to the same success/failure points up ahead (and behind). The people who got together in 1854 felt good about that day, and that led to the next, larger meeting. So we’ll use the earlier date as the beginning of the Republican Party, to eventually look at where we are today.

The Proof is in the Progression

I don’t expect you to just believe me, that July 6, 1854 is a Grand Old Date. We should test any Originating Milestone when trying to analyze an enterprise. Since the Republican Party was founded as a reaction to the possible spread of slavery into the Kansas-Missouri territory, you’d expect that important events in the Civil War would be seen in its progressed chart. Let’s pick a few dates and see if the pattern shows us what we would expect to find for such a well-documented period in U.S. History.

Snippet of First Republican Convention, progressed to Emancipation Proclamation
Click for full wheel

Emancipation Proclamation. For the day Lincoln liberated the slaves, we must see some grand configuration, progressing the 1854 Convention to January 1, 1863. Click image to view complete chart, and note how progressed Sun (22 Canc 20) sextiles p. Vesta (22 Virgo 30), the largest asteroid. The President (Sun) fully supports Those in Servitude (Vesta in Virgo). This Sun opposes p. Jupiter (22 Capr 39); sensitive, plain-talking Lincoln (symbolized by Sun in Cancer), reaches out in generosity (Jupiter), officially (Capricorn), to declare black slaves are free. Not "should be freed," but free.

Note p. Moon (0 Aries 20) closely sextile p. North Node (29 Tau 54). Masses of people will rejoice, not just at the time, but throughout Time. Dwarf Planet Salacia (0 Leo 20), representative of carefully choosing when to speak, reluctant to criticize or praise until the very right time, is exactly trine p. Moon. This was the time to Proclaim the Emancipation. If you’re unfamiliar or uncertain about sizeable Salacia (900 km diameter), hold on as it makes an encore appearance in a minute. (You can also reference this article on Salacia.)

Lincoln Shot. Push progression forward a little bit to April 15, 1865, when Abraham Lincoln died an hour after dawn, and you have p. Sun (24 Canc 41) opposite p. Pallas (24 Capr 24). He was a wartime president, and asteroid Pallas represents the Fight for Right. (Natally, Lincoln had Sun conjunct Pallas.) Just days before his assassination, he got word of the Surrender at Appomattox on April 9, at p. Sun (24 Canc 30) opp. p. Pallas (24 Capr 25). So he was victorious, and yet this opposition sadly mirrors the cowardly attack at Ford’s Theater.

Progressed Moon (0 Tau 19) semi-squares p. Neptune (15 Pisc 44), confirming this is the moment the first Republican President is ambushed while enjoying a play (Neptune as sneak attack and the subsequent confusion of the public). Again, progressed moon has inched into the next sign, and now it squares p. Salacia (0 Leo 23). Lincoln’s advocacy for the freed slaves is silenced. The U.S. is left with southern Democrat Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s vice president, to enact reconstruction.

And yet we need to expect something good here. The union was saved; the beginning of the end of slavery is at hand. That is there, but only if you include your Dwarf Planets. Progressed Sun is also trine p. Edison (24 Pisc 38), that marker of new starts, new paths, and getting on the right track. Don’t believe me? Here’s the perfection of that trine: May 29, 1865, p. Sun (24 Canc 38) trine p. Edison (24 Pisc 38). President Andrew Johnson on that day pardoned all the rebels, and restored their confiscated lands, except for one thing: they could not get back their slaves.

More Progression Confirmation

Hopefully this start to our progression analysis seems promising enough that I can just list milestones that have to be there, have to show definitive good or bad, related to what committed members of the Republican Party would feel. Certainly we must see something dramatic on these dates:

Event Date Progressed from 7/6/1854 Commentary
Stock Market Crash Oct. 22, 1929 p. Sun (26 Virg 42) opp. p. Sedna (27 Pisc 47)

p. Moon (29 Leo 59) opp. p. Makemake (29 Aq 02)

Kicks off the great depression. Republicans were in charge and bungled the crisis. Democrat FDR slowly turned things around, but Republicans couldn't regain the presidency for 20 years. Sedna denotes suffering, need for patience when in hard aspect; Makemake surprises, shocks, gives mental angst leading to crazy behavior (such as stock brokers jumping out of windows)
Sen. McCarthy Censured Dec 2, 1954 p. Merc (11 Virg 57) sesqui. p. Sedna (27 Pisc 38)

p. Mars (3 Sag 07) square p. Eris (3 Pisc 29)

The Republican senator from Minnesota falls from power, hard. McCarthy aggressively accused (Mars) so many of being Communist (Eris = Other; at the time, Communists were the feared "Others"). After he was exposed, he turned to alcohol (Sedna) and died three years later. Mercury is involved because this wasn’t the president (Sun symbol), but an agent (Mercury) of the people.
Nixon Resigns Aug. 8, 1974 p. Sun (11 Scorp 05) sesqui. p. Sedna (27 Pisc 32)

p. Merc (3 Sag 39) square p. Eris (3 Pisc 21)

Now you have the fall from grace and resulting ignominy (Sedna) happen to the president (Sun). Nixon also spoke (Merc) recklessly and contemptibly (square) about so many Others (Eris), whether the opposition Democrats, black Americans, LGBT, Jews, and so on, revealed in the tapes recorded in his office.
Berlin Wall Falls Nov. 9, 1989 p. Sun (26 Scorp 27)/p. Vesta (26 Scorp 17)
trine p. Sedna (27 Pisc 29)
All the hard work (Vesta) of many Americans, ramped up by Republican President Reagan just years earlier, against the oppressive grip the Soviets had over their satellite countries — that persistent determination and devotion to purpose (Sedna) paid off, as East Germans flooded through the open barriers into the free West.
9-11 Terror Attacks Sept. 11, 2001 p. Merc (19 Scorp 29) sesqui. p. Haumea (4 Aries 18) Minions (Mercury) of Osama Bin Laden flew planes of civilians into the two World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, while a fourth plane was crashed in Pennsylvania. The destruction (Haumea) was enormous, and one day changed so many facets of Americans’ everyday lives (Haumea = vast change). Republican President Bush was only in office less than 9 months when the disaster occurred.

Understand the Power of Haumea

Still using the 1854 Republican Convention chart, see how apt each transit of p. Moon/p. Haumea is, if indeed the third-largest Dwarf planet signals terrible or sweeping change:

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dropped Aug. 6, 1945 p. Moon (5 Aries 49) conj. p. Haumea (5 Aries 23)
Nixon Re-elected Nov. 8, 1972 p. Moon (4 Aries 50) conj. p. Haumea (4 Aries 43)
Spanish Flu Emerges Mar. 11, 1918 p. Moon (5 Aries 44) conj. p. Haumea (6 Aries 06)
Wounded Knee Massacre Dec. 29, 1890 p. Moon (8 Aries 48) conj. p. Haumea (6 Aries 39)
Battle of Gettysburg July 1, 1863 p. Moon (7 Aries 03) conj. p. Haumea (6 Aries 55)
End of Battle of Alamo March 2, 1836 p. Moon (6 Aries 40) conj. p. Haumea (6 Aries 48)
Victory at Yorktown/
Colonies win Revolutionary War
Oct. 19, 1781 p. Moon (7 Aries 55)/ p. Merc (7 Aries 40)/ p. Haumea (5 Aries 32)

Hopefully you realize how bloody the Gettysburg battle was, no one was left alive at the Alamo, and how disastrous for Republicans Nixon’s reelection proved, once his involvement in the Watergate cover-up came to light. Haumea packs a wallop. Do you see how you might be missing the power in these dates, if you didn’t know Haumea was hovering around 4-7 degrees of Aries?

Welcome to the 21st Century

Yes, the ball is still rolling for the Republican Party, and we can still track them using Astrology and that nifty trick, Secondary Progression. We could have used Transits, but isn’t S.P. somewhat elegant? Like the opening of a flower, the pattern unfolds. Many wonder why it even works. If you think about how Sec. Progression is just a portion of the transiting pattern, 1 day of Transits = 1 year for Secondary Progression, you might recognize that as a fractal pattern. Fractals are seen where a portion of something resembles the whole thing – like a tree branch resembles the whole tree it’s from, and a floweret of broccoli looks like the entire broccoli. Fractals are all over the place. You might even say that a planetary system like Jupiter and its many moons looks like a miniature solar system, which itself generally resembles a miniature galaxy! And going small, electrons orbiting atoms are a mini-mini-mini solar system in general shape. Fractals are natural and everywhere, and we humans haven’t missed belonging to this hierarchy. We group ourselves in little social systems that reflect one level up, the solar system, not in Shape, but in our Timing.

Snippet of First Republican Convention, progressed to Hurricane Katrina
Click for full wheel

To orient ourselves, a recent crisis point for Republicans came in 2005, when a natural disaster was considered mishandled by Republican President George W. Bush.

Hurricane Katrina. Here’s another full wheel so you can get your bearings on where we have come; also the Sun is significantly under fire here, which you might want to see for yourself. First and foremost you have p. Sun (12 Sag 27) opp. p. Saturn (12 Gem 22), as the flood barriers (Saturn) failed, as well as the local and federal government response (also Saturn). Sun is also square p. Neptune (13 Pisc 11) and semi-square Jupiter (27 Capr 01), both very apt for a hurricane, with the flooding (Neptune) and high winds (Jupiter).

McCain Loses 2008 Election. Roughly three years later, p. Mars (13 Capr 29) semi-squares p. Makemake (28 Aq 37). The choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was exciting and game-changing (both Makemake), but she was also unpredictable and the campaign stumbled (Mars).

Romney 47% Remark. A little further down the lane and into the second decade of the new century, on Sept. 17, 2012, Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney’s remarks made at a private fundraiser, became public when a tape of it was released. At the time, the 1854 Republican Convention chart had unwound to this grand conjunction: p. Sun (19 Sag 27)/p. Varuna (19 Sag 29)/p. Venus (19 Sag 15). The candidate was a rich (Venus) businessman, and he said something he should not have (Varuna, create/change with Words). The reversal of fortune was so stunning, Astrology wanted to make sure we saw it, and added p. Merc (29 Scorp 36) square p. Makemake (28 Aq 40) — shocking and upsetting (Makemake) statement (Mercury).

All This, Just to Get to Trump?

I know, I know, but you needed to see how it works! But yes, here we are finally getting to the point. Does it look like Republicans are going to get a break now with Donald Trump, or are they looking at another big Fail?

Trump Announces Presidential Run. If you thought the p. Sun/Venus at Romney was tight, think again. Trump is richer, and so the Sun/Venus conjunction is in a lip-lock on June 16, 2015, when he throws his hat down the escalator: p. Sun (22 Sag 24)/p. Venus (22 Sag 42) square p. Edison (22 Pisc 46). Remember Edison? It’s a good start, something that’s not really ready but someone has just changed course, trying a new track. That could be said of Trump, who has never held elected office. Sun/Venus square Edison indeed – rich and yet, not even bush-league in public-service experience.

To boot, Trump’s first speech singles out a minority group in a most derogatory way. Should we be surprised that p. Merc (3 Sag 11) is square p. Eris (3 Pisc 23) again? Recall McCarthy, calling people Communists? This time, we hear Mexicans are rapists, murderers… oh, and some, Trump assumes, are good people. Trash talk (Mercury) against Others (Eris) who are different from oneself.

Trump Refuses to Denounce David Duke. Here’s another zinger, another egg that Trump laid on his path to the nomination. On Feb. 28, 2016, he pretends he doesn’t know what White Supremacists are, or who this “David Duke” guy is, so he can’t denounce them. Mercury (4 Sag 09) exactly semi-squares p. Mars (19 Capr 09), while still in range of square p. Eris (3 Pisc 23). Can’t reject those who traffic in Hate (Mars) Speech (Merc), directed at Others (Eris). Republicans howled like stricken beasts (also Merc/Mars) as Trump massively shed mainstream Republican support.

Trump Abortion Gaffe. Just a month later, on March 30, p. Merc (4 Sag 15) trines p. Haumea (4 Aries 14), as he feels comfortable suggesting that, if Roe-Wade were repealed, women who have abortions should be made to suffer consequences, possibly jail time. Another cry of protest went up among longtime Republicans. This was not the change (Haumea) they believed in.

Snippet of First Republican Convention, progressed to Election 2016
Click for full wheel

Election Day. We shall now cut to the chase, as you can track finer milestones yourself, now that you’ve gotten the idea. By late on November 8, as you can see in the full wheel, p. Moon (2 Scorp 59) opposes Pluto (1 Tau 55), probably denoting a setback for Trump one month prior to Election that we haven’t endured yet. Shortly after the election, however, p. Moon trines p. Eris (3 Pisc 23). The outcasts are jubilant? I take this as a reaction to the mistreatment from months earlier, when p. Mercury battered p. Eris quite harshly, assisted by p. Mars (both are still in orb, of course, but separating).

More telling is that p. Sun/Venus are on track to square p. Sedna (27 Pisc 27). Remember the last time Republicans were faced with their First Convention's p. Sun opposing p. Sedna? That’s right, Black Tuesday 1929, the beginning of the Great Depression, and an eventual 20 year drought in controlling the presidency. Republicans have already foreseen this, due to the changing makeup of the electorate. What are they so often saying, but “We need to attract more minorities.”

Perhaps that lovely p. Moon trine p. Eris points to when, after they kick Trump in the can and back to New York, the leaders of the Republican Party vow most sincerely to Honor their Neighbor (no matter how different) As Themselves. Enduring a few years of square Sedna could be the prescription needed to generate the compassion that's missing, so preserving Constitutional rights can be the focus again. Remember the Sun sextile Uranus, Sun trine Neptune back in 1854? The founders of this political enterprise were so much better than this. But perhaps this shows this is some natural cycle. Periodically lessons need to be learned; a bottoming out was in order. The original, laudable Republican values can eventually rise again from these ashes.

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