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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A Weekly 2016 Campaign Update
by Sue Kientz

First Buoy of Hope Deployed: 13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

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Installment Eleven:
All Roads Lead to Hillary Clinton's Election

23 October 2016, 6:30 p.m. PDT

Imagine: there will be a time when we won't be talking about the presidential campaign. That will be nice. We won't be talking about it because we won't be thinking, worrying, and arguing with others on Facebook about it.

Being an astrologer, I experience another component — I won't be finding evidence of the results in every place I happen to look. For example, when someone new joins the Trump train, I can't resist checking them out. When Kellyanne Conway was promoted to Campaign Manager, I found her birthday online, January 20, 1967. Natal sun is 29 Cap 49, give or take a half degree. Uh oh — Saturn's gonna get her on Election day, semisquare at 15 Sag 15, OUCH! Her focus, her "Sun" — Trump — looks to lose; therefore Hillary wins. [see Conway natal]

Now you'd think it would have been easy this weekend to forget the election. On Saturday, the Chicago Cubs were on the brink of winning the National League pennant! They could be in the World Series for the first time since 1945! In fact, they did win, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0. I watched all the coverage leading up to the game and the game itself. I was steeped in baseball all day long.

Fox Sports One ran a "Dodgermentary" on Tommy Lasorda that got my attention. Whenever I have TV on and hear someone say, "That was the greatest day of my life — I mean, I used to dream that this would one day happen," I sit up and take notice. I want to see that person's natal chart and progress and transit the hell out of it, especially to that day. The person who said that was Lasorda, talking about when he was offered the position of Dodgers manager. He loved the Dodgers and had passed up a number of managerial jobs, hoping he would be picked to replace the great Walter Alston when he retired. What wonderful day was that, for Lasorda? Well I will show you. (Don't worry, unfortunately we will get back to the election.)

First, Tommy Lasorda did not have the natural gifts of a great baseball player. You look up the two co-MVPs of Saturday's Cubs pennant win (yeah I looked!) and you see

  • Javier Baez has super fortunate Sun (9 Sag 30) sext. Jupiter (9 Libr 46) and powerful Mars (28 Can 34) trine Pluto (23 Sco 31) Quaoar (28 Sco 28) [see Baez natal], and
  • John Lester has success-oriented Sun (16 Cap 30) sextile Saturn (14 Sco 28) Quaoar (18 Sco 15) and Mars (28 Lib 10) sextile both Jupiter (27 Sag 23) and Makemake (29 Leo 07) [see Lester natal]

Great baseball players have Sun and/or Mars doing something gorgeous with Jupiter, Quaoar (dwarf named after the Tongva creator god who danced all life into existence, is energetic, playful, sports-oriented), Pluto (power and control), Uranus or Makemake (latter two: smart and super-duper smart). On the other hand, Tommy was born with Sun opposite Jupiter, Uranus, Varuna, and Eris (see below). He talked (V for Varuna) and cajoled others (Eris) incessantly, overwhelming them with jokes, hugs, and encouragement (Jupiter), infusing them with all he had learned of the game (Uranus). His verbal gifts are astounding — look at his Mercury sextiles. He loves (Venus) the game (Quaoar)! But Mars is not well placed. Lasorda was not going to physically make it as a baseball star.1

But as a manager, his were the gifts to have! That meant waiting. Lasorda had to persevere for years until progressed Sun had marched along for quite a while — until p. Sun trined p. Pluto and he was given the power to lead his beloved team.

Now that's a great milestone, but what about that incredible natal knot of Jupiter-Uranus and dwarfs? What milestones do they bring? Oh, baby!

Only the first Los Angeles Dodgers World Series win in 1981! See p. Sun trine p. Jupiter, which has retrograded in range of the trine to p. Sun earlier than the rest. It will take a few more years to trine p. Uranus, for example. So in 1981 the natural gifts of his team lift them up over the Yankees at last, but it's a crafty, surprising Lasorda that comes into play years later, when they win the series again.

This was the World Series when the most memorable incident happened in Game 1. Down a run in the bottom of the ninth, two outs, Lasorda tricks the Oakland pitcher into thinking he could walk the man at the plate. You see, in the on-deck circle was someone closer Dennis Eckersley could figure he can dispose of easily to win the game. What Eckersley doesn't know is, as soon as the current batter walks to first, Lasorda will wave off the next hitter, and the recently injured Kirk Gibson will emerge from the dugout to pinch hit.

Kirk Gibson had been packed in ice the whole game, both legs badly hurt from a recent playoff game. He hadn't even gotten dressed for play. Lasorda kept checking up on his status throughout the game, as Kirk was a star player, an asset Tommy desperately needed to win. Gibson was, however, listening to the game in the locker room. He realized one great swat could win this thing. If he could hit a home run, he wouldn't have to run or even walk fast around those bases. He decided to get dressed and sent word to Lasorda that he felt well enough to try. And try he did - his wallop gave the Dodgers the winning two runs they needed to lift them over the As, and indeed likely infused in them the confidence to beat Oakland in 5 games to win their second World Series — as Tommy's p. Sun trined p. Uranus.

I was really hankering to see that moment!2 The Kirk Gibson homer - what an electric shot in the arm that was. I remember it because I was watching it in a bar in San Diego on a big screen TV. No one was excited. It was like a tomb in there. I said to my boyfriend, you know, an astrologer would say the home team would win this game.3 He laughed and said a bit jeeringly, "If the Dodgers win this game, I'll get on my knees and admit YOU ARE RIGHT." Just a few minutes later, he did just that, but I could barely hear him because pandemonium had broken out all around us.

Now here's where the election broke into my fond remembrances. Look at the Sun-Hygiea conjunction, look at it! It is so exact, the sun just past the massive asteroid Hygeia, named for the goddess of Health. Hygeia is not just health; on the flip side, it's sickness. Gibson is the Sun here, the focal point of everyone involved. He had been terribly injured. But he slipped past that injury and succeeded anyway! Twenty-eight years later, I'm sitting here saying, wait — that Sun-Hygeia looks damned familiar. That looks like Election Day! I've been wondering why Election Day 2016 had a very close Sun-Hygeia conjunction, separating.

The focal point on Election Night will be the winner. Therefore the winner will be someone who was recently sick. Who would that be, I wonder?! Maybe someone who had a very public stumble getting into her van on Sept. 11, while suffering a bout of pneumonia? Yes, here's yet another indicator that it's Hillary Clinton who will be elected. Donald Trump is healthy as a horse. He won't be elected.

Case closed, on your way, don't forget to

And watch the Cubs (w)in the World Series!


1. Except in Canada with the Montreal Royals, the Dodgers' Triple-A team. Lasorda was their all-time leader as a pitcher in wins, games pitched, and innings pitched, and was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006.
2. You can get that exact time from website by taking the start time listed there (5:35 p.m.) and adding the running time of the game (3:04 or 3 hrs 4 minutes), as the homerun ended the game. Bazinga!
3. The 1988 World Series Game 1 began with closely applying Sun sext. Moon, which to me suggested the home team was more favored.

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