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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A Weekly 2016 Campaign Update
by Sue Kientz

First Buoy of Hope Deployed: 13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

Will Donald Trump Become President? Can astrologers answer this all-important question asked not just by American citizens, or undocumented workers, or the Media, or women, or Muslims, or sane people?

Yes we can answer this question. I've already answered it, twice in fact, in my Spotlight on Hillary Clinton from March 16, 2016 (she will win), and again in my Spotlight on Donald Trump published April 25 as well as in the printed British Astrological Journal, July-Aug 2016 edition (he loses in both versions). Of course, it makes perfect sense that a win should be apparent in one contender's chart analysis, and a loss in the other's.

Shouldn't this be the last word on the subject until November 8, when U.S. voters vote and the Free World learns the final results? Perhaps it should, but for so many people, this election is scaring the living shit out of them. It's not enough to hear once, twice, or even ten times (a day), "Donald Trump will not become President!" Frightened people the world over want something more, and this weekly update aims to spoon out the cure they so desperately seek.

What could we still possibly examine, if we've already looked at Hillary and The Donald? To answer that, let me ask you: do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump live in a vacuum? No! They are as interconnected to the people around them as we all are. Some of those people's futures are intimately tied to each candidate. I'm not just talking about family members. In 2012, if you really wanted to see if Obama would be reelected, you simply had to look at Nate Silver's progressed chart, as he had pretty much staked his reputation on an Obama win. Silver's progression looked in great shape, and indeed, Obama won.

These candidates are also moving through Time (again, like all of us), and astrology has this unique view that periodically shows us trouble coming up ahead. Running the secondary progressions of organizations candidates are linked to provides valuable and comforting hidden clues. Even important life milestones can be treated like a birth chart and secondarily progressed to another highly charged event; we'll use that technique as well to view Trump on Election Day.

So each week this page will be updated to offer yet another piece of evidence that TRUMP IS TOAST. You're welcome.

Installment One: The Wrath of Khan Week Will Come Again

13 August 2016, 7:50 a.m. PDT

Remember Donald Trump's really bad week after the Democratic National Convention ended? Just days later, during an interview taped for George Stephanopoulos's show, Trump couldn't resist complaining about Khizr Khan shaking his finger and a Pocket Constitution at him on national TV. Trump had to have his say about what this grieving father of a deceased Medal-of-Honor–decorated Muslim soldier said, and Trump additionally opined that Mrs. Khan was silent due to some prohibition of her Muslim faith.

Trump snagged by Merc square Mars

That interview was taped just as transiting Mercury crossed Trump's Ascendant, having just squared transiting Mars (which was exact on Friday, as he was still fuming over Khan's Thursday night speech).

Transiting Mars, sitting at 28 Leo 59, would slowly square Trump's ascendant/descendant axis over the next several days, consequently drawing out the painful consequences of Trump taking on the Gold Star family. All he had to do was stop talking about Khan and keep talking about Hillary Clinton being the Worst Person in the World, but Trump couldn't get back on message until Friday. That's when he was forced to endorse Paul Ryan and other senatorial candidates he had dissed earlier that week, reading the endorsements from a piece of paper that seemed stapled to his left hand. All classic Mercury-Mars: His anger (Mars) was negatively affecting his words/message (Mercury).

But that's not unusual, to have a really bad week on the campaign trail, right? True, although the next week hasn't been free from controversy, with him suggesting "The Second Amendment People" will do something about Hillary if she gets elected and starts picking Supreme Court Justices. But you'd expect some lull as Mars finally moves out of orb of the square to Trump's ascendant. Right?

Snippet of Biwheel of Donald Trump (natal, inner) and the transits at the beginning of his feud with Khzir Khan
Click for full biwheel

Well, yes and no. You see, Mercury and Mars aren't done. Mercury is going to whip around into retrograde, so these major players will perform an encore square! Two, in fact!

Mercury square Mars, Part Deux

September 12, 2016: On this date, not only does Mercury, now retrograde, hit the 90-degree angle with Mars again, but dang if it doesn't happen at Mercury Rx conj. the Sun. So in effect, Sun/MercRx square Mars, will poke pointy sticks at Trump's natal Sun/Moon eclipse in Gemini!

Click the image to examine the full bi-wheel chart and you'll see, the Merc/Mars square is one MINUTE from exact square/conjunct his natal nodes. First his Ascendant is walloped post-conventions; now here in September, his Sun Stellium opp. Moon somehow gets fried. This looks to reach a whole other level.

Granted, every other day the Trump train near wrecks itself or sideswipes a semi, but all indications are this trouble will be YYYUGE, like the awful Khan week or even worse.

What will he do? Appear at a September 11th memorial event in New York the day before, and tell them (again) how he'll never forget that date dear to his heart, "7/11"?

The possibilities boggle the mind.

Snippet of Biwheel of Donald Trump (natal, inner) and the transits at exact square of Mercury Retrograde square Mars
Click for full biwheel
Mercury Direct square Mars:
Third Time's the Charm?

October 13, 2016: If Trump somehow recovers from the September Surprise (and so far he keeps getting back up, like in the scariest Zombie movie ever, since it's not a movie), here comes October, and the three-peat of nasty Mercury/Mars.

Incredibly, the two again configure a Trump personal planet, this time natal Mars. Mercury semisquares, then Mars sesquiquadrates his natal Mars the next day. For good measure, Venus squares Trump's Mars the day after that. Click the image for the full biwheel to see that this isn't even all the bad news, but we're not going whole hog on the analysis. This preview of "Trump trip-ups to come" is meant to give you some more hope, something to help you sleep at night.

Whatever the stimulus proves to be, represented by this last Mercury/Mars kick-in-the-pants, you know it will make him mad. Sorry to lack any exact details, but as astrologers, we can't really tell you exactly What will make him mad; only When.

Snippet of Biwheel of Donald Trump (natal, inner) and the transits at the exact square of Mercury now Direct, square Mars
Click for full biwheel

If you're almost sad we're a month away from the first Return of the Wrath of Khan, coming next Thursday is the Full Moon, August 18 at sunrise ET. Sun (25 Leo 51) will oppose Moon (25 Aqu 51). That's close enough to warm up his natal Mars (26 Leo 46). Stock up on popcorn.

In the next update (below), we talk about how looking at "allies" of Trump can cue us about his (slim to none) chance of success.

Installment Two: Trump's Reluctant Allies: Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan

20 August 2016, 3 p.m. PDT

This week we look at two individuals who were bushwhacked into supportive relationships with Donald Trump. They’d rather not have “gotten the call” to wait on the Orange King, but circumstances require them to figure out a way to make the best of the Trump candidacy.

Reince Priebus, RNC Chair

First there’s Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee. Once Donald was winning delegates, Priebus could hardly avoid dealing with Trump. The People had spoken, etc. But he may have experienced a tinge of precognition that Trump would equal Trouble. You can almost see it if you check out when Trump announced his candidacy.

On that day, the New Moon+Mars conjunction zaps Priebus’ natal Sun in a tight, rattling square. He will work (square) like the devil for this guy! And yet small but studly Dwarf planet 2002 TC302 casts a Neptunian veil over his life, as this far-away TNO, at this point at 12 Tau 05, is in long-term semi-square to his Sun (27 Pisc 56). Reince will never grasp what Trump is about, what he really wants or is even doing by running for president (Don't know TC? Read some paragraphs explaining 2002 TC302 from my Marco Rubio article).

Also note that Pluto is tightly square and closing on Reince’s Mercury. The RNC chair will not be able to complain. Trump will have control (Pluto) over Priebus’ words and message (Mercury), and there’ nothing the younger man can do about it. At the time of the announcement, Saturn (29 Scorp 53) sesq. Priebus' Mercury; he feels like his hands are tied, maybe a bit intimidated by Trump. Somehow Reince’s basic ability to do anything or assert himself is dampened, as Saturn also opposes (and longsuffering Sedna conjuncts) his natal Mars (click image at left to see these via the full biwheel view).

Lastly, TC302 casts a particularly obscuring shadow over whatever Priebus considers of prime value, as transiting TC (12 Tau 05) conjuncts his natal Venus (12 Tau 36). Reince Priebus is the magic man who dug the RNC out of a $23 million hole beginning in January 2011, a debt which he wiped clean by the end of 2012. Billionaire Trump will play with Priebus’s now-flush RNC money, represented by game-playing Quaoar (27 Sag 08) sesq. Priebus’ Venus (12 Tau 36), and make a significant amount of it “disappear” — Quaoar is sesq. sneaky TC, so both are hovering simultaneously in prime position to fleece Priebus’ Venus.

Snippet of Biwheel of Reince Priebus (natal, inner) and the transits at Trump's presidential candidacy announcement (outer)
Click for full biwheel

Now we could track how painful each gaffe was for Reince Priebus over the last year, especially after Trump had clinched delegates to become the Republicans' Supreme Leader, but I want to bring in the second Generation X-er whose life has been made miserable by Donald Trump. I’m talking about the other head of the Republican Party, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Ryan and Priebus, BFFs
Ticked off by Trump

Ryan and Reince Priebus actually know each other from working together in state government in Wisconsin. They are reported to be good friends, and so you could imagine that anything that happened to one of them, would be of concern to the other. Knowing that they are friends, that assumption is a logical one, but you can also see this connection through Astrology.

When Trump peevishly refused to endorse Paul Ryan for his reelection primary bid on August 2, 2016, the new moon at 10 Leo was opposite Ryan’s n. Sun (9 Aquarius 01). That new moon was also sesq. Priebus’ n. Sun (27 Pisc 56) as well as square his Venus (12 Tau 36) and Moon (9 Tau 31) if my rectified time is close to correct. Ryan was likely stunned at Trump's blatant disrespect, and when Priebus heard of Trump's big-league balk, he hit the proverbial roof. So yes, we see Paul and Reince, with their Sun degrees in a loose semi-square, can certainly experience hard aspects simultaneously.

This doesn’t stop with just their Sun positions’ relationship. Look at their Mercury degrees: Priebus’ is at 15 Aries 07, Ryan’s at 15 Capricorn 00. For one, this means that Pluto is kicking both of them silly. Priebus is enduring Pluto square his Mercury; Ryan has Pluto sitting on top of his Mercury. These two guys can’t say anything freely at all.

To return to Trump's Campaign launch, while the RNC chairman might have been majorly startled by Trump's announcing his run for president, back then Ryan more likely was stirred but not shaken. The Sun/Moon/Mars conglomeration in June 2015 was merely sesq. Ryan’s Sun. Maybe he was amused (like too many Americans, unfortunately). But Ryan could have intuited problems ahead, with Pluto already at his n. Mercury, and transiting Saturn semi-square his Mercury as well.

Ryan and Priebus do not have linked Mars natal positions that would allow just one planet to set both off at once, like their Sun and Mercury positions do. Ryan’s Mars (3 Aries 17) does not aspect Priebus' (24 Taurus 16). But both Mars degrees do get lit up on Election night nevertheless, and so once again we have a date that inexorably links Trump, Paul Ryan, and Reince Priebus into a dramatic shared experience.

Snippet of Triwheel of Paul Ryan (natal, inner) and Reince Priebus (natal, middle) and the transits when Trump refused to endorse Ryan
Click for full triwheel

Priebus and Ryan on Election Night:
Good? Bad? Kinda Ugly

Reince Priebus' job as RNC chairman is mostly to raise funds for Republican campaigns. And so it is berry berry bad news to see that on Election night, transiting Venus (26 Sag 21) is bearing down square Priebus' Sun (27 Pisc 56). Worse — gambling, risk-taker Quaoar (28 Sag 02) has just passed square his Sun. This suggests that the keeper of the Republican war chest has gambled and lost. Both Venus and Quaoar also sesquiquadrate Priebus' Venus (12 Tau 36), which is completely ensconced in secrets by TC (12 Tau 37); note that's one minute past exact conjunction. No one will want to tally up, much less talk about, the loss total.

With Mercury (24 Scorp 39) now opposite Priebus’ Mars (24 Tau 16) — does he get to finally tell Trump off? Sedna (25 Tau 42) continues in range conjunct his Mars; perhaps he would find more satisfaction by keeping his pain to himself, since he's valiantly resisted this long.

For Paul Ryan, Crazy Time is over. A long-approaching opposition from erratic and bizarre Dwarf Planet Makemake (3 Libra 21) to his n. Mars (3 Aries 17) has finally inched past, its feverish spell broken. Jupiter (12 Libra 49) already trined Ryan's Sun weeks before, perhaps when he probably convinced himself everything was really going to be all right.

Both men still have Pluto (transiting at 15 Cap 23) inching away from its sharp elbowing of their Mercury degrees. This is not a good night and begins a long period of recriminations and post-mortem soul searching.

Priebus will publicly suffer the most, with Quaoar square and TC semi-square his n. Sun. Ryan does not have such trouble with his 9-degree Aquarian Sun. For this reason, Reince will have the most mopping up to do. Thus does Election day finally end the Trump nightmare, with the RNC chairman bearing the brunt of the disaster.

Snippet of Triwheel of Reince Priebus (natal, inner), Paul Ryan (natal, middle), and the transits on Election Night 2016 (outer)
Click for full triwheel

Ryan's Relief also seen in Progression

While we might not observe this publicly, there's evidence that Paul Ryan will nevertheless feel the end of this ordeal rather acutely.

Since the Speaker ran for Vice President in 2012, his birth data was released, so we have a time as well as birth date and place (while as mentioned earlier, Priebus' time is rectified). Therefore we can pinpoint quite closely how Ryan experiences Election Day 2016, and using secondary progression is particularly illuminating.

During the run-up to the election, Ryan is facing the slow creep of applying p. Sun opposite p. Pluto, which just three weeks before November 8, passes completion. Here's how close: p. Sun (26 Pisc 07) opp. p. Pluto (26 Virg 03). Ouch! He will be sweating bullets! Think of it — he's intimidated into his verbal endorsement (Pluto conj. his Mercury, the whole campaign), but in addition, deep down, he feels an existential threat (progressed Sun opposed) from this Master Manipulator (Pluto), which does not get neutralized until Election day. Imagining Trump as president may be Paul Ryan's worst fear, ever.

You know another way we can tell Ryan will be sincerely relieved, come early November, which almost certainly means Trump is Toast? Look at the benefic p. Moon (20 Can 57) trine p. Ceres (19 Pisc 57)/p. Mercury (19 Pisc 59). The Moon forms that comforting trine the month before the election. Just days after the perfected trine, progressed Mercury laps p. Ceres. (Gee whiz, might he even endorse Hillary then, as that so closely coincides with progressed Sun/Pluto's exact oppostion?)

Barring that wild move, let's imagine a more conservative and therefore plausible possibility. What might Paul Ryan be thinking (Mercury) so close to the Election, related to Ceres, surrogate mother-figure, ruler of the home? Might his top concern be, the welfare of his country? (Ceres > Home > Country.) And considering the total figure still fully in orb on Election day, p. Moon trine p. Ceres/Mercury, his beloved country looks to be saved (from Donald Trump) by a woman!

Snippet of Biwheel of Paul Ryan (natal, inner) and his Secondary Progressions on Election Night 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

Now don't get too happy or feel too confident about our country's future, reading this. BE SURE TO VOTE!

Keep scrolling to read about a few more, older "allies" of Trump, whose ties suggest we check their future to see if they'll be happy or sad come November.

Installment Three: Trump's Baby Boomer Buddies: Mike Pence and Chris Christie

27 August 2016, 1:55 p.m. PDT

While establishment Generation-X Republicans overall have been horrified or at least dismayed by the rise of Trump, the Billion-Dollar (Business)Man has secured quite a few from the post-WWII generation into his corner. We will look at two prominent figures, both who likely aligned with Trump for the tantalizing prospect of Power. Sadly — for them — those dreams aren't meant to be. Their impending failures are more indicators that point to Trump's defeat.

Premise: Hard Saturn + Huge Ambition = Big Fail

Every four years when I look at presidential candidates, there is one thing that, when I see it, I know there is NO CHANCE for that Oval Office hopeful. No. Chance. And that is if Saturn is transiting opposite or square that person's natal Sun. A conjunction could go either way, but most times tends south. Let's just run through a few examples of people vying for the Big Prize, and coming up short:

Who?Transiting Saturn did What?When?
Bernie Sanders Saturn (9 Sag 58) sq. n. Sun (15 Virg 36) At DNC Convention 2016
Marco Rubio Saturn (10 Sag 17) opp. n. Sun (6 Gem 33) At RNC Convention 2016
John McCain Saturn (11 Virg 12) conj. Sun (6 Virg 24) When McCain picked Palin as VP, 2008
Rudy Giuliani Saturn (11 Virg 12) sq. n. Sun (7 Gem 16) At RNC Convention 2008
John Edwards Saturn (10 Virg 46) sq. n. Sun (19 Gem 17) At DNC Convention 2008
Ronald Reagan Saturn (8 Leo 49) opp. n. Sun (16 Aqu 31) At RNC Convention 1976 (noted in Joan Quigley's book, What Does Joan Say?). Yes, he did become president, but not that year!
Jack Van Berg Saturn (18 Sag) opp. n. Sun (17 Gem) 1987 Belmont, when the horse he trained, Alysheba, lost Triple Crown bid

Granted that last one wasn't for the presidency, but it's burned in my brain (I was there, Belmont Racetrack, June 1987, and bet on Alysheba. This despite learning that morning that it was the trainer's birthday, which I realized meant Saturn was opposite his Sun. D'oh!)

But I digress....

Mike Pence:
His lamp is trimmed,
but his Bridegroom is Toast

Click the image to view that by Election Day 2016, Mike Pence's n. Sun (15 Gem 45), will be opposed by Saturn (15 Sag 15). That's it, case closed, no VP for YOU!

OK that's not the whole story, but we could stop there. If you need more,

  • Saturn (15 Sag 15) is sesquiquatrate Pence's Venus (0 Leo 19) — a downer for an important "partnership" (Venus).
  • Vesta will conjunct Pence's Mars by Election Night: Vesta (3 Leo 58) conj. n. Mars (3 Leo 40). What's so important about Vesta? Second-largest asteroid Vesta can warn of disasters, as I show in my AFA paper accessed at that link.
  • Soon after the election, Vesta semi-squares Pence's Mercury (20 Gem 46) . If Trump is NOT president, what is the disaster? For Mike Pence, he's out of a job! To run for vice president, he had to forgo running for reelection as Indiana governor.
  • Your takeaway from this should be, "I guess I must read her Vesta paper." All this will make total sense then.

Now if you're saying, "Pence is only running for Vice President, which is not a position with very much power," I am assuming that Pence was offered the same deal as Ohio gov. John Kasich, namely that if he agreed to run on the ticket, Pence would be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy. This means Pence would, in effect, be president. (Trump's job? "Making America Great Again.") So there's every expectation that Pence, if elected, would have the power of the presidency, albeit in some bizarre puppetmaster way that Trump and his campaign envision.

Snippet of Biwheel of Mike Pence (natal, inner) and the transits at Election Day 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

Admittedly I've put a lot of emphasis on transiting Saturn to support my dismal view of Mike Pence's VP chances. Secondary Progression, however, tells virtually the same story. This very popular, alternate technique Astrologers use should indeed confirm transits, as Progression's pattern is a fractal miniature of the Transiting pattern (its "1 day of Transits = 1 year in Progression" fits the scientific definition of a Fractal, where a small part of something is self-similar in structure to the whole). Being "self-similar," Sec. Progression is just about REQUIRED to show you the same tenor of experience coming as Transits.

Pence Progressed:
Partner Problems

Mike Pence is facing at least a few years of ribbing. While so many, many, MANY Republican colleagues have felt they must pointedly denounce Trump and not vote for him, with some even pledging to vote for the dreaded enemy Hillary Clinton, here's Pence supporting Trump whole-heartedly as his running mate. How will he face these people after the election? The answer to this is in his approaching p. Sun (10 Leo 34) opposite 2007 OR10 (11 Aqu 52) (click full biwheel to view). Hard aspects from dwarf planet OR10, represented by the Weeping Heart icon, correspond with high sensitivity and fragile emotions. He's not going to want to talk about it. The memory of Mr. Pence's Wild Ride with Trump will be too upsetting.

While that progressed opposition might describe many scenarios he could be living through from now until 2018, note how p. Venus (15 Virg 08) is square his natal Sun (15 Gem 45). That's a partnership gone bad. Maybe Mrs. Pence will denounce Trump by November 8 with all the rest, and this could strain Mike's marriage. But my money is on Trump losing, which breaks the sacred president/vice-president bond.

Snippet of Biwheel of Mike Pence (natal, inner) and his secondary progression at Election 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

While Mike Pence will be looking to find some remote monastery in which to resuscitate his reputation come November 9th, he's at least not facing the total shipwreck that NJ governor Chris Christie is sailing towards.

The Christie Anti-Jackpot:
Trouble with Every Personal Planet

Chris Christie ran for president earlier this year, not knowing that by the fall, transiting Saturn (15 Sag 15) would square his Sun (13 Virg 22). No matter what time he was born on his birthday, he doesn't escape that. He also didn't make the cut for Vice President. If he was dreaming of Attorney General, scratch that, too.

But things are so much worse for Christie than for Pence. After the voting, the NJ Governor looks to get slammed every which way:

  • Christie's tight natal Mercury/Mars square, gets kicked by transiting Mercury. The Trump loss will be such bad news (Mercury) for Obama's former Best Friend post-Hurricane Sandy. You can really see Christie's belligerent style via his natal Mercury (9 Lib 47) square Mars (9 Can 27), then here comes Election Night Mercury (24 Sco 39) — click the full biwheel link to view. I feel sorry for the reporter who happens to interview him Tuesday night.
  • Can he catch a break? No, even Venus gets bullied. Transiting Mars (29 Cap 56) squares Christie's Venus (29 Lib 28) to boot. Does someone steal his wallet?
  • Maybe he'll join Pence at the Monastery. We can't be sure of this, but if he's born in the morning as our chart assumes, Christie's Moon (~3 Sag) could be squared by transiting 2007 OR10 (2 Pisc 28)/Moon (3 Pisc 29). The OR10 influence would be very long-term, similar in tenor to Pence's progression challenge of OR10 opposing his p. Sun. That may make sense as for months he's endured all those jokes when he first made the stunning move to endorse Trump. With his temperament, that would really bug him.

If he thought that ridicule was bad, post-Trump disgrace looks to be worse. Christie will need a reputation makeover, to move freely in society once again.

Snippet of Biwheel of Chris Christie (inner) and the transits on Election Night 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

Christie Progression to Nowhere

And just like Pence, Christie's transit troubles are mirrored in progression.

Most notably, Chris Christie's p. Sun (6 Sco 43) squares p. Makemake (6 Leo 31). I don't know if this is really Trump related, as the NJ governor has other problems related to the continuing scandal of Bridgegate. Last week, it was reported that he might be subpoenaed in next month's trial of two subordinates in that fiasco. Since transiting Saturn squares Christie's Virgo Sun a few weeks earlier than the election (the latter is when Pence gets his full dose), that might point more to his own troubles in New Jersey. Looking at the p. Sun/Makemake square, you wonder if a bigger shakeup is coming due to the Fort Lee lane closure debacle.

One bright note for Christie: maybe he will verbally fight his way out of legal trouble, as his p. Mars (9 Leo 18) will sextile n. Mercury (9 Lib 47). Progressed Mercury (21 Lib 19) also conjuncts p. Quaoar (21 Lib 49), which might mean that taking a risk or playing along (Quaoar) eases his career back on track — if that p. Mercury wasn't then set to semisquare p. Vesta (7 Virgo 50).

Curses, Vesta again!

Snippet of Biwheel of Chris Christie (inner) and his Secondary Progressions on Election Night 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

It's certainly promising, that these two intimates of Trump's look quite uncomfortable on November 8, 2016. As pointed out earlier, this jives with all the other indicators that point to a Trump loss. But don't celebrate or relax in any way. We must all VOTE!

Below we look at one final pair of Trump cronies whose Election Day angst is further welcome evidence of a Trumpless Presidency come 2017.

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Installment Four: The Tales of Two Geminis — Newt and Rudy

3 September 2016, 3:45 p.m. PDT

In the last few weeks we've looked at Donald Trump's high-profile supporters, and each time we've analyzed a pair from different generations of Republicans — first the Generation X-ers Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus, and last week, Baby Boomers Chris Christie and Trump VP candidate Mike Pence. This week I bring you two members of the old guard, and I do mean "old": Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani are both older than 70-year-old Trump, and hail from the so-called "Silent Generation."

Only thing is, these two are anything but silent, and that makes sense as both Newt and Rudy have dwarf planet Varuna prominently placed in their charts.

Varuna: Storyteller or Tale-Teller

Moving in a slightly shorter orbit than big-sister Haumea, Varuna is like Haumea in that its operation is to bring about some fundamental change. But as Haumea's transformation can kill or cure you, depending on your criminal or medical background/inclination, Varuna is not so drastic. This planetoid, named after the Vedic God famous for rooting out liars, likes to reshape reality just by using Words.

Making a whole new reality with just using words: if that sounds like an author or playwright, you are correct. Famous writers from Shakespeare to Stephen King show close personal aspects with Varuna. But this also describes people who could paint a false or nebulous reality. In fact, "They say what you want to hear!" is a common and often astute complaint against politicians. Exactly how do we see this displayed in Newt and Rudy's instances?

Newt Gingrich is both a politician and an author. In addition to his long career in congress and former role as Speaker of the House, Gingrich has written a slew of books (many with a co-author) on both politics and history. In every respect, he has fulfilled the natal promise of his Sun (26 Gem 02) sextile Varuna (23 Aries 07).

Rudy Giuliani has also written some books. Two have the word "Leadership" in the title, and one is a children's book, entitled What Will You Be? All three books either were collections of other people's words, or were co-written by another writer. This modest attempt at a writing career duly represents Giuliani's not particularly stellar Sun (7 Gemini 16) semi-square Varuna (24 Aries 13). With a political career that rests pretty much on his stint as mayor of New York City, Giuliani's ability to pass off plausible political lies, as we will shortly see, is also somewhat limited and one dimensional.

If Varuna sounds deceptive when negatively expressed, a bit reminiscent of Neptune, that is true. Making a "new" reality using words is creating fiction, which can deceive. But Newt and Rudy don't rely on Varuna alone for Neptunian traits, as they also have prominent Neptune placements:

  • Newt Gingrich's natal Full Moon — Sun (26 Gem) opp. Moon (25 Sag) — is bisected by Neptune/Quaoar (29 Virg/27 Virg). If you're unfamiliar with Quaoar, some relevant keywords for "Q" are risk-taking, gambling, playful/toying, and game-playing.
  • Rudy Giuliani's natal Sun (7 Gem) is trine Neptune (1 Libra).

I mention these particulars of their natal setups to underline the fact that you've got to watch these guys!

Click the images below to see their full natal charts, in the inner section of the respective biwheels

Newt Gingrich:
The Sly One

Of all the Republicans discussed so far, these two have been the most gung-ho of Trump supporters. The former Speaker and the former NY mayor, both failed presidential candidates of times past, are now ardently pushing for a Trump presidency. That said, there are differences.

Newt Gingrich will sometimes be frank and truthful. This is that Sun/Varuna sextile in action. He is clever enough to know he can't lie all the time. Newt wants to retain some believability, so he has many times granted when Trump is wrong. He also uses words deftly, perhaps so he might, later, wriggle out of his statements?

Case in point, just this past September 1st, Gingrich tweeted

Today is the 77th anniversary of Nazi Germany invading Poland and launching World War 2 in Europe. Reminder that weakness is dangerous
followed with
Mexican President by day, firm immigration speech by night. Good example of how energetic and audacious a Trump Presidency will be.

While Gingrich seems intent on complimenting Trump as "energetic and audacious," there seems an undercurrent of tongue-in-cheek here, perhaps unintended? The Mexican president has compared Trump to Hitler, and here's Gingrich mentioning it's the anniversary of Hitler invading his neighbor, as Trump slips into Mexico, the country of those he's so adversely criticized. That's a bit ironic. Does this allow Newt, later when the poop hits the fan, to insist that he "knew it all along," that Trump was being TOO energetic, TOO audacious to succeed?

Whatever the case, Gingrich happily tweets in support of Trump, as transiting MercuryR/Jupiter passes square his Sun/Moon axis. Also in the mix is a very Neptunian object, dwarf planet 2003 TC302, described in more detail in these paragraphs from my Marco Rubio article. Suffice to say, TC is another warning that something not quite kosher is going on here. TC not only sesquiquadrates the MercuryR/Jupiter conjunction, but long-term it's affecting Gingrich's natal full moon (semi-square/ sesquiquadrate). Someone is living in an alternate reality (and possibly spreading that clouded vision, in words and tweets). Bottom line, those are not fortunate aspects for clear expression.

As a side note, Trump has an almost identical natal Gemini full moon (23 Gem/21 Sag), except three years later. Each has also been married three times. But let's not get side-tracked by that marvel.

Snippet of Biwheel of Newt Gingrich (natal, inner) and the transits on Sept 1, 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

What about November? Will Newt be suffering like so many other Trump surrogates come Election Day, suggesting a nose-dive of the Trump (hot) airship?

Newt in November
The Gloves will Stay On

I think Newt will carry Trump's water up until the bitter end, as represented by transiting asteroid Pallas in his first house/conjunct his ascendant. Gingrich will be "fighting the good fight" (Pallas = fight for right) for Donald as long as he can. But notice these inauspicious markers:

  • Transiting Sun/asteroid Hygeia (17 Scorpio) square Ascendant (19 Aq 18) (click full biwheel to view). Could mean "that Woman" (Hillary is a Scorpio Sun) will reinvigorate Healthcare (Hygeia). Drat and damnation!
  • Transiting Makemake (3 Lib 21) sesquiquadrate his Ascendant. The novelty of a Woman President (Makemake is both shocking, and awesome) and subsequent media celebration, will get on his nerves.
  • Transiting Pluto (15 Cap 23) square natal Mars (15 Aries 57). This has been hanging around a long time. Newt has been powerless to whip up sufficient anger in the electorate over the High Crimes and Misdemeanor Clinton E-mail scandal. That same Pluto squaring Gingrich's Mars, has been nicely sextiling Hillary's Venus at the same time ... as she's been raking in the money....
  • One might even point out that Transiting Pluto (15 Cap 23) also squares natal Pallas (15 Aries 39). Try as he might, the Speaker cannot effectively make his righteous pitch.

Snippet of Biwheel of Newt Gingrich (natal, inner) transits at Election 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

Didn't Cary Grant once say, "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy"? Ah, no, and Grant also did not say "Judy, Judy, Judy!" Sorry to crush these fond old beliefs, but brace yourself, as there's more unpleasant truth to be told with regard to Rudy Giuliani.

Hey, Mr. 9-11!
Careful: Trump is Another Disaster

Poor Rudy Giuliani. It's very possible he's out there defending Trump, without any direction whatsoever. Notice that his natal Mercury (12 Tau 50) is being sat on by secretive TC302, a very long-term transit. What ends up happening is this:

  • Giuliani defends plaigiarism accusations against Melania Trump, only to have Melania and an assistant admit to the carelessness after Rudy's talked himself blue in the face for nearly 2 days, redefining the incident in every possible way.
  • Rudy defended Trump against 123 Republicans who denounced the candidate by letter, using Reagan's "11th commandment": Never speak badly of other Republicans. Unfortunately Trump has personally insulted the other 16 Republicans who ran for president, and continues to insult and belittle any others who disagree with him. So video of Giuliani's defense was perfect for an attack ad by Democrats, interspersed with The Donald's ill-considered barbs against fellow party members.
  • On September 1, the same inauspicious day that Gingrich tweeted Hitler-related tweets, Mr. Mayor showed up at Trump's Immigration speech with a hat that said, "Make Mexico Great Again Also." Was this, in some confusing way, another ploy (like the Taco bowls and Trump's "assumption" that "some [Mexicans] .. are good people") to appeal to the Hispanic vote?

Will this nonsense continue for yet another two months? It's hard to imagine.

Snippet of Biwheel of Rudy Giuliani (inner) and the transits on September 1, 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

Giuliani on E-Day:
Disarray and Confusion

Around when these two men were born, D-Day was the focal point which would make or break Western Civilization. For us today, we're banking on E-Day, November 8, a date that we hope will not live in Infamy.

Looking at how Election Day might feel like for America's Mayor, again we find worrisome indicators:

  • Giuliani's mind looks perpetually fogged in. Powerful little TC remains all-too-close to Giuliani's natal Mercury. He's misled, or self-deceived. He may even go underground post-election, as TC often represents hiding and secrecy (classic example: TC/Sun/Merc conj. Ascendant is Jimmy Hoffa's chart).
  • That never-fail mark of disaster has cropped up again! Vesta (the most magical Asteroid in the belt, in its ability to detect messy situations that need cleaning up) will transit conjunct Rudy's natal Mars. Back when September 11th happened, transiting Vesta was conjunct Giuliani's Sun, and his p. Sun conj. p. Vesta (details here, end of page 2). Obviously, "Here's another grand mess you've got us in, Donnie."
Snippet of Biwheel of Rudy Giuliani (inner) and transits on Election Night 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

There's almost nothing more to say... except we should see this mirrored in Secondary Progression

Gingrich Progression Confirmation

One reason I've thought Gingrich might give up on Trump, is because by Election Day, Newt has a beautiful p. Mercury (3 Lib 25) trine p. Mars (3 Gem 36). But looking deeper, we see Trouble.

  • p. Moon (3 Virg 13) squares that p. Mars. You know, that really smarts! Progressed Moon square Mars is not stubbing your toe; it's usually a significant ding to your pride or biting, physical pain.
  • Worse, unless you compare this progression with Newt's natal, you don't see that his p. Mars is conjunct natal Mercury (3 Gem 16). Newt Gingrich is a smart man, and yet his mind (Mercury) is being asked to justify someone who makes one mistake after another (how very Mars-like).
  • Plus, as soon as you see that natal Mercury position (3 Gem 16), and look back at p. Moon (3 Virg 13), you know this will be an excrutiating day for Newt Gingrich. Yes, just thinking about his mental pain, gives me mental pain.
  • All that is bad, but check out Newt's progressed Ascendant: lo and behold, Vesta near conjunct. Again with the Vesta! (I'm assuming you've been reading this series and are aware of my theory that asteroid Vesta can warn about disasters.)
One could almost feel sorry for the ex-Speaker. Almost.
Snippet of Biwheel of Newt Gingrich (inner) and his Secondary Progressions on Election Night 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

Giuliani Progression Confirmation

If Gingrich with his natal Gemini full moon seems like an evil twin of Trump's (though not certain who is best designated the "evil" one), Giuliani has coming a progressed aspect very like Trump's on Election day: p. Moon close contacting p. Sedna. Trump's is a square; Rudy's is a conjunction. Neither one is anything to look forward to, as Sedna operates like a deeply penetrating Saturn-Neptune. So imagine having two major emotional crises simultaneously, like your dog dies the same day you get fired. That's Sedna for you — a super-intense, oppressive and depressive system shock. Giuliani has been such a cheerleader for Donald Trump, seeing his progressed Moon hitting Sedna does not look like he'll be shaking champagne bottles and spraying bubbly on cheering campaign workers.

Click the image to see one last bad indicator: p. Sun (16 Leo 28) conjunct p. Haumea (16 Leo 07). This campaign is totally going to change Rudy Giuliani's stature from this time forward. I don't think this will be a good change. His only hope is that this p. Sun/Haumea conjunction has more to do with the 9-11 15th Anniversary, which looks to be more than the usual annual mourning, being as it is a decade and a half from that dreadful day. Certainly Mayor Giuliani will be honored and figure prominently in all the many somber events of that day.

Even if Sun/Haumea corresponds to the September event, there's no discounting the depressing p. Moon conj. p. Sedna, which no question completes by mid November.

Snippet of Biwheel of Rudy Giuliani (inner) and his Secondary Progressions on Election Night 2016 (outer)
Click for full biwheel

While all this is more evidence (with further to come) that Trump won't be the next president of the United States, be vigilant, friends. Whatever hope you gleen here, prepare to VOTE!

Next we look at key events that were so powerful in impact that each can be progressed to Election Day, producing indicators that wholeheartedly proclaim that Mr. Trump does NOT Go to Washington.

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