More Plutos Plog: TRUMP IS TOAST - The Dwarf Planets Have a Ball Spoofing Donald Trump
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TRUMP IS Ttrump toastAST

A 2016 Presidential Campaign Series
by Sue Kientz

UPDATE, Nov. 9, 2016: Below you can read my weekly series on Donald Trump's chances of winning the U.S. presidency, with its last installment posted just two days ago. I stand by my view that all indicators pointed to Trump on the brink of disaster that would culminate on Election Day 2016. The error I made was assuming his disaster would be losing the election. His allies, his surrogates, and the Republican Party all look to have severe trouble on their hands as well. Who could imagine that the disaster wasn't losing, but his winning the election. We must be prepared to weather the coming storm with this new president. More about how the next few months look very troublesome and concerning, in a future plog post, coming soon.

Since Hillary Clinton's chart looked strong, both in transit and progression, one can assume she is facing a situation like Al Gore in 2000. Indeed she appears to have won the popular vote. But more to the point, she likely will have a more powerful and far-reaching impact by not being president. Gore went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his Climate Change work; Clinton may similarly find more success (and much less bile and abuse) working more with the Clinton Foundation and their much lauded efforts in the HIV fight in Africa, for example.

Prediction is difficult business. One expects that if a person wins the presidency, it would be a good thing for them. That's not always the case, as we may see soon enough.

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