More Plutos Plog: Trump, COVID-19, and the Election
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Trump, COVID-19, and the Election

by Sue Kientz

October 8, 2020, 11 p.m. PT

Some of the same astrological conditions that signaled The Trump Impeachment and pointed to his possible removal from office, are BACK. But with the election so close, this can't mean impeachment. Donald Trump is infected with coronavirus and taking high doses of strong and experimental drugs. So, what exactly could go wrong??

USA Chart and transits to USA positions as of Oct 9, 2020 Living in America for the last four years has been like driving on a busy highway where all the cars are driving fast but safely, except for one crazy maniac who is weaving all over the place, making near misses with this car, that truck, almost broadsiding a school bus, and yet not going fast enough to zoom away and leave us all alone. This guy is also not totally inept as to actually crash his car and stop being a continuous, imminent threat. And we have been driving alongside this jackass for four long years.

What Astrology Could Tell Us

Early in this ordeal, I spent a year researching the astrological charts of past U.S. presidents to see if we would be enduring Donald Trump’s nonsense for his whole presidential term. Even before he was inaugurated (remember him failing to divest from his businesses? Russia interfered in the election, TO ELECT TRUMP?) there emerged so many instances where Trump flouted critical rules and norms that it seemed reasonable to think he might get impeached. So I dug deep into U.S. presidential history and found a promising date that I began writing articles about in August 2018. I focused on September 22, 2019, as a date that, for four reasons, seemed likely to bring the “straw that broke the camel's back” of the Trump presidency. I didn’t have any idea exactly what he would do, but I knew whatever it was would be exceptionally awful. For over a year I produced four installments about this fabled date, only adjusting towards the end to September 23 when I saw that the 22nd was a Sunday. In the end, I didn’t even need to adjust the date, because right on time, Donald Trump came out on the White House lawn on Sunday, September 22, 2019, and told reporters that he did talk to Ukrainian President Zelensky about Joe Biden and his "corruption"! As Congressman Adam Schiff said just days later, he had impeached himself. By September 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the drawing up of formal articles of impeachment.

From Impeachment to Pandemic

Unfortunately as we all know, Trump was not convicted by the U.S. Senate, so we got stuck with him (mis)handling the pandemic when that hit. I did note at the end of my second installment on the September 22 date, that there was a big indicator that he would escape real consequences, as in many ways Richard Nixon did by resigning since he was almost immediately pardoned by Gerald Ford. Trump’s progressed Inaugural chart, used as the second metric of his possible removal, had formed unfortunate Moon and Mercury aspects, but its p. Sun trine p. Makemake (large Dwarf Planet indicative of highly unusual, shocking traits and events) strongly suggested he would not just escape consequences, but perversely so, which is exactly what happened. Most GOP Senators admitted privately that Trump WAS guilty, but they weren’t going to vote to remove (except for Mitt Romney who had an actual conscience). Instead of being grateful and humbled, Trump crowed his “exoneration,” held a celebratory Rose Garden back-slapping party, and openly called for prosecution of “those responsible” for his impeachment. At the same time, we know from recently revealed recordings of Trump by journalist Bob Woodward, Trump already knew that the COVID-19 virus was poised to spread throughout the world, including the USA, and wreck deadly havoc.

Most Americans have been so distracted dealing with the sweeping changes the virus has dealt to daily life, there’s been little time to hope for deliverance from Trump’s inept reality show still playing in Washington. The general unspoken consensus has been, we are close to the election, so we will all vote, and hope and pray for the best. And then Trump caught the coronavirus.

Excalating Events and Looming Aspects

Perhaps all the drugs pumped into the president will work, and we can just get to the election. Maybe yes, but there’s a problem. The same kind of worrisome astrological conditions in force around September 22, 2019, are back. So while there’s no time for an impeachment, one wonders if there might be an incapacitation or, as Nancy Pelosi suggested today, a medical intervention. Here are the four metrics outlined in my past articles, most of which are of concern again.

USA Chart and transits to USA positions 1. Slow-moving planets are transiting at 13 Cardinal and/or 28 fixed, impacting the USA Sun, or such planets are impacting the USA progressed Sun. First check out the chart of transits to the USA Sun, at left (click to enlarge). You might wave off any effects from large asteroid Vesta and Dwarf Planet Ceres soon assembling at 28 Leo and 28 Aquarius (especially if you didn't know Vesta can warn of disasters), and I can appreciate you might not understand the unnamed object designated 2002 MS4 at 12 Capricorn (it appears to indicate researching and intellectual inquiry, and its opposition to USA's Sun here reminds of the current president's rejection and assault on Science). But of most importance for the USA is the position of Dwarf Planet Sedna, the slowest significantly large planetary body in our solar system. There's no fooling around with Sedna, which packs a potent Saturn-Neptune combo punch.

Dwarf Planet Sedna, Slow and Relentless

Sedna, discovered last decade, has a grindingly slow orbit around the sun of 11,408 years, and is about nine times the size of Chiron and nearly half Pluto's diameter. Analysis of natal and event charts has revealed Sedna represents determination and steadfastedness (supportive), as well as hopelessness, suffering, and despair (challenging). Details for this interpretation are in my Sedna article, based on its book chapter in More Plutos, but looking at those keywords it may not surprise that Sedna, all by itself, could indicate longterm or severe illness.

USA Chart sec. progression on April 4, 1841, death of William Henry Harrison Sedna hard aspects are in fact involved in the USA's first serious presidential illness, specifically in the case of the first president to die in office, William Henry Harrison. The USA's chart when secondarily progressed to Harrison's untimely death (he was only president for a month) shows the USA progressed Sun opposed p. Sedna. Harrison's unexpected death sent the country into a slight tailspin. No one had imagined how an emergency transfer of power to the vice president would be effected. Some thought the vice president to be an "acting" president and that another election should be held. The U.S. government had to hurredly work all these things out.

USA Chart and transits to USA positions (biwheel) on August 2, 1923, death of Warren HardingSedna again figures years later when in 1923, President Warren Harding passed away as transiting Sedna squared the USA Sun. There's even some mystery as to his death due to the fact that his wife had him cremated without an autopsy. He had been ill, but what exactly was the cause? Without an autopsy, no one would know for sure. Harding had a mistress by whom he had a child — perhaps that had something to do with it?

USA Chart sec. progression on October 9, 2020, as Donald Trump battles COVID-19This brings us to today and back to secondary progression, as now the USA p. Sun is conjunct USA p. Sedna. This weighty conjunction was exact in mid-January 2020 as Trump was in the middle of his impeachment proceedings, which had cast a pall over his presidency, but he also was aware of the coming virus threat and its lethality. Back in January, this Sedna conjunction looked truly disturbing but it made sense to think it signified Trump might be removed, as in 1974, when USA p. Sun semisquared p. Sedna as Nixon was run out of office. But back then we had Republicans who stood up to an unlawful president. This time, it was more important for GOP Senators to please their voting Republican base. They thought they dodged a bullet, but in fact, they handed the country back to an inept president just as the deadly COVID-19 virus was ready to pounce.

In fact, you might notice that the USA is having a double whammy with Sedna, as while the USA chart shows the Sedna-Sun conjunction in progression, in the first chart we examined, transiting Sedna (28 Tau 28) closely semisquares the USA Sun (13 Can 19). While you might dismiss that as "just a semisquare," remember, Sedna is slow. A Sedna semisquare lasts years and acts like a vise from which you cannot easily escape.

Trump's Inaugural Progressed to a Big Bummer

USA Chart and transits to USA positions - click image for full biwheel 2. Trump's Inaugural chart (progressed) shows a really nasty aspect. When an individual is facing an approaching progressed Moon conjunct p. Saturn, it's no picnic. Trump's Inaugural, which kicked off his presidency, has finally reached the bottom, as when it was revealed he had contracted the Coronavirus, his Inaugural Chart's p. Moon (23 Sag 26) reached the Inaugural event's Saturn (23 Sag 30). Now, p. Moon will soon pass the event's p. Saturn (23 Sag 53) on October 15. Again, seen as happening concurrent with the USA chart's troublesome aspects, this emphasizes that America faces some terrible trial, and we must be prepared to grit our teeth and bear it.

Pence Standing By

Mike Pence progressed chart to Oct. 4, 2020 - click image for full biwheel 3. Mike Pence looks like he could serve however briefly as U.S. President, but seems less fortunate than other vice presidents who served out another’s term. So either he briefly steps in (this weekend the transiting Sun is trine his Sun) or if Trump becomes more incapacitated, or is somehow removed for erratic behavior due to medication or the illness, Pence could serve the next few months.

His progression looks the most supportive of his “dream coming true” of being the President (shown at right; click to enlarge), with his p. Sun sextile his natal Sun, and p. Venus very closely square his n. Sun — and about to go retrograde, so it will be there for years! Usually you see a Jupiter or Venus trine signalling the transition of awesome presidential power to the vice president, either transiting or in progression. One thing Pence does still have in common with President Ford when he ascended to the presidency after Nixon's removal, is both have negative Neptune transits to Sun (chart not shown, but Neptune is at 18 Pisces so you can see how that would affect his setup). Pence's is especially ignominious, square his Sun, MercuryRx, and likely Moon (time of birth is speculated at 1 a.m.). Pence's unfathomable obsequiousness to Trump — which is why 1 a.m. seems apt for his time of birth, as it puts his Moon directly under President Trump's n. Sun, a combination usually resulting in the Moon person being subordinate or completely under the spell of the Sun person — has cast a long shadow over Pence's reputation and political future, whether he realizes it or not.

Transits and Progression of the Elephant in the Room

Donald Trump, secondary progression as of Oct. 9, 2020 - click image for full chart 4. Trump’s transits and progression aren’t Nixonian but they are worrisome. While looking for Nixonian aspects made sense when impeachment was the concern, this metric no longer applies. But does Trump look in trouble? Yes.

Looking first at the long-term view that Secondary Progression displays (at left; click to enlarge), you see Trump facing disappointment to say the least:

His progressed Moon is just starting to square his entire natal Sun Stellium and its opposing natal Moon. Since the stellium resides from 17-23 Gemini/Sagitarrius, that will go on for the next six months.

Right now, p. Moon is semisquare p. Saturn. That's like a reinforcement of the Inaugural's p. Moon conjunct p. Saturn!

p. Sun is still closely semisquare p. Makemake. It makes sense he is acting like his hair is on fire with this figure in force. With Makemake harsh aspects, if you've pushed your luck for 70+ years, right now you very likely are living in a state of extreme panic.

p. Mars is minutes away from semisquare natal Mars. In other words, this has been too close for comfort for a year or more, as Mars in progression moves pretty darn slow. This is probably progression's counterpart of transiting Sedna square his Mars, described below.

Donald Trump, transits to his natal as of Oct. 9, 2020 - click image for full biwheel Trump's transits don't mitigate the trouble we see elsewhere.

Looking at the biwheel of transits on Oct. 9, 2020, there's little good news.

Transiting Sedna has squared his n. Mars for 4 years, and now is going after his Ascendant. Trump has bridled on all the restrictions of the government inhibiting him. It ain't over.

Transiting Neptune is squaring HIS Gemini Stellium. Maybe Pence and he will get an apartment together.

Transiting Uranus has been slowly and painfully semisquare his n. Sun and sesquiquadrate his n. Moon. Mercury has joined this party in opposition to Uranus. And tomorrow, Oct. 9, both will tightly square his natal Pluto. If all that wasn't bad enough, Mercury is about to go retrograde at 11 Scorpio, so it will sesq/semisq that Sun-Moon natal Eclipse two more times (as will Uranus).

It's almost a given that Donald Trump will become extremely upset tomorrow, on Oct. 9, 2020. That's when the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 will be announced, and it is damned unlikely President Trump will be that winner. He covets this award because Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He covets reelection because Obama was reelected, and that hope is dimming. This is what worries me. These mounting disappointments are coming to a head, as his body is fighting a terrible illness. This is stress upon stress upon stress, and looking at these personal transits and everything else, it doesn't bode well.


Unfortunately all the American people can do is watch and hope for the best, hope for better days ahead, and pray for all involved in our government. But I do want to mention how what we are going through reminds me of the 1955 film Mr. Roberts. That Henry Fonda-James Cagney movie, set in World War II, is about the trials and tribulations that the crew of a wartime supply ship had with their demanding and demeaning captain, played by James Cagney. His character, Capt. Morton, was inordinately ambitious to be recognized and rewarded. He especially cherished a token prize he received of a potted palm that he watered every day. That award meant more to him than all the men on board, whom he despised and delighted in punishing. Henry Fonda's character Mr. Roberts strived to protect the men and see to their needs, but the captain stymied such efforts at every turn. And then, one fine day, the War was near its end, and a light bulb went off in Mr. Robert's head. Watch what happened next, enjoy, and be strengthened:

Mr. Roberts heeds the call to "Root Out Evil"
Captain Morton reacts

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