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Spotlight on Marco Rubio

By Sue Kientz

The first in a long, long series...

Posted 19 Feb 2016, 11 p.m. PST

I love the run-up to a presidential election because when you look up the chart of someone who's running for president, and you see something in progression or in transit that looks troublesome, 99 times out of 100, you get to see that play out in public and can get that gratifying feeling, "Yes, this stuff really works."

The one person in 100, unfortunately, is probably a person like Marco Rubio, who will be our study today. It's not him personally, but the fact that Senator Rubio has quite a bit of Neptune and Neptune-like planetoids prominent in his natal chart. That's not necessarily deception, but it most definitely suggests privacy or some masking of one's interior processes.

That's a little troublesome for those of us who enjoy following the primaries. Americans by and large want to know who they are voting for. We want the truth, the story, the nitty-gritty, and luckily the media is happy to satisfy that, sometimes to the Nth degree.

There hasn't been too much on Marco Rubio, however, and that may be for a number of reasons

  • Trump has such a huge personality that everyone's busy covering the Big Kookoo Bird.
  • Rubio has yet to reach even second place in polls, voting, or caucus results, although this might change with the South Carolina Republican Primary, due to vote on Feb. 20. Once you threaten to break through to or near the top, not just the media will be after you; your opponents will start madly digging for any dirt.
  • There's still too many Republicans in the race, so many are waiting for the field to winnow down, to do the real research.
  • Rubio looks too "normal" and somewhat wholesome compared to these other guys, so he's been passed over as perhaps too tame a subject.

Now, if the media had a nifty Personality X-ray machine, they would certainly wind it up and point it at each of these characters running for the highest office in the land. That's where we astrologers can step up, because we have that cool widget: it's called the Solar System, the ultimate GPS view of our world. And it has some great features, like Natal Charts, Secondary Progression, and Transits to your Personal Planets which give a plethora of in-depth views on people. So let's check it out!

Marco Rubio, Who are You?

Marco Rubio Sun Diagram Marco Rubio's Birth Sun and its angular relationships. The full wheel of Rubio's birth is found at the bottom of this article (9 a.m. is my own rectified time, as there is no definitive birth time available). Because we don't have a birth time, house placements can only be guesses. However, by using Dwarf Planets and the largest Asteroids, and focusing on the angles between planets and luminaries, you get very useful information. Diagrams that center on someone's personal planets are the best way to display this, as you will soon appreciate.
  • Sun trine Vesta/Mars. Sun/Vesta in a fortunate trine is the most precise relationship to Rubio's Sun. This would be ideal for a public servant, someone who is devoted to work, who is willing and able to "clean up" what has fallen into disarray. With Mars there, those problems can be really troublesome, perhaps even violent or disturbing, but also Sun trine Mars is someone who can manifest his will and get things moving.
  • Sun square Haumea (H). Almost at odds with Sun trine Mars, is Sun square Haumea. Transformation (H) is difficult, challenging. Perhaps it's good he has a fortunately framed Sun/Mars, to help him tackle what Haumea brings. I'll come back to this important element in his chart in a moment.
  • Sun opposite Jupiter/Neptune. How are we to interpret this major life influence? Which of these objects is the noun, and which the adjective? Does he have a very cosmopolitan view of other people (Jupiter), that is spiritual and inclusive (Neptune)? Or does he deceive people (Neptune), in a really, really big way (Jupiter)? I don't know the answer to this, but it's something for us to keep watch for, how this is manifesting for Rubio.
  • Sun sextile TC302. Again with the Neptune object! You may be unfamiliar with 2002 TC302, but this Trans-Neptunian is very resonant with that grand Wrangler of the Kuiper belt, Neptune. For every solar 2 orbits TC302 completes, Neptune orbits the sun five times. A 5:2 resonance is a powerful tie to a larger object; Pluto is 3:2 resonant with Neptune, and you know how sneaky and underhanded Pluto-types can be, very Neptunian if you think about it.
         So TC indicates something hidden, something inaccessible, and Rubio has a talent for this, is supported by well-meaning or deliberate deception or a veiled component in his life. We can guess what this might mean, but perhaps we just need to keep an eye out for it. Certainly this could mean a scandal brewing, something that could derail his campaign, like what happened with Herman Cain or John Edwards in years past. Or it could be something mysterious of a higher level, a spiritual or artistic dimension that is at work in Marco, and that no one fully appreciates. Rubio has professed a strong faith, but how many of us may be too jaded to take that at face value?
  • Sun trine Uranus. Rubio is a smart guy, and not in a troublesome way (even Sun conjunct Uranus should make you wary — think Bernie Madoff). This figure is points in his favor.
  • Sun conjunct Varuna (V)/Ceres. The applying Sun/Ceres conjunction is a marker of his love of home. The conjunction perfected in progression about 1985, when after six years living out west and attending Mormon instead of Catholic church services, his family returned to Miami and he resumed attending mass.
         Sun/Varuna contacts are common with people who use words to their advantage, be they writers and speakers at one end of the spectrum, or con-men and liars at the other. The conjunction being in Gemini could signal a duplicitous quality, but that could also indicate someone able to see and express both sides of issues. Rubio has published several writings and, as a lawyer, is surely facile with the written word and the art of argument.
  • Sun semisquare Orcus. When Republicans aren't showing personal planets in contact with Saturn, they often show contact with rule-loving Orcus. The semisquare isn't the ideal, and could even garner criticism from conservatives. But we shall soon see that his natal Orcus placement has become quite useful as he embarks on his quest to be president.

Should we worry about a Sun/Haumea President?

We have had presidents with Sun square Haumea, twice, in the early 20th Century. Each faced daunting challenges: Woodrow Wilson (Sun 7 Cap 47 square Haumea 8 Aries 32) and Herbert Hoover (Sun 18 Leo 19 square Haumea 18 Tau 55). Wilson led the country at the outbreak of the first World War, and Hoover presided during the 1929 Stock Market crash and resulting Great Depression. Hoover was helpless to solve his disaster; Wilson ended the war, but so unsatisfactorily that World War II became inevitable.

Other Haumea presidents:

  • Washington — (Sun sesquiquadrate H) risked his life for the nascent USA, saw many dead and dying along the way (e.g., Valley Forge); created the office of president
  • Jefferson — (Sun opposite H) transformed the country substantially through the Louisiana Purchase (more than doubling the nation)
  • Jackson — (Sun trine H) faced with an expanding U.S. populace, he was not shy about clearing away Native American settlements, sending many to their deaths in the process
  • Nixon — (Sun opposite H) opened up dealings with China; first president forced to resign
  • Ford — (Sun conjunct H) summarily decided the nation should move on from Nixon's scandal by pardoning him; first president to serve without being elected (not even as Vice President)
  • Clinton — (Sun conjunct H) was put on trial by Congress for lying about an affair, but was aquitted; led country through tech and WWW revolution

Granted, Sun square Haumea is no picnic. Offhand when I think of Sun sq. H, the "Crack-smoking mayor of Toronto" Rob Ford and Nicole Brown Simpson come to mind, and those are on the positive side (murderer of Lennon, Mark David Chapman, is a worse example). But we have had presidents with such a figure. So they had pretty rotten luck. Third time might be a charm! More on this topic later.

Rubio Mercury/Venus Diagram Rubio's Mercury/Venus and Mars Relationships. While Rubio's core is in Gemini near Ceres and Varuna, his other personal planets are in dramatic relationship in the fixed signs.
  • Mercury/Venus conjunction in Taurus gives him the ability to please, to socialize and engage others. He enjoys people, luxury, physical comforts. This would be a clear advantageous trait, depending on what surrounds this conjunction...
  • Mercury/Venus square Mars/North Node/2007 OR10. Mercury/Venus square Mars adds a passionate or even a forced willfulness to his social ability. Rubio is a good looking and well-spoken guy, but ever notice how he talks too fast, too smoothly, like he's in a race to get his message out? He's memorized it, he's got it down, and now if he could just "ram it down your throat" (strangely, one of his frequent turns of phrase).
         Mars is also conjunct the North Node and OR10 adding more importance to his will, and sensitivity (OR10) that he puts forth what he desires in just the right way.
  • Mercury/Venus square Makemake. It's hard to see how this figure is represented in Rubio's life. One suspects he has had some odd or unusual relationships. Note this also means that Mars opposes Makemake, which for a conservative Republican politician, would suggest some unconservative leanings. If Marco makes his way to the top of the pack, it will be interesting to see what the increased media focus brings to the surface of what now seems a relatively placid lifestyle and typical family life.
  • Mercury/Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto. Like the square to Makemake, this irritant contact with Pluto does not clearly relate to the life story we have heard. Pluto is also sesquiquadrate Mars, adding to the mystery.
  • Mercury/Venus trine Haumea, slightly wide but another Haumea contact, to emphasize the Sun/Haumea theme. While he's rapidly putting forth his message, his Haumea trait is actually making a difference, is changing your mind?
  • Mercury/Venus sextile Edison/Juno. Expect that his wife (Juno) has helped put him in the right direction (Edison), many times, and maybe inspired ideas for him, behind the scenes.

Marco Rubio, Progressed to the Present

Now on the eve of the South Carolina GOP primary, is Rubio ready for presidential primetime? What does secondary progression say?

Rubio's Sun progressed to SC GOP Primary Rubio's Sun, progressed to the February 20 GOP Presidential Primary. I find it surprising that there's not more here in progression to indicate this man is running to be president. One needs a lot of support, money, talent, encouragement, and God knows what else. I would not guess that this person is aiming for such high office at this time.
  • p. Sun conjunct p. Orcus. One thing Rubio has going for him — the Republicans sorely need a solid, prepared candidate, not tainted by any scandal, and with government experience. Marco is as close as they have right now, to this "ideal" (Orcus) candidate. Orcus wants to be perfect, to be the mainstream choice, to be the one who instills Order. Rubio could feel like his moment is upon him, that he fits the bill.
  • p. Sun trine p. Jupiter. This figure is incredibly fortunate, but it's too early, years from fruition. We'll come back to this combo later, when it's "time."
  • p. Sun square p. Eris/p. Chiron. Not sure what happened 5-6 years back, other than his election to the Senate, but this seems like some misstep or trial, perhaps his stance against normalizing relations with Cuba (with Eris/the Other involved); unsure if this somehow impacts Marco's chances. Or immigration stance, with Eris? Did some relationship (Eris) back then, teach him a difficult lesson (Chiron)?
  • p. Sun semisquare p. Varuna/Saturn. Here's another problematic element, but again, I'd estimate from two years in the past. This might be something that has yet to be revealed, but since it's separating in influence, it should not make a pressing difference.

Rubio Mercury progressed to SC GOP Primary Rubio's Mercury, progressed to Feb 20 GOP Presidential Primary. If his Sun is somewhat unremarkable, except that he LOOKS LIKE he's the perfect Republican insider candidate (p. Sun/Orcus), what might his Mercury reveal? Except for a Pluto run-in, nothing anytime soon, and even that is more than a year from exactitude.
  • p. Mercury semisquare p. Pluto. If Rubio fails at his bid, the timing of this completion in 2017 could be the mental anguish of "I should have done this, I should have done that ..." ad infinitum.
  • p. Mercury conjunct p. Makemake. This figure which relates to the next two, since all will happen at once when Mercury reaches this T-square, is perhaps hard to figure right now. But late summer/fall 2018, not only does the T-square perfect, p. Moon does an easy-opposition from Aries, mediating that Mercury/Makemake and the North Node. Will be interesting!
  • p. Mercury opposite p. North Node In other words, p. Mercury will be slapped by the p. South Node's tail. I'd worry about what I might say, if I were him in late 2018.
  • p. Mercury square p. Pallas. Pallas is the warrior and hero. Maybe whatever battle he'll tackle in a few years, will benefit Veterans or the troops. Certainly Congress needs to see to cleaning up the mess the VA has created, and someone with his fortunate Sun trine Vesta/Mars could do just that.

Rubio Mars progressed to SC GOP Primary Rubio's Mars, progressed to Feb 20 GOP Presidential Primary. Here is where I see Rubio's particular failure lurking at this time.
  • p. Mars (stationing) conjunct 2002 TX300/2007 OR10. Mars is caught between two potent Dwarfs, but won't unite with the Lord of TV screens (TX) as Mars soon turns retrograde, back to a union with hypersensitive OR10. Not a promising about-face, for someone aiming for a job in the public eye.
  • p. MarsS square p. Jupiter. Mars will not perfect the square to Jupiter (which could have been a fortunate contact, with Jupiter involved), due to the stationing and subsequent retrograde motion. Lost opportunity?
  • p. MarsS sesquiquadrate p. Uranus. This figure will no longer complete as Mars has changed direction. This could be a good miss, but certainly NOW does not show an exciting change.
  • p. MarsS sesquiquadrate p. Venus. This is the closest figure for Mars, and it will complete. One could venture that Money or Relationships is going to trip Rubio up. We can only wait to see what is revealed, whether some trouble in campaigning, his finances, or some other personal contact, short-circuits Rubio's ambitions for 2016.

Transits to Rubio Personal Planets

Perhaps more details are available in transiting bodies and their relationship to Rubio's chart. While Progression shows the general flowering of the individual, in Transits you get the fine detail, e.g., of when you'll badly stub your toe.

Transits to Marco Rubio's Sun at SC GOP Primary
  • Rubio's Sun squares a powerful transiting opposition: Sun/OR10/Ceres/Neptune versus Orcus. Take your pick as to how Rubio seems caught between two competing forces: Establishment Republicans (Orcus) vs. Trump, Cruz (who sees himself as establishment/Orcus) vs. Trump, Trump (who sees himself as Perfect/Orcus) vs. the World, and so on.
  • Rubio Sun also sesq/semisquare transiting Haumea/Eris/Uranus opposition. Strangely for a Hispanic candidate, he's not pro-immigration, not now anyway. This can't really help him in a general election.
  • Rubio Sun trined by transiting Venus/Mercury/Pallas. The slow guys have a difficult story for Rubio, but right now the faster planets and feisty asteroid Pallas will lift his spirits and give him hope... for now. He will likely do well in the Feb. 20 primary.
  • Rubio Sun trined by transiting Makemake. This will be much more important in his life in 4-5 years, closer to exactitude.

Rubio's Mercury/Venus transits at SC GOP Primary
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus squared by transiting Mercury/Pallas and transiting Moon. While Rubio will benefit from Mercury/Pallas trine his n. Sun, that will also hurt him. Will rising in the minds of many, open some can of worms? Remember that trans. Mercury/Pallas conjuncts his natal Mars at the same time.
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus conjunct by transiting TC302, opposite transiting Juno. With TC approaching his Mercury/Venus, I sense he's either hidden something that will be revealed, which could be detrimental, or — and this could explain all the Neptunian natal indicators — he goes full-out religious right in his appeal. There definitely have been sallies in that direction, and they might get stronger or more pronounced.
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus sesquiquadrate Quaoar (Q). If he does go more spiritual in his campaigning, it's a gamble. Or this might say, whatever he is hiding was a terrible gamble that could haunt him at the worst time.
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus trine Orcus and trine Pluto. These are not close or imminent trines, but they give him the standing he has, which is certainly better than poor Jeb Bush (whose natal Sun is about to get opposed by transiting Mars during SC Primary voting, not good).
  • Rubio's Mars. Again just reminding that Rubio's natal Mars is at 11 Aquarius, so it's being lit up by the T-square of Pallas/Mercury opposite Moon and square Juno. That's a problem.

So Rubio will probably show well in South Carolina, but the planets will keep moving, and those slow objects are a bit troubling for his eventual success. Let's just push the planetary dial forward a little, to just around the end of March:

Marco Rubio transits as of 28 March 2016

  • Rubio Sun opposed by transiting Mars/Moon, among other, slower pressures. Mars will station just after opposing Rubio's Sun. But I will admit, he survived the earlier transiting Saturn opposite his Sun, so maybe this will be just one more mess he is willing to thoroughly accept and clean right up.
  • Rubio's Sun sextile transiting Sun. He squeaks by the attack or flub, somehow, some way.
  • Rubio's Sun getting heat from transiting semisquare Uranus. I would worry that Marco might feel a bit overconfident if he battles back from the Mars opposition to his Sun. That Uranus is not going to stop until it semisquares his n. Sun. That could be the trigger to bring the full force of Haumea/Eris into manifestation. Haumea, remember, is a natal theme of his, and not his friend, as it's square at birth.

Marco Rubio's Mercury/Venus transits as of 28 March 2016
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus opposed by transiting Juno. Juno is going to linger opposite his Mercury/Venus, and perhaps his "partners" in the primary race will start to tag-team against him. It's either that or trouble at home, which we might not hear about, since Rubio has a talent for concealment and privacy.
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus conjuncted by transiting TC302/Vesta. TC will keep gaining ground on Rubio's natal Mercury/Venus pair, which will put some kind of pressure on him to address. With Vesta also approaching, there's work to be done, something serious to handle, but with secretive TC there, the real story may not be forthcoming as yet.
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus sesquiquadrate Quaoar. This gamble isn't going away. Perhaps this is just his grand gamble of running for president, when he looks way too young and talks too fast and in a monotone, which counts against him.
  • Rubio's Mercury/Venus trine transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto. Jupiter will retrograde in a good position to his natal Mercury/Venus, and station just shy of perfection. Pluto is separating trine Merc/Ven, and he wouldn't be in this at all if the Money Pluto represents wasn't there at his disposal.

Just a little further on, towards end of May and near Rubio's birthday, shows another trouble patch:

Marco Rubio's Sun transits for 22 May 2016

Now we have Transiting Pallas square his Sun, as it's involved in full-moon opposition axis of Sun/Vesta and Mars/Moon/Saturn, among other players. Remember Rubio natally has Sun trine Vesta/Mars, so a figure in transit of Sun/Vesta opposite Mars suggests this might be some watershed moment, for good or ill, for Marco Rubio. Will be interesting to see what materializes.

Marco Rubio's Mercury/Venus transits for 22 May 2016 Now you might see why May 22, 2016, seemed a date to check for Rubio.
  • Transiting Mercury stations conjunct Rubio's Mercury/Venus. The cat is perhaps out of the bag. Some news will impact the campaign. Since it's a conjunction, could go either way.
  • Transiting TC302 passes conjunct Rubio's Venus, bearing down on Rubio's Mercury. Again, who knows with TC. He could withdraw with little or no explanation, or be able to continue without the public understanding how he's still in the game.
  • Transiting Jupiter trines Rubio's Mercury/Venus. This could help but Jupiter won't stay here long. By general election, Jupiter is in Libra, although then it would trine his n. Sun. I still don't see him as the main candidate, but if he is unscathed by now, he's a sure choice for VP unless it's Trump doing the choosing (but truly, that seems unlikely).
  • Transiting Neptune sextile Rubio's Mercury/Venus. Another good indicator, an uplift, especially from those in the religious quarter.
  • Transiting Makemake sesquiquadrate Rubio's Mercury. If he's truly a straight arrow, this could mean he's going to have some shockingly good advisors who dream up the most clever ads we will see.
  • Transiting Quaoar sesquiquadrate Rubio's Mercury/Venus. The Great Gamble continues....

If Rubio succeeds being selected as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, and that ticket is elected, or even if he just spends eight more years in the Senate, I think Rubio's chances for becoming president are way more improved in the 2024 election cycle. Check out Marco Rubio, Progressed to July 1, 2024 (wheel chart), which would be just around the Republican National Convention in that year. There you'll see Rubio finally enjoying a completed p. Sun trine p. Jupiter, as well as p. Sun sextile p. Pluto. Nice! (I would like that for myself.)

And perhaps with his natal Sun square Haumea, the timing would be perfect, as in 2024, transiting Pluto finally squares Haumea, something the world hasn't seen since the early 13th century. Marco could be the energetic man who could tangle with the grand Mess, whatever it is, that those two will bring.

Or, with such nice friends like Jupiter and Pluto in progression, maybe he'll lose in 2024, and instead win the Nobel Peace Prize for something else, a la Al Gore. The year 2024 is not a time one will relish being president.

Wheel Charts

Marco Rubio birth
South Carolina Primary Day, 20 February 2016, 11:59 p.m. EST used
Marco Rubio, Progressed to South Carolina GOP Primary
Marco Rubio, Progressed to July 1, 2024, close to that election year's Republican Primary

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