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Spotlight on Hillary Clinton

By Sue Kientz

May the Fourth of the Series be with You

Released: 16 March 2016, 9:30 p.m. PDT

Some astrologers might not admit this, but when we first examine a chart, we look for the big aspects. By that I mean the conjunctions, oppositions, trines, and squares. We want to check out the obvious, the main themes of the person. For this reason, astrologers check what the Sun relationships are, first and foremost. Then one might inspect Mercury, to see how the person thinks, followed by Mars, to see how they outwardly act. The signs and houses give good information, certainly, but as Johannes Kepler believed, how the planetary "players" of the chart interact tells so much, and that gives us a core understanding of the person being scrutinized.

This doesn't mean, however, that one throws out the sextiles, semisquares and sesquiquadrates. Those bring in detail too, even if they are the "little siblings" of trines and squares. Using that same reasoning, I argue that we must include the halfling relations of the large planets: the large Asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, and the substantial-sized Dwarf Planets like Pluto, Eris, Makemake, and Haumea in the Kuiper Belt and beyond.

This is especially necessary to properly understand a presidential candidate like Hillary Clinton. If you don't use Dwarfs and Asteroids, you miss 90 percent of Secretary Clinton's major Sun relationships, because all you then have is a wide Sun trine Uranus. That means if you are a medievalist or a Vedic, you could declare her Sun unaspected! You would be totally blind to some very valuable information.

So far in this series we have focused on the Dwarf Planets in the charts of the candidates, but once you see Hillary's diagrams (wheel charts offered at the end), you will appreciate why this article centers on the helpful Asteroids. A standard selection is to use the first four discovered: Ceres (now considered a Dwarf Planet), Pallas, Juno, and Vesta. You'll also see Hygeia included this round, as it is larger than Juno and pops up in several key instances. If you're rusty on your Asteroids, you can jump to the Asteroid Interlude below to get up to speed. Finally, past presidents who also had asteroid-infused natals (as well as Dwarfs) will be mentioned to illustrate what this second President Clinton would be like.

The Hidden Hillary

Hillary Clinton Sun Diagram Hillary Clinton's Birth Sun and its angular relationships. While there's some uncertainty about Hillary's birth time, I find the 8:02 a.m. more plausible than the alternates proposed/reported. Read about the confusion at Hillary Clinton.

Generally I can't see HRC as anything but an eastern-hemisphere person, in charge of her own destiny. But what confirmed 8:02 a.m. for me was progressing it to her mother's death on Nov. 1, 2011. At that time, p. Sun (7 Cap 02) is sesquiquadrate p. Saturn (22 Leo 05) near exact, and p. Mercury (4 Cap 09) sesquiquadrate p. Haumea (19 Leo 59). The latter configuration shows her cut off (Haumea) from a key confidant (Mercury) who helped her think and parse her world.

  • Sun opposite Ceres/Varuna (V). Sun opposite Ceres is the closest major Sun aspect Hillary has, and from reading her bios, you soon find out how important her mother Dorothy Rodham was in shaping her daughter's life and worldview. Varuna here is change/creating via The Word, as her mother stimulated her intellectually, encouraging her to read and study, something Dorothy's own mother failed to do. In her later years, Mrs. Rodham lived with Hillary and often discussed the events of the day with her when she came home from the State Dept. Clinton has said that her mother's influence and the story of her emotionally deprived early life, led Hillary to devote herself to children's concerns — you can't get more Ceres-focused than that.
  • Sun square 2007 OR10. The unnamed large object OR10 (weeping heart icon) is found in individuals who have a deep sensitivity. The square would suggest this is problematic, but not if the person decides that being compassionate is part of their job (square).
        Only one past president had natal Sun sq. OR10, Woodrow Wilson, who guided many progressive legislative policies through Congress. He helped pass laws like one that limited railroad workers to eight-hour days. Wilson also endorsed the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. He devoted himself to promoting global democracy, and for his sponsorship of the League of Nations, Wilson was awarded the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize. Not a shabby president to resemble.
  • Sun sesquiquadrate 2002 TC302. Here's another candidate this electoral season with the Neptunian-like TC influencing the Sun. To recap, we have Rubio (Sun sextile TC), Ted Cruz (Sun sq. TC), and Bernie Sanders (Sun opp. TC). Hillary is yet another one, and we're not done yet (hint, hint).
        President Obama is the only president with Sun sesq. TC, and if Neptunian means you can keep a secret, he certainly did during the hunt for Osama Bin Laden (who had Sun conj. TC! OBL hid pretty effectively, too). Does Hillary have secrets? Will she be brought down by an e-mail server? If she had the square or opposition, there might be reason to be concerned for a personal scandal. But the irritation of the 135 degree angle is more the constant litany of opposition attacks and insinuations of scandal she and her husband have endured for years. This is what Obama has had to put up with, persistent claims he was born in Kenya and that he's a Muslim, despite well documented evidence to the contrary.
  • Sun sextile Juno. Irregardless of Bill's affairs and failings as a husband, you must admit that one of Hillary's strengths is the fact that her husband is a former president. Bill Clinton is now more popular and well-liked than ever, and his support is vital to her reaching her most cherished goals. This indeed is a partnership (Juno) that was worth weathering its bad times.
  • Sun trine Uranus/Hygeia. One of her early successes with health care (Hygeia) was when as First Lady, she helped advance passage of the State Children's Health Initiative Program that provided coverage for uninsured children. Her larger efforts in health care reform in those years, however, failed. The Sun/Uranus trine shows Hillary is quite smart and accomplished intellectually. Health care concerns probably remain a favorite issue of hers, so perhaps she could more successfully improve the existing law.
  • Sun trine Pallas. Hillary spends a lot of time during her campaign promising to "fight" for the American people, and complains of the battles she has had deflecting Republican attacks. The former Secretary of State is indeed a motivated campaigner, and recalling how she very unwillingly suspended her campaign in 2008, I don't see her giving up this time, come hell, high water, or the ubiquitous Donald Trump.
  • Sun square Vesta. Every public servant, especially one who contemplates grappling with colossal issues like defeating ISIS, slowing climate change, improving the U.S. economy in the face of fleeing manufacturing jobs and other businesses, should have Sun/Vesta in challenging aspect. Sun/Vesta people bear down and work until the job is done. They are used to disasters, and certainly we can name a few Hillary endured. But as she herself has said, she knows what it's like to be knocked down. You want someone who will always get back up and keep going. Vesta is dogged; see below for some Vesta Presidents, as well as other U.S. Commanders in Chief with Asteroids.

Asteroids: Symbolic of Service

Demetra George suggested Virgo rules the Asteroid Belt in Asteroid Goddesses. The community of asteroids, positioned between Mars and Jupiter, fits well as Virgoans, since the position suggests a focus between will/energy and philosophy. They represent the desire for something more of life, and the striving to attain the knowledge or experience necessary to reach that goal. This describes the apprentice, the person who serves to gain knowledge.

Named asteroids can provide detail, but you must find a limit. In More Plutos, I explained how valuable the largest Trans-Neptunians are; similarly, the most massive main-belt Asteroids (including Dwarf Planet Ceres) bring vital dimensions to birth and event charts. This requires that you determine a cut-off size, so your chart can remain focused. The first four discovered in the Asteroid Belt, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno, are typically grouped together and most often used in charts. But note that Hygiea (the "Staff of Asclepius" icon, symbol of medical or healing arts), the 10th discovered, is larger than Juno, and warrants careful consideration.

Asteroids mimic the personal planets, but they function in a more impersonal way. The large asteroids show people filling in for what may be missing in their personal life or that of others, and therefore "serve" or help to make people whole or supported.

  • Ceres is a mother figure, similar to the Moon, but indicates someone acting as a mother, like a foster parent, nanny, cook, or caregiver.
  • Pallas fights for right, much like Mars, but not selfishly (when well placed). Pallas is prominent in the charts of security guards, police, military figures, baseball players (they "hit" home runs, which is good!), drummers, and pianists (the piano, after all, is a percussive instrument). On the dark side, you may find terrorists, abortion-clinic bombers, and rogue cops with hard Pallas aspects.
  • Vesta works, cleans, puts things right, similar to facilities personnel, disaster response teams, and workers in general. One could link Vesta to Mercury in the latter's co-rulership of Virgo, representative of "the little people" who work behind the scenes of many enterprises.
  • Juno partners, helps one-on-one. Certainly this is the Asteroid Belt's Venus, and most expect it to represent marriage, but it symbolizes marriage as a role, not the romantic side. Juno can also be a business partner, running mate, and even vice president. Example: Dick Cheney had Juno (4 Virg 01) closely conjunct his Ascendant (3 Virg 00).
  • Hygiea points to issues with health, medicine, and healing, and its indications range from bouts of illness to careers in health care. Hygeia has a Sun-like action (since Sun is the life giver) in its relationship to health. For example, Hygeia appears in the chart for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), passed on March 23, 2010, with Mercury (11 Ari 58) trine Hygeia (11 Leo 32). At the time, Hygeia was also conjunct Obama's Sun (12 Leo 32). In addition, the U.S. progressed Hygiea (15 Sco 15) was trine U.S. p. Jupiter (15 Can 35), a figure that will persist for years, as the progressed U.S. Sun (now at 11 Pisces) applies to join them in a grand trine. In this way, we can expect that American health care will continue to improve, due to govermental action. Even Republicans no longer say they'll just get rid of Obamacare, but rather that they will repeal and replace the legislation.

Which Presidents show us Asteroids at work, for good or ill? Specifically, who does Hillary Clinton resemble in her particular Asteroid figures?

  • Abe Lincoln: Sun/Pallas semisquare Vesta. Lincoln was a wartime president. He was not happy going to war, but it was his unenviable job (semi-square Vesta), to attempt to save the Union. Lincoln kept close tabs on his generals, and in many ways earned the Pallas identity in his involvement in the Civil War. Whoever becomes president in 2017 will inherit the war on ISIS, so positive Pallas qualities would be invaluable.
  • Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman: both Sun square Vesta. FDR and Truman became presidents during times of crisis, and were adept at tackling those problems, no matter the challenge. Roosevelt inherited the Great Depression, followed only a few years later by war in Europe and Asia. Truman was faced with picking up the reins of leadership when FDR died, and had the awful duty of ordering the atomic bombing of Japan to end World War II. They were tested at every turn, and yet persevered.
  • Bill Clinton: Sun sextile Juno, and trine Pallas — identical aspects to Hillary! One can't help but wonder how Bill or Hillary could have Sun sextile Juno, when their marriage has been beset by his numerous affairs. But that's the nature of Juno: it's a job, a contract to which you are committed. There is another reason they are partners, beyond the intellectual and initial sexual attraction. Regarding Sun trine Pallas, both Bill and Hillary are stalwart campaigners, another example of "fighting" for a cause.
  • George W. Bush: Sun square Juno, and opposite Pallas. As a contrast, George W has less favorable placements of asteroids. His vice president did all the work (square Juno) and some joke that Cheney was the acting president. The opposition to Pallas brings to mind the debacle of the Iraq war, not very well prosecuted if in fact it should have been initiated at all.

Hillary Mercury Diagram Hillary Clinton's Mercury/Venus Relationships. You can understand the people who dislike Hillary when you get a load of her stationing Mercury, albeit conjunct Venus, but in Scorpio and square Saturn and Pluto/Mars. Without the Dwarfs and Asteroids, this is a shocking figure. Yes, yes, that trine to Pisces Moon, but it's hair-raising to see this dynamo of a loaded fixed-sign square. But I ask you: what did you expect would make up a woman who wants to be President? You need someone who can cut through the crap, take names, kick butt and still be heard in a raucous, crowded rally.
  • MercuryS/Venus conjunct in Scorpio. Despite her strong persona and forceful verbal delivery (Mercury), you don't forget Hillary is a woman (Venus).
  • MercuryS/Venus trine Moon/TC302. Clinton has a real talent for connecting with people on an emotional level, even as she maintains a mystique (Venus trine TC). Venus/TC may also represent the questions many still have about the Clinton marriage and how it really works.
  • MercuryS/Venus trine Makemake/Vesta. Here's another asset for her: she's had some incredibly useful yet unique (Makemake) jobs (Vesta). Other candidates at best have one or two big titles or achievements, whereas Clinton has been a senator, secretary of state, and even has already lived in the White House for eight years. Who can beat that?
  • MercuryS sesquiquadrate Eris, sesquiquadrate Hygeia. Hillary certainly has had a lot of time to think about what went wrong with health care when she championed it in the 1990s. Perhaps she will have better luck improving an already existing program. Her Mercury stirred by Eris (Others) and Hygeia (Health issues) strongly suggest this is something that remains on her mind.
  • MercuryS semisquare Quaoar (Q), Quaoar gambles, plays, experiments, and dares. These are perfect qualities for a politician. If you don't enjoy the game, you won't play it well.
  • MercuryS/Venus sextile TX300. Hillary understands the media and, for the most part, they make her look good.
  • MercuryS/Venus opposite North Node. With all her verbal gifts, Hillary is polarizing. There are people who will never "like" Clinton, which is something she probably has accepted, and with all that Scorpio/Leo, has probably shrugged off.
  • MercuryS/Venus square Mars/Pluto, Haumea, and Saturn. Whoa, Nellie! Indeed, here's the big bad wolf and, as I said before, this multi-object square belies terrifying challenges for Hillary. What are we to make of it? Is the Mars/Pluto-Saturn-Haumea stellium part of HER, or might it also represent difficult obstacles she has faced? If she is still standing with such a burden as this, and has enough energy and drive to even run for the highest office of the land, perhaps this is the person who could actually deal with the threats facing the U.S. in this troubled decade.

Hillary's Mars Diagram Hillary Clinton's Mars Relationships. While this knot of heavy hitters in mid-Leo looked pretty troublesome when viewed from the vantage point of Clinton's Mercury/Venus, once we square off with it head-on, we find there's some support here, and important qualifications.
  • Mars stellium in Leo, with close conjunction to Pluto, wider with Haumea/Saturn. Leo makes this group look pretty darn selfish. Mars/Pluto tight and applying signals that Hillary tends to turn on the pressure whenever she moves to act. She wields great power, and this includes power to transform (Haumea) structures (Saturn).
  • Mars group square Mercury/Venus and Chiron. While this was discussed in the Mercury section, from this perspective, you notice the Chiron element. She gets the pain. This isn't easy for her, to make her choices and act. Chiron mitigates Mars/Pluto, which could run amok if, say, it were trine or sextile Jupiter or Uranus. When you grant that, you can see that monetary concerns (Venus) inhibit that Mars/Pluto drive. She knows she'd have to explain (Mercury) any pure power play. These two groups are positioned to regulate one another, and modulate that incredible Mars/Pluto/Haumea/Saturn juggernaut.
  • Mars/Pluto sextile Neptune/Ixion (IX). If the serious brakes are in place from the Mercury group, Neptune and rule-breaker Ixion firmly support her intentions and desires. Hillary plans big, far-reaching effects (Neptune), and frankly is not afraid to go where no woman has gone before. If anyone can break the ultimate glass ceiling, this is the gal.
  • Mars/Pluto sesquiquadrate Juno. Clinton's personal power is such, that any marriage would endure strain. As this is also Pluto sesq. Juno, it's a testament of her resolve that she has not completely given up and filed for divorce.
  • Mars group trine Sedna. Mars and its cohorts here in usually self-centered Leo, are redeemed by the trine from devoted, sacrificing Sedna. This Dwarf Planet, with the longest planetary orbit (~11,400 years), is the model of steadfastness. Here is how Clinton's marriage endures, and how she has persisted in her attempts at attaining the presidency. She has an iron will (the hefty Mars group), buttressed by faith (Sedna), as much as it is defined by her vision and values (Mercury/Venus).
  • Mars group square North Node. North Node's position is included more to highlight its relationship to the Leo stellium's Haumea/Saturn component. This is more a generational factor, one of the need for governmental (Saturn) reform (Haumea) at odds with the general public. How does one effect such reforms when people continue to vote against their interests?

Hillary Clinton, Progressed to the March 15 Primaries

Hillary Clinton has wanted to be president for a long time, if reports from former White House staffers are true. She relented in her run in 2008 in the face of Obama's surprise popularity, but only after enormous pressure was brought to bear. Is this her time? Secondary progression should show us if she is indeed on track.

Clinton's Sun and Mercury progressed to March 15 primaries Hillary's Sun and Mercury progress to conjunction during this campaign, becoming exact shortly before the election. Something is obviously culminating in her career.
  • p. Sun conjunct p. Mercury. Someone running to be president might be well served with progressed Mercury catching up with p. Sun in Capricorn. What you have thought about, planned for, lived to see in your mind (all Mercury), comes to life (Sun), and it's career-related (Capricorn).
  • p. Sun/Mercury trine p. Mars. This progressed trine came to perfection when she was Secretary of State, about six months after Bin Laden was killed. Her acceptance of this role in the Obama administration was an excellent career move, keeping her in the public eye and giving her extensive foreign policy contacts and experience.
  • p. Sun/Mercury sextile p. Pallas. Clinton enjoyed the completions of both this and the Mars progressed trine, during her stint in the State Department. As this was just separating, she negotiated a cease-fire in Gaza in late 2012.
        As a side note, the Sept. 2012 attack in Benghazi occurred during this p. Sun/Mars/Pallas easy opposition. Her p. Moon was separating from conjunct p. Pluto (and n. Mars), and was supported by sextile to p. Ixion and trine to p. Jupiter. No squares or semisquares/sesquiquadrates were present or coming. If she really mishandled the response to the Libyan embassy attack, there should be more difficult, applying indicators here.
  • p. Sun/Mercury square p. Moon/Quaoar, Neptune, and Ixion, and widely square p. Eris. More trouble coming but not here yet, looking at this configuration. Expect when Sun/Mercury gets closely square p. Neptune, all the scandals ever linked to the Clinton name, will be resuscitated and picked over again by the media and her political opponents in the general election.
         The squares to p. Eris happened years ago. P. Sun sq. p. Eris culminated in 2010, as her husband assisted with the Haiti earthquake response, so this may have been a period he was busier than usual and not there for her (Eris as Other, her "other" half). The p. Mercury/Eris square completed post-Benghazi, when political opponents sought to find some scandal in the White House's handling of the attacks, and sifted through her and other's comments.
  • p. Sun/Mercury applying to conjunct 2002 TX300, and oppose Makemake, in the years ahead. Progressed Mercury reaches this axis in 2021, and the p. Sun in 2024. So you're looking at the challenges of a Clinton second term, if she wins in November.

Clinton Venus progressed to 15 March 2016 Hillary's Venus, progressed to March 15 Primaries. If Hillary's Sun/Mercury in progression looks a bit besieged, that's not the case at all with her progressed Venus. Could it be that just being female will be her greatest asset to becoming President? Or will it be some oddball (Aquarius) opponent (Venus), whose suspect actions (opposite Pluto) will cause voters to choose her over the alternative?
  • p. Venus trine p. Moon/Quaoar, Neptune, Ixion. During the run-up to this Super Tuesday, Clinton and campaign wrung their hands, yet p. Venus trine Neptune/Ixion is her strength. She appeals to people as having value, as being widely acceptable (Neptune), and able to adapt to the idiosyncracies of the role of president (Ixion). Look at that p. Moon trine p. OR10 — she has the trust of people who might not attend rallies or answer phone polls, but who vote because they care.
  • p. Venus opposite p. Pluto. This will be exact in a few years. If she becomes president, expect that Congress will try to defund her programs; if she fails, her supporters will be asked to help with the inevitable campaign debt. With Neptune/Ixion making this an easy opposition, the former seems more likely.
  • p. Venus conjunct p. OR10. This was exact five years ago, the same month Osama Bin Laden was killed, and occurred with Eris sextile the conjunction. You might say that the photo of her in the White House War Room, with her hand covering her mouth as the Navy Seals were invading Bin Laden's concrete fortress, revealed emotions the public rarely sees from her. All the men were stoic, while her reaction betrayed real anxiety for the special forces troops' safety and the success of the mission.
  • p. Venus sesquiquadrate p. Uranus. This coincided with the disruption of many relationships that understandably occurred when she left the State Department in 2013.

Clinton Mars progressed to 15 March 2016 Hillary's Mars, progressed to March 15 Primaries.
  • p. Mars opposite Pallas. This opposition aided her during her State Department years, and it's still in force to energize her for the presidential campaign.
  • p. Mars sesquiquadrate p. Sedna. Recall her natal Mars trine Sedna, albeit wide. Now the persistence hinted at in the natal figure, returns via progression when she needs it. She won't back down, and in truth she has the momentum now with her wins in several big states.
  • p. Mars trine p. Sun/Mercury. Already discussed, we can't forget this is still operative and fortunate.
  • p. Mars sesquiquadrate p. 2002 TX300 and semisquare p. Makemake. This reached exactitude in the late 1990s, at the time of the Monica Lewinsky debacle.
  • p. Mars sesquiquadrate p. Juno and semisquare p. Vesta. Progressed Mars will never complete the semisquare/sesquare relation with the Vesta/Juno axis, as it will station and go retrograde in this degree, around 2021.
  • p. Mars square p. Jupiter. This is another relationship that will not complete due to the Mars station/retrograde in 2021.

Clinton Moon progressed to 15 March 2016 Hillary's Moon, progressed to March 15 Primaries.
  • p. Moon conjunct p. Quaoar and, later, p. Neptune. This now separating conjunction with Quaoar and upcoming conjunction with Neptune shows her in between dealing with Sanders and honing her message, and the real melee to come when she faces the Republican contender. Hillary has had to modulate her platform as she finds out what the voters are most interested in, and that back-and-forth is all about experimental Quaoar. Up ahead, however, she must steel herself for the personal attacks and dirty tricks that will doubtless be a part of the tug of war over votes.
  • p. Moon opposite p. Eris. This figure signals the anxiety over Bernie Sanders' continued popularity. He's been a good foil for Hillary, as she has modified her strategy and appropriated some of Sanders' platform. But his persistent success has caused concern. The run up to this third Super Tuesday is probably the last hurrah of the Bernie threat, but still had her and her campaign staff on edge.
  • p. Moon semisquare Saturn/Haumea and semisquare Chiron. The next two months will hold some annoyances, like more focus on her email server since the tech who set it up has been given immunity, and he has yet to tell whatever he knows. But these and the next item are minor and will pass with little consequence in the final analysis.
  • p. Moon sesquiquadrate North Node. As just mentioned, this is likely of no consequence in the long run, and might be the understandable disappointment of all the Sanders supporters when he finally accepts he cannot reach the magic delegate number.
  • p. Moon square p. Sun/Mercury. Here you're seeing the tough general election push, as this square is exact around October.
  • p. Moon trine p. OR10/p. Venus. As mentioned in the progressed Venus section above, this is good now, and even more fortunate coming up, at just the perfect time in fact (as you will soon see).

Transits to Clinton's Personal Planets, March 15 Primaries

Perhaps you're not a Secondary Progression fan, or you prefer to look at Transits. OK let's see what that method tells us:

Transits to Hillary Clinton's Sun at March 15 Primaries
  • Jupiter transiting semisquare Clinton's Sun, as Saturn also transits semisquare Clinton's Sun. "I got good news, and I got bad news..." but not really. Saturn will not complete its semisquare transit before it goes retrograde. But Jupiter completes right on this third Super Tuesday, bringing a trove of delegates. She must still be wary, however, and that's Saturn's pressure. She can't take anything for granted, yet.
  • Mercury/Ceres transit sesquiquadrate Clinton's Sun. This was more exact (and now is separating) before this set of primaries. That's the tension and concern before the voting began. Once past about 17 Pisces, objects start to trine Hillary's Venus and then Mercury, so good things coming now.
  • Vesta transits opposite Clinton's Sun. This corresponds to the enormous work she and her campaign have been embroiled in, to deal with the Sanders challenge. Now separating.
  • OR10/Venus/Neptune transits trine Clinton's Sun. Sensitive dwarf OR10 is a rock at that trine point, giving Hillary sustained, emotional appeal. Venus moves from trine her Sun, to eventually support her Venus and Mercury in weeks ahead, meaning more money (Venus) and endorsements (Mercury, verbal accolades and support). Slow Neptune will stay in a good position, essentially trining her stellium for the forseeable future. Hillary is on TV, in the public consciousness, and this is not going away.
  • Moon transits trine Clinton's Sun. Sure it's a brief emotional high, but she had a great night!
  • Quaoar transits sextile Clinton's Sun. Down the road a few years when this perfects, expect Hillary to have gambled successfully on some plan or proposal. This can only help her; she's lucky and will get even more fortunate.
  • The Varuna/TX300 square will transit square/opposite Clinton's Sun, exact in a few years. Hillary won't go four (or eight) years managing to make everyone happy. So this will represent some friction coming up a few years hence. Hard to guess the details, but expect accusations of lying and denials all around. Of course, such accusations might not have any basis behind them.

Clinton's Mercury transits at March 15 Primaries
  • Mercury/Ceres, Chiron, and Sun transit trine Clinton's Mercury. Like I just mentioned in the last section, once past the middle of Pisces, transiting bodies are real friends of Hillary Clinton.
  • Sedna is separating from opposite Clinton's Mercury. This slow-separating aspect represents the years she had to wait, for this moment now of running for her dream job. She stuck it out, and now she's out there, making it happen.
  • Pallas applying to transiting square Clinton's Mercury. Hillary is now about to launch herself in direct competition with the Republican front-runner. Fasten your seat belts! Remember she has a very prominent and supportive Pallas, and can put up a hell of a fight.
  • Remaining transits are all moving out of range.
    • Juno retrograde transits away from her natal Mercury, and fades from consequence for now (around May 21, JunoR will conjunct her Sun, which could be when she's considering someone as a running mate).
    • Edison's transiting square to her Mercury was exact around the time she had the ill-starred "great idea" to have her personal e-mail server, which she now regrets.
    • Varuna was transiting closely trine to her Mercury in 2013 when she engaged a publisher for her last book, Hard Choices.

Clinton transits to Venus as of March 15 Primaries

Just like in Progression, Hillary Clinton is buoyed by great supports to her natal Venus, as retrograde Juno separates away.

  • Jupiter and Pluto transit sextile Clinton's Venus. Money can't be a problem, with Jupiter (Abundance) on one side, and Pluto (Funding from Others) on the other.
  • Pallas transiting square Clinton's Venus. She's been spending money on the fight, through ads and other means. A necessary burden to win.
  • Neptune, Ceres/Mercury, and Chiron transit trine Clinton's Venus. As said above, this is all good for her, support from media, women, and those who are touched by her dogged efforts.
  • TC302 moves to transit opposite Clinton's Venus. Hard to really call how this will manifest as it completes in 2021. Could be a budget fight, could be marriage related, or some others challenge to her values. We must wait for this one.

Clinton transits to Mars as of March 15 Primaries
  • Sun and Quaoar transiting sesquiquadrate Clinton's Mars. Despite all the good news, campaigning is hard physically (Sun), and until it's all over, it's a gamble (Quaoar). The uncertainty must keep her on her toes.
  • JunoR transits square Clinton's Mars. Bernie, her adversary (Juno) in the primaries, isn't folding yet, so he's still a concern.
  • Makemake and Moon transiting semisquare Clinton's Mars. Both of these are "past" as she celebrates solid wins on this set of primaries.
  • TC302 transits square Clinton's Mars. TC completes the square later in the decade, and could be some Neptunian crisis-to-come, e.g., a bird flu? more evidence of global climate distress? We must wait, but note something is brewing.
  • Pallas transits opposite Clinton's Mars. Hillary has definitely thrown her energies into this campaign and vowed to fight the good fight. Trump has helped her by providing himself as a big target for her to moralize against.
  • Uranus and Eris transit trine Clinton's Mars. These two are separating and are markers of her positioning herself for the run.
  • Saturn transits trine Clinton's Mars. Here's where you see the clearest indication that Clinton will go all the way. Saturn (Establishment) is her big friend. This planetary supporter is stationing trine her Mars, and therefore moving away from the semisquare to her Sun (almost as if Saturn represented Bernie Sanders, the "old man"). Saturn will linger trine her Mars and give her a strong basis for making her dreams a reality in November.

Transits to Clinton natal Moon as of March 15 Primaries
  • Sun/Chiron conjunct Clinton's Moon. Hillary is living her dream (Sun conjunct Moon), and with Chiron there, she has taken the position of being "pained" by the Republican frontrunner's divisive rhetoric.
  • North Node/Hygeia opposite Clinton's Moon. Hillary's move to wrap herself in President Obama's accomplishments means she has to address questions of dissatisfaction with some American's experience with Obamacare (Hygeia), among other issues.
  • Saturn and Ixion transiting square Clinton's Moon. Ixion will not get back to square her Moon again, and coincided with the revelation of her private e-mail server, which struck some as breaking the rules (Ixion). Saturn will retrograde soon, and not reach the square until January 14, 2017. If that square was due to reach six days later, that would certainly appear she will be denied the presidency. But being a week before, could just be a good dose of anxiety about a really big day.
  • Varuna and Juno transiting trine Clinton's Moon, although at this time, both are moving out of position to help her.

Transits: End of Democratic Convention's First Day

Above we see a mixed bag of mostly good but still some difficult placements in both progression and transits for Hillary. The do-or-die moment, of course, will be at the Democratic National Convention. While her progression won't change much, except for the progressed Moon (which we will look at), the transiting bodies will be different in a few months time. Will they point forward for the former Secretary of State, or will she be denied the Democratic nomination?

Hillary Clinton Sun transits as of Democratic Convention 2016
  • Juno, now direct, transiting conjunct Clinton's Sun. Is someone at last safely in her pocket, agreed to serve as her running mate? One would think so, with a forward-moving Juno snuggled close to her Sun at this point.
  • OR10/Pallas transiting trine Clinton's Sun. Her emotional appeal and her fighting spirit, conjoined, completely agreeable to the core of her being? Can't imagine anything more ideal.
  • Vesta transits trine Clinton's Sun. With Vesta inching to an exact trine to her Sun, she appears to have the job.
  • TX300/Ceres transit opposite Clinton's Sun. Her nomination would be a big moment for women throughout the country. This is the equivalent to the Moon Landing for many, and watching it on television (TX) will touch all women (Ceres). This is also her Ceres return, which natally is opposite her Sun; how can she not be thinking of her mother?
  • Sun transiting square Clinton's Sun. A great effort is just passing. She'll need some downtime, however brief, for the next round.

Hillary Clinton Mercury transits as of Democratic Convention 2016
  • Jupiter transits closely sextile Clinton's Mercury. Can she have any luckier support, facing one of the most important speeches of her life? If Jupiter was at 15 Virgo, dead-on Sanders' Sun, maybe he'd have pulled this off, but it looks like Hillary is the centerpiece.
  • Chiron transits trine Clinton's Mercury. As said before, she can use the attacks from the Republicans to her advantage, to complain and light a fire under supporters and the country in general, to hear her message.
  • Mercury transits square Clinton's Mercury. If her energy is sapped by Sun square her Sun, her communication skills are challenged by Mercury square her Mercury. Again, however, just like the Sun was separating, Mercury is fading. She was more anxious the day before the beginning of the convention. Afterwards, those vocal chords will need a rest.

Hillary Clinton Venus transits as of Democratic Convention 2016
  • Pluto more closely sextile Clinton's Venus. Hillary won't lack for campaign funds. If Republicans are stuck with Trump, you might even have some GOP donors secretly funding Hillary's campaign; better that, than Trump get in and make a mess of a so-called Republican administration.
  • North Node transits sextile Clinton's Venus. She'll also get those small donors, and other supporters by this time. The Sanders crowd overall will relent and follow her.
  • Makemake transits semisquare Clinton's Venus. Expect assaults on her values coming up.
  • Vesta transits sesquiquadrate Clinton's Venus. The next few months will be a tough slog, and she will need all her contacts (relationships=Venus) to help her: Bill, Chelsea, Obama, Michelle, and other well-known supporters acting as surrogates.
  • TC302 transits opposite Clinton's Venus. Don't expect Republicans to stop obstructing with Obama out of office.
  • Neptune transits trine Clinton's Venus. Hillary will generally have good press in the U.S. and abroad, for the foreseeable future. Neptune will take a while to complete that trine, then it's off to trine her Mercury.
  • Venus transits square Clinton's Venus. So the convention shows Sun square her Sun, Mercury square her Mercury, and now Venus square her Venus. All three are separating by the first day of the convention. Sounds like the most stressful time of her life, but everything else says "All Systems Go!"

Hillary Clinton Mars transits as of Democratic Convention 2016
  • Venus transits conjunct Clinton's Mars. That Venus we just saw squaring her natal Venus, is lighting up her Mars — her efforts are rewarded with the big prize, and it's no surprise by tonight.
  • TC302 transits square Clinton's Mars. This is a long-term condition, which if she becomes president, could be as simple as the restrictions on her movements that come with the job, the constant surveillance, etc.
  • Vesta and Makemake both semisquare Clinton's Mars. Again, these are moving away and are more relics of the primary campaign.
  • Quaoar transits sesquiquadrate Clinton's Mars. Nothing is set in stone for her yet. She will need to be doubly good in the general election campaign. The general election campaign will be wild and wooly.
  • Saturn transits trine Clinton's Mars. As you can see, Saturn is still her friend. Not yet stationed, Saturn will stay in this fortunate position all through the fall. Her experience (Saturn) and common-sense (Saturn again) could convince a majority of Americans that Hillary should get their vote.

What does the Progressed Moon tell us will happen at the Convention? Is it a confirmation or rejection of the transiting view? Remember that, as said in earlier spotlights, both must ultimately tell the same story, because the progression pattern is a fractal, or self-similar copy, of the transiting pattern.

Hillary Clinton progressed Moon to Democratic Convention 2016
  • p. Moon/Neptune/Ixion square p. Sun/Mercury. Yikes, is this looking bad? There is some challenge here, very pressing. But of course, the Republican Convention has just ended, and the nominee is set. The attacks are about to begin! This is a high-pressure moment.
  • p. Moon/Neptune/Ixion trine p. Venus. By Jove, I think she's got it!
  • p. Moon now facing conjunction to Neptune and Ixion. The next few months of dogged campaigning won't be easy, and will be perhaps the most slimy and degrading months that Hillary Clinton will every endure.

Venus certainly is her friend, appearing with great gifts at just the right moments, but that can't last forever. Progressed Moon must separate from that beautiful p. Venus trine, the perfect indicator of her winning the nomination. But what will now carry her through the grueling 3½ months of the national campaign, and then the Election itself?

Hillary Clinton progressed Moon to Election 2016
  • p. Moon conjunct p. Ixion. The separating conjunction with daring Ixion shows she will pull out all the stops before Election day dawns.
  • p. Moon sextile p. Pluto. Look at the approach of what appears the receipt of power, with this applying, promising sextile to Pluto!
  • p. Moon sextile p. Jupiter! Can there be any doubt that Hillary is ecstatic at this point, reaching some great achievement? I don't see this being anything but winning the election.
  • p. Moon square just-exact p. Sun/Mercury. She fought hard, made so many speeches and appeals, that her voice will likely be chronically hoarse. But the exact Sun/Mercury/Moon square is closest in early September, in the thick of the fight. This might not even be her misstep; maybe her opponent will make a towering gaffe at the time of that p. Sun/Mercury union.
  • p. Moon trine p. Venus. Separating but still in force. A continuing marker of success.
  • p. Sun/Mercury square p. Neptune. Coming up: how will she deal with that Republican-led Congress? She will need clear plans and strategies that are probably not crystallized yet.
  • p. Venus applying trine p. Neptune. Hillary will have a few months of rest and accolades, which might feel like she's walking on clouds. This idyllic state can't last but she should enjoy it.

Some might think that predicting Hillary Clinton winning the presidency at this juncture is a safe bet, considering her delegate count and the aversion the Republican establishment feels towards not only Donald Trump, but Ted Cruz. I don't necessarily feel so certain. I'm more worried that somehow, Hillary was not born at 8:02 a.m. or thereabouts. That would certainly squirrel the perfect trajectory we were looking at!

Until we check out the last two Republican contenders and their chances, we lack the full picture on how the players in this campaign season fit together. That said, I can't help but hope that someone with a magical Sun figure as Hillary has, nearly a perfect snowflake of service-oriented planetoids in trine and sextile, could serve as our president, especially since slow, powerful Dwarfs Quaoar, OR10, TX300, and Edison will persist in those trine/sextile points in the next few years.

Wheel Charts

Hillary Clinton birth
March 15 Primaries, 11:59 p.m. EDT used
Hillary Clinton, Progressed to March 15, 2016, Primaries
Democratic National Convention, End of First Day

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