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Spotlight on Donald Trump

By Sue Kientz

I plead that you read the Fifth of the Series

Posted 25 April 2016, 9 p.m. PDT

Let's try something different for our inside look into The Donald. In the earlier analyses of Rubio, Cruz, Sanders, and Clinton, I went to great pains to detail each aspect of their natals, and gave the same treatment to the candidates' Secondary Progression and Transit relationships. This seemed necessary since I was introducing readers to the unfamiliar Dwarf Planets spotted 10-15 years ago as well as the largest Asteroids in the Asteroid Belt. These mid-sized bodies are crucially important to get a full picture of what Astrology can tell us, so it seemed essential that I be as detailed as possible.

Now that we've talked these new fangled Dwarfs up a few times, however, this time we shall often just hone in on the most significant parts of Mr. Donald Trump. No, I'm not talking about his money or reportedly tiny hands. Don't we all just want to know these three things?

  1. How can Trump be winning, saying what he says?
  2. Will he become the Republican Nominee?
  3. Can he possibly win the presidential election in November?

All assertions will still be backed up using the quirky little diagrams, as they focus you on the angular patterns that all astrologers use to such great effect. Wheel diagrams are still provided at the article's end. But once we run through his natal and initial progressed figure, we shall often skip "to the good parts," and dig into the HUUUUGE-ly interesting developments of this fascinating man who decided to run for president this election cycle, God bless his pointed little coiffed head....

The Donald, Dissected

Who is Donald Trump? The obvious first look has to be at his natal Sun, and it's a doozy.

Donald Trump Sun Diagram
  • Of course Trump is born at a Lunar Eclipse! Donald strikes some as a bit looney, which makes sense as he was born just before the total lunar eclipse of June 1946 (and the word "looney" comes from "Luna" or Moon). Since it was daytime in New York, no one there saw the full Moon go black (that was viewable from the Indian Ocean). So yes, Trump knows how to act reasonable and presentable — his "secret self" (that eclipsed Moon) is buried deep under the surface, somewhere south of "CHI-nah!" The dramatic Sun-Moon config explains someone apparently unafraid to "let loose" with the big personality, making a big splash, saying whatever crosses his mind.

  • The Reason Trump seems Larger than Life. (Astrologese: Sun conjunct Edison/North Node/Orcus/Uranus). Most astrologers would nod their heads at the Sun/Uranus conjunct, thinking "yes, he would think he knows it all," and even, "he might know quite a lot!" But what about those other two Dwarfs in the mix?
    • Edison is "a good idea" or "getting on the right path." Trump has had a plethora of good ideas over the years; witness his riches. He's unafraid to embark on a new path, and certainly deciding to run for president is quite a departure from his résumé.
    • Orcus (read about its new icon: Orcus) gives Trump his authoritative air. He wants things put in order — he will build a wall, Mexico (e.g., someone else) is going to pay for it, but then he wants a door in the wall, to bring in legal immigrants. Everything has to make sense, be tied it up in a bow, all nice and neat. Watch his delivery at the podium: quite often he gestures with two hands that mirror or balance each other. He deals with uncertainty and insecurity by following sometimes rigid, reliable routines that have worked for him in the past.

    Put all these objects, Sun, Edison, N. Node, Orcus, Uranus, all together and you have someone very invested in himself. He knows the way (Edison/Uranus), he's the authority on good ideas (Orcus/Edison), he's got the big brain full of plans which are going to restore America (Uranus/Edison/Orcus), and make it Great again! No wonder he can sell that slogan so well.

  • So here's a guy with canny insights, a track record of achievement, decent smarts — and incredible luck (Astrologese: Sun trine Jupiter). Jupiter is trine that entire solar stellium, giving him unusual opportunities, talents, and physical gifts. It therefore makes sense that he would be "over the top" with the gold, sticking his name on so many buildings and products, all excessive Jupiter qualities.

  • Trump does have his problems...
    • Oversensitivity and buried Insecurity (Sun sesquiquadrate 2007 OR10, Sun semisquare Pluto). He might like to dish it out (calling Cruz "Lyin' Ted"), but he can't let things go himself. Being one-upped rattles him and makes him feel insecure.
    • He may appear "real" and "transparent," but Trump creates that persona. (Sun square 2002 TC302). Each candidate this year, in fact, has illusory Sun/TC: Rubio and Kasich have the sextile, Cruz and Trump the square, Sanders the opposition, and Clinton the sesquiquadrate. With its exceptionally close resonance with Neptune, TC clues you that there are hidden dimensions tucked away, for good or ill. Read more on this distant Dwarf in Marco Rubio's natal Sun section.
          As this piece was being finished, Trump's head campaign aide Manafort confidentially admitted that Trump is "playing a part." [ref] Now everyone expects each party's candidate to "pivot" to the general election, but hearing someone has "two sides" is a bit unsettling. Which side will be president? And are there more sides we haven't seen?
    • He's a workaholic (Sun square Vesta), albeit self-confessed. This commitment to business could be indicated here. Past presidents FDR and Wilson had Sun sq. Vesta, as does his opponent Hillary. You might say that his description of the U.S. being "a mess" could be what is driving him to become president, as such a person would relish cleaning up the colossal disaster he claims this country is in.

  • Donald Trump also has some unarguably useful, positive qualities:
    • Trump gets it done (Sun sextile Mars). No one gets to his level of high living by not producing, not making some quite effective choices.
    • Trump has stamina, determination, and good health (Sun sextile Sedna/Hygeia). His Sedna/Hygeia could even explain why, in a break from the usual Republican line, he has insisted that he will make sure every American has health care.

How Does Donald Trump Say Those Things, and Not Suffer Repercussions? Mercury can tell us:

Trump Mercury Diagram
  • Trump has made a career of audacity (Mercury square Ixion stellium). He's gotten away with saying whatever he wants, breaking rules of behavior (Ixion), so he's become quite adept at it. People have known Trump for decades, so they aren't surprised by his antics. His utterances are playful (Quaoar) and yet barely veiled jabs (Neptune). He's not afraid to attack someone's wife (Juno), and certainly does not apologize if his words inflict any pain (Chiron).

  • The Donald objectifies Others (Mercury square Eris), and is not afraid to express that objectification. He's being "honest," he says, but to many, it appears more of a way to run roughshod over all sorts of people left and right. Perhaps a Full Moon type like he is, sees everything as polarized, and the easiest solution to that kind of tension is blame the other guy, the other group, Others different from oneself, period.

  • Many people hear Trump's "straight talk" and think he's heroic (Mercury opposite Pallas). There are people who dare to say things that "polite society" would frown on, but that's not what Donald Trump is saying. Being outspoken is only admirable when the one who benefits is someone else, not yourself.

  • Trumpspeak is often violent (Mercury semisquare Mars). This spicing of his rally spiel with talk of "punching" someone in the face, or other suggestions of aggression, is textbook (Dark-Side) Mercury-Mars behavior.

  • For extra spice, Trump shocks (Mercury conjunct Makemake). We all remember seeing him being "shocked" at someone at one of his rallies calling Jeb Bush a "pussy," how he berated the woman for the word. But then he not only made her repeat the word, he repeated the "shocking" word into his mic for all to hear. He knew it titilated his audience, and certainly the incident kept him as the top story for yet another week.

How Dangerous is Donald Trump? Looking at his Mars would tell us about any aggression issues, as well as the tenor of his actions, his outward intentions:

Trump's Mars Diagram As mentioned above, Trump gets things done, represented by the Sun/Mars sextile. That figure, however, is a bit wide, not quite ideal. He got the best of it when it perfected in progression in 1956 when he was only 10 years old. If that's when he most often got his way, that was likely trouble. His father has admitted Donald had behavior problems when young, and this is why at age 13 he was shipped off to a military school [ref].
  • Trump has got a passionate and deliberate mode of expression (Mars trine Varuna/Hygeia/Sedna). Pundits from both parties have been surprised at how canny a politician he has turned out to be. Trump knows how to wound with words (Mars/Varuna), how to tar his opponents with insulting nicknames (Mars/Varuna), how to create a new reality with words (again, Mars/Varuna, and yes, a misused Varuna leads to lying). Mars/Sedna is his unflappable determination, almost obsession, in pursuing his goals.

  • By and large, the Donald gets what he wants (Mars trine Moon). By using his more forceful side, he gets his way, his heart's desire (Moon), in many instances. That could encourage a "Might is Right" attitude, unfortunately.

Is Trump All Masculine (Sun, Mars) Energy?

Is that all you get, or is there a soft side, a peacemaker, a reconciler, which the Republican Party will need in the fall? Let's check Venus:

Trump's Venus Diagram
  • Trump's ideal? Stability with a twist (Venus conjunct Saturn/Makemake). No wonder this guy keeps getting married; he wants dependability (Saturn), but Dwarf Planet Makemake is close enough to Saturn to modify his idea of "stability" to one that includes excitement and the unusual. He likes stirring things up at home and in relationships. The Makemake factor may have contributed to his attraction to unfortunate business deals like acquiring the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, which went into bankruptcy soon after [ref].

  • The Donald fibs about Money (Venus square Varuna/Sedna/Hygeia). Trump says he has billions of dollars, but that includes valuing his "brand," the name TRUMP, at $3.3 billion. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index took a look at his finances, and cut his $10B assessment to $2.9B [ref]. Certainly he's still a billionaire, but why triple an already enormous figure? Varuna-types use words (spoken or print) to create or change perceived reality. But by doing so, his true value suffers (Sedna/Hygeia). This in itself hurts his "brand," his reputation.

  • For Trump, Money must be excessive, and on display (Venus square Jupiter and opposite 2002 TX300). Maybe Trump exaggerates his value estimation because he is addicted to excess (with his Sun stellium trine Jupiter). The opposition of small but shiny Dwarf Planet TX300 is indicative of his need to publicize his fortune. It's not enough to have it or spend it, unless you make a spectacle of all that dough. Trump's close relationships (esp. marriage) have the Jupiter/TX flavor, as his wives are exceptionally attractive and look good on TV. Jupiter in Libra seems to reinforce the Jupiter/Venus theme, especially the "many" marriages (three), not to mention other romantic attachments he's reportedly had or even bragged of himself.

  • Joy of Working for Money (Venus trine 2002 TC302/Vesta). No doubt his almost obsessive preoccupation with working (which he admits) is tied to the result of more money. Vesta is a marker of work, making things right, taking care of business, and is probably his most fortunate Venus contact. TC's trine to Venus is another indicator of his desire to shield the truth of his fortune, which also helps him cut the "great deals" he so often mentions.

New York Primary heart The Donald

Secondary progression, that marvelous miniature of the Transiting pattern (1 day after birth = 1 year of life), will show us where Trump now is, and his most important milestones coming up.

Trump's Sun progressed to April 19 primary Trump Gets Bump from New York. Sixty percent of New York Republican primary voters want Trump as the next president. This is a shot in the arm for his campaign, which has endured some difficult weeks in the last month. Secondary progression gives the highlights (and low-lights) we have seen playing out in the news.
  • The "Stop Trump" campaign and his careless words and tweets had hurt him (p. Sun semisquare p. Moon, separating). At a certain point, the Republican establishment realized Trump was no longer a side-show, and moved high-powered donors to fund ads and competing campaigns (Rubio's, and now Cruz's) to try and stop Trump actually receiving the Republican nomination. Once that ensued, Trump was genuinely startled (semisq. Moon) by the attack ads. He didn't help himself by retweeting an unflattering photo of Cruz's wife, or saying women who have abortions should be legally punished (both Moon related).

  • Money issues on the horizon (p. Sun semisquare p. Venus, applying). We still haven't seen the Trumpster's tax returns.

  • He's certainly put up an entertaining fight (p. Sun trine p. Pallas, separating). Even as he's promising to now be "more presidential," Trump can't resist his "Lyin' Ted" battle-cry (Pallas: fight for right), and that the two bodies are trine underlines the entertainment value..

  • The Trump Campaign: TV at its finest — and it's not over! (p. Sun sesquiquadrate p. 2002 TX300, applying). Television advertisers (TX: broadcasters) are making a killing on ad rates when Donald Trump is scheduled to appear.

  • Primary race has devolved to "A Tale of Two Liars" (p. Sun trine p. Varuna/Hygeia, separating). Now that Manafort has gifted Trump with (at least) a dual personality, something that Ben Carson had already claimed when he endorsed the billionaire [ref], it might seem odd that Trump's favorite criticism of Cruz is "lying." Nevertheless, those accusations will keep coming, and have already started to be used against "Crooked Hillary."

Trump's Mercury progressed to April 19 primary The Best Lines are Yet to Come. This great prizefight for the Presidency may seem to be lasting forever, but there are indications that the War of Words hasn't even peaked yet.
  • The Insults to come will make Don Rickles uncomfortable (p. Mercury conjunct p. Pluto, applying!). With Trump's progressed Mercury not even past Pluto, we've not endured the worst of his name calling and insults. You watch!

  • "Broken Rules" to be The Topic (p. Mercury sextile p. Mars/Ixion, applying to Ixion). Hope you're not sick already of hearing about the "Fixed System" (which Ixion always wants to rebel against), because that topic is not going away soon.

  • All indicators point to "Battle Stations, Full Speed Ahead!" (p. Mercury sesquiquadrate p. Pallas, applying). Trump sees the primary and the general election, not as a wooing of the voters, but a verbal massacre of his opponent(s) (Pallas).

Trump Mars progressed to 19 April NY Primary Trump's use of Others in this Fray (p. Mars opposite p. Eris, separating). If you isolate Trump's progressed Mars, you notice its opposition with progressed Eris, the Other. His attitude towards so many different groups of people (Mexicans, women, "the blacks," illegal aliens) has been what has super-charged his primary campaign. This has been what has gotten him followers, and has been what has energized his detractors.

Inflammatory Speech is Peaking (p. Mars is square natal Mercury at 8 Cancer 51, applying). Hold on to your hats! Progressed Mars doesn't pass the exact square to n. Mercury until around May 11, but certainly that passage moves so slow, his verbal attacks will be quite potent this entire spring season.

Trump Venus progressed to 19 April NY Primary Money Still May Be A Real Issue. As pointed out when analyzing the progressed Sun figure, there are still unanswered questions about Trump's financial picture. Will he, or can he, avoid releasing those tax returns?
  • Show Us the Money! (p. Venus square p. Moon/Makemake, and semisquare p. Sun, all applying). There's something non-standard (and maybe even bizarre — Makemake) in Trump's financial background, although Venus also represents values and relationships. Trump caused a lot of whiplash in Republican circles recently by stating that he didn't care which bathrooms transgender people use [ref].

  • Journalists won't forget those tax returns (p. Venus square p. TX300, applying). The TV talking heads will be sure to ferret out those "audited" tax forms.

  • Whatever the Venus Issue, it will Hurt (p. Venus conjunct p. Ixion/Chiron, applying to Chiron). Progressed Venus won't reach p. Chiron soon, so perhaps Trump looking back at all of his own money spent, will be painful at some point.

  • ...because if he doesn't win... (p. Venus opposite p. Sedna, applying). After the pain of the Chiron contact, suffering Sedna opposes his progressed Venus. What was the point of all that expenditure, if Donald Trump fails to pull off this grand coup? Trump may get the Republican nomination, but Venus/Sedna in his future does not sound like he'll end up with the ultimate prize (Venus) of kicking back in the White House.

Also, what's the Transiting Story so far? By looking at how the real-time planets are relating with Trump's natal setup, we get more detail about the climate of the race at this point, post-NY victory. As said in earlier spotlights, progression and transits ultimately tell the same story, since the progression pattern is a fractal, or self-similar copy, of the transiting pattern.

Transits to Donald Trump's Sun at 19 April NY Primary
  • Trump is buoyed by powerful forces (Uranus/Eris transiting sextile Trump's Sun, as Haumea transits trine his Sun). This is how Trump has reached and maintained his front-runner status among so many. He's unafraid to say what he thinks (unleashed Uranian self-interest) about Others (Eris). Not to mention, Trump is familiar; people know him from TV and decades of media exposure (sextile Eris as well). Add to that, this guy has built an incredible business empire (Haumea — he has transformative power). Trump's claim he can "fix" America seems almost credible, when you see all his shiny achievements in the form of huge buildings, scads of products, and even his TV success.

  • A formidable coalition has formed opposing Trump, and has inflicting damage (North Node and Chiron transit square Trump's Sun, now separating). Eris and Haumea are invisible to the naked eye, and to most astrologers unfortunately, so it was hard to see that Trump would make it this far. However, just as he began racking up victories, the Moon's nodal axis settled into a position annoyingly square his n. Sun, which is when Republicans began to mobilize against him. Chiron also moved to the South Node position, causing his shocked angst on viewing the first vicious attack ads of the Stop-Trump front. Now the nodes and Chiron are moving off the exact square to his n. Sun, as NY votes their approval.

  • Trump claims others are "Breaking the Rules" (Ixion transits opposite Trump's Sun). Even as Trump broke so many conventions during his early campaign, e.g., insulting numerous voter blocks, espousing positions opposite the GOP party line, he has found an effective complaint against his opponents and their Stop Trump allies by claiming he is not being treated fairly. Now he wants others to follow the rules (Ixion), while continuing to be unruly himself. Coming up, you'll see that Ixion is far from done with Trump.

  • Trump is casting around for his VP, but he's burned bridges (Juno transits sesquiquadrate Trump's Sun). If Juno is configuring his Sun so closely and in an irritating 135-degree figure, this likely is intensely preoccupying him.

Trump's Mercury transits at 19 April NY Primary
  • Lots of Speculation on a Trump Running mate (Juno transits trine Trump's Mercury). Google "Trump VP" and you find out everyone has an opinion on who Trump should pick, now that he's won NY and mathematically eliminated Ted Cruz's chance to pass him.

  • Trump is now trying to reassure the Republican establishment (Orcus transits sextile Trump's Mercury, applying). As mentioned before, Trump's senior aide Manafort may have inelegantly described Trump's planned pivot to a more mainstream-looking candidate, but the fact is, the more Trump keeps winning, the more the GOP (Orcus — prevailing Order) may give up and run with him, and hope for the best in November.

  • Trump has some kind of Magic Mojo, after all (TC302 transits sextile Trump's Mercury, separating). Everyone agrees, Trump's followers seem set on following him, even if like lemmings, he takes them all the way over the cliff (TC — his allure is a mystery).

  • The Stop-Trump Faction Not Giving Up (Sedna transiting semisquare Trump's Mercury, separating but in close range). Those who oppose Trump because of his many outrageous statements as well as his unwillingness to agree with some sacrosanct Republican policies, are going to grow in numbers and determination (Sedna) if/when he gains the nomination. 

  • Women's issues remain his weakness (Moon and Ceres transiting square Trump's Mercury, separating). Biggest example: Trump stumbled big-time answering if he was for prosecuting women who get abortions, if the latter were made illegal.

  • Trump has made himself ubiquitous (Neptune transits trine Trump's Mercury, separating but strong). With TC sextile and Neptune trine Trump's Mercury, Trump has shown the ability to dominate the news cycle as well as mesmerize his audiences to an extraordinary extent.

Just like with Progression, Transits show Trump's real weakness is with Venus.

Trump transits to Venus as of 19 April NY Primary
  • What is Trump Hiding, and Where? (Varuna separates conjunct Trump's Venus). what possible fib about Money or Relationships could be revealed, and would the Trumpites be shaken in their resolve to support him?

  • Certainly Trump is really rich.... (Sedna transits sextile Trump's Venus, applying). Sedna's strong sextile to natal Venus shows just how solid his financial situation is.

  • ... but that's not saying there weren't irregularities in getting that rich (Slow Neptune and Mars stationing/retrograde, both hover sesquiquadrate Trump's Venus, separating). Some funny business in the past? Neptune would show deception, and Mars, some blunder that needs covering up perhaps.

  • Recent annoyances, help him (Chiron transits trine Trump's Venus, applying). Maybe this is that (real or manufactured) audit, that's allowed him to put off the tax returns' release.

  • What made him formidable, may topple Trump (Coming soon and staying long: Haumea and Eris/(Uranus) transit square Trump's Venus). Here's trouble approaching and becoming serious — the Eris/Haumea axis has given Trump his wild popularity, but something in it will gut him financially, in only a few years time. Unless.... could he actually become president, but then find out that Mexico really ain't paying for that p*to Wall?

Hot off the New York win, and except for a harsh reality check at some future point (represented by Sedna), Trump's plans of action are working like a charm ...

Trump transits to Mars as of 19 April NY Primary
  • Trump has blazed one helluva path forward (Edison separating from conjunct Trump's Mars).

  • Tough reality lies ahead, however (Sedna transits square Trump's Mars, applying).

  • The gamble of the presidential run has been fun, but will he break the political mold? (Ixion/Quaoar transit trine Trump's Mars, Ixion applying).

  • No matter what the outcome, Trump benefits (Uranus/Eris transit trine Trump's Mars, applying).

Transits One Week Later — CT-DE-MD-PA-RI Primaries

What a difference a week makes! Trump basked in glory just a week ago, but let's just see where we are now:

Transits to Donald Trump's Sun at 26 April Primaries

What Changed? The People, the Places (Sun transits semisquare his Sun). Donald Trump, you aren't in New York anymore. Kasich (whose p. Sun is conjunct p. Makemake, by the way), might seem to come out of nowhere (Makemake) and deny Donald more headway in his march to the Convention.

Trump's Mercury transits at 26 April Primaries

Message Mess (Vesta and Mercury join Sedna in transiting semisquare Trump's Mercury). Mercury not only semisquares his n. Mercury, but is slowing to a stop, and reversing direction. Trump will find it harder to explain how he has a presidential side that he'll whip out soon, although he'll still do all the stuff he said when he wasn't so presidential.

Meanwhile, asteroid Vesta will reach semisquare his Mercury (around May 1, just after it runs into that retrograde Mercury), so expect another towering gaffe, causing his team and the GOP in general to engage in damage control.

Trump transits to Venus as of 26 April Primaries

Is the audit over? (Venus transits square his Venus, and Mercury alllllmost sextiles his Venus (will go retrograde before exact)). Finances or Women's issues bite Trump in the butt. At this key moment in the race, with "big" states voting, his taxes, his past business dealings, his bankruptcies, past history with women, or some or all of the above, will rise up and flow through the airwaves. The friendly sextile from Mercury won't help much, because even if he does come up with a plausible excuse or distracting comeback, it will be weak (Mercury won't really help as it soon turns tail and flees).

Trump transits to Mars as of 26 April Primaries

All this is just going to make Trump mad, and even more combative (Mercury and Vesta transits square his Mars, as Venus trines his Mars). We've seen how Trump's Mars is buoyed by this long-lasting grand trine of Edison, Ixion/Quaoar, and Eris/Uranus. But with little pebbles like Vesta/Mercury poking at him, square his Mars, Trump won't exert patience, but prefers to rage against the machine.

Transits: Full Moon at the Republican Nat'l Convention (Day 2)

Here's what a Contested Convention looks like:

  • Crazy talk! Loud, long, and lots of lies (Full Moon with Varuna conjunct Sun). While this isn't an eclipse full moon, the Sun/Moon axis is unfriendly with the nodes (semisquare the North) — there will be unhappy people.

  • Delegates are committed to do it right, will get the job done (Sun sextile Sedna, trine Mars). Determination will be on display (Sedna), and a lot of very forceful, passionate arguing (Mars trine Sun/Varuna).

  • These people are pretty conservative, and religious, did you notice? (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, and Neptune). Say no more!

  • Not a lot of self-examination, and not must diversity here (Sun/Moon square Uranus, Eris, and Haumea). Sun square Uranus people have a very high opinion of how smart they are, so here's a whole lot of those people gathered together. With Eris involved, don't expect many "different" people here, whether racially or ideologically. And, like Freebird, they can not change (Haumea) [ref].

How Will Trump Handle such Heightened Tension?

Wonderfully, or Werewolf-y? First know that the Unexpected will likely happen, as in progression, Trump's p. Moon is conjunct p. Makemake. That should promise some fireworks, perhaps both literally and figuratively. Trump wants to "jazz up" the convention, so perhaps instead of a balloon drop at nomination time, we'll see explosions of confetti, among other surprises.

Donald Trump Sun transits, Day 2 of Republican Convention 2016
  • Trump and Cruz will bend rules to near breaking (Ixion transiting directly opposite Trump's Sun).

  • Trump puts enormous pressure on GOP (Jupiter about to transit square Trump's Sun).

  • Trump wins Nomination! (Haumea transits trine Trump's Sun, and even more closely sextile Trump's n. Moon, as Uranus/Eris sextile Sun)). He's just too powerful. Donald Trump will somehow pull the prize, out of someone's arse if necessary, but he will be the Republican Nominee for President. (Granted, Satan will be watching it on H-TV, with his heater turned way up.)

I say Trump will head the Republican ticket, because I don't see anything stopping him anywhere else ...

Donald Trump Mercury transits as of Republican Convention 2016, Day 2
  • Certainly Trump will be speaking forcefully (Mars transits sesquiquadrate Trump's Mercury, separating).

  • The Donald's war with words will continue (Pallas/Neptune transits trine Trump's Mercury, separating) , now focused to the general and against one person, Hillary Clinton

That said, Trump's natal Venus remain in the crosshairs!

Donald Trump Venus transits as of Republican Convention 2016, Day 2
  • Is it because his opponent is a woman? (Full Moon with Varuna involves Trump's Venus). Or has his money become a focal point, for good or ill?

  • As nominee, Trump will be spending more of his own money (Saturn now transiting sesquiquadrate Trump's Venus, just like Neptune has been doing).

  • His finances and business dealings will shortly be used against him (Moon's North Node joins party, transiting semisquare Trump's Venus, applying).

  • Good news for Trump? Once he's the nominee, those shy GOP donors will be forced to support him (Mars closely transiting trine Trump's Venus).

Trump's forceful delivery (Mars/Mercury) has gotten him this far, but will it end up being his undoing, now?

Donald Trump Mars transits as of Republican Convention 2016, Day 2

  • Trump now steps over the fallen bodies of his GOP contenders (Vesta transits sextile Trump's Mars, separating). The end of the Republican primary process looks like it will truly be an ugly mess. But it made him the nominee, so that's fine with Donald.

  • With the finish line in sight, Trump will bring it up a notch (Mars transits square Trump's Mars, applying). How can he do anything else? Fighting and insults brought him this far.

Can Trump Win on Election Day?

Unfortunately for Trump, time and opportunities pass. Donald Trump had a scintillating progressed Moon conjunct Makemake at the convention, but by Election Day, his p. Moon is square p. Sedna. You might think p. Moon square p. Saturn would be worse, but it's not. Sedna is like Saturn/Neptune in effect. However he will try to modulate his reaction, deep down Trump will be mortified.

Donald Trump Sun transits, Election Night
  • All the tricks that worked against the GOP candidates, are ineffective against Hillary (Ixion/Venus Saturn transiting directly opposite Trump's Sun). Her authority and experience (Saturn), moral high-ground in not engaging Trump's insults (Venus), and having enough daring, clever tactics of her own (Ixion) will frustrate Trump and tempt him into low blows.

  • Trump isn't going to win New York, and maybe not even Florida ... (Ceres/Eris/Uranus trans sextile Trump's Sun, all separating as some are retrograde), and both could be considered his home, as he has houses there (Ceres).

  • ...but he will win some states (Haumea transits trine Trump's Sun).

  • Trump will absolutely hate losing (Chiron transits square Trump's Sun). It hurts!

  • Trump may look to pick a fight (Pallas transits trine Trump's Sun, applying). Will he sue the GOP for some reason, for their uneven and at times waffling support?

In the end, Trump's rhetoric will deep-six his stratospheric plans.

Donald Trump Mercury transits on Election Night
  • What You Say, Matters (Mercury transits sesquiquadrate Trump's Mercury). Especially close to the final voting, Trump will not be able to finesse his message to bring in enough of the country's support.

  • Trump may create his own October Surprise (Jupiter transits square Trump's Mercury, separating). Around Oct. 20 or thereabouts, transiting Jupiter will square his n. Mercury. I don't think that will be a good thing.

  • Nothing the GOP or his staff does, will really help (North Node/Orcus sextiles Trump's Mercury), although they will try.

By election day, whatever his Venus problem is, will be on full display.

Donald Trump Venus transits as of Election Night
  • "How many homes does The Donald own?" (Ceres joins Eris/Uranus and Haumea in squaring Trump's Venus). They messed with John McCain by bringing this up [ref]. Funny how no one has asked him yet how many places he calls "home" (Ceres) during the primary. They're probably waiting until the last minute, to make the point that Trump might seem like someone you could pal around with, but won't they be surprised that just one of Trump's houses has 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces, and 3 bomb shelters! [ref] Out of touch, much?

  • It may be that unabashedly talking about his own wealth, might deflect that criticism (Mercury closely transiting trine Trump's Venus, applying). In effect, Mercury is taking the place Mars was during the Convention.

  • Here's another marker that an over-agressive demeanor might snatch victory away from Mr. Trump (Mars transiting opposite Trump's Venus, separating). Surely the final days will be brutal.

As if to reinforce the nuclear onslaught that will be the 2016 General Election campaign, Mars repeats the themes that Mercury is singing, as they transit in concert with Trump's natal Mars.

Donald Trump Mars transits as of Election Night
  • Some real nastiness is going to rain down. (Mercury transits square Trump's Mars, applying). Deviously transiting Mercury in Scorpio, as it sesquiquadrates Trump's Mercury, is squaring his Mars at the same time.

  • How bad? Witness the ultimate intensifier (Jupiter transiting semisquare Trump's Mars, just separating). If you are facing something, and Jupiter is involved, whatever that (good/bad) thing is, just swelled a hundred fold in importance or intensity. We will all wish we had three bomb shelters!

  • Trump will gamble that more ad buys for more pointed insults and accusations, will get it done (Venus joins Quaoar/Ixion in transiting trine Trump's Mars). The gamble (Quaoar) might look worth it, and certainly he won't blush to go far over the line (Ixion), but the other indicators look to outweigh his ability to buy enough effective lines of attack.

If you peeked at Trump's Election Night progressed wheel below, perhaps you noticed Trump's p. Moon applies to square p. Jupiter, and think that could give us President Trump. If you really want to scare yourself, look at Inauguration Day 2017: Jupiter transits TRINE Trump's Sun, but Saturn transits opposite his n. Sun, too.

Trump doesn't need to win. He has fame, fans, money, big houses — what would the presidency give him? He'd be pinned down to one job, with lots of problems, a COMPLETELY hostile Congress, and Secret Service breathing down his neck 24X7.

It makes more sense that the Jupiter contacts, in progression and transit, are the opportunities he will have by NOT being president. Legions of writers are likely already preparing TV series to pitch him, and if they're smart, they'll come up with President Trump, a comedy that riffs on all the crazy things that The Donald could have done if indeed he made it to the Oval Office.

Donald Trump will be more than OK; in fact, the best thing that could happen to him, and all Americans, everywhere, is if he gets beaten like a gong. Take him down a notch. What could be better for a rich, successful man's soul?

Wheel Charts

Donald Trump birth, June 14, 1946, 10:34 a.m. EDT, Jamaica, NY [ref:]
Donald Trump, progressed to 26 April 2016 primaries
Republican Nat'l Convention, Day 2, July 19, 2016 (Full Moon at 6:56 p.m.), Cleveland OH
Donald Trump, progressed to Republican National Convention 2016
Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016, 11:50 p.m. EST, Washington, DC
Donald Trump, progressed to November 2016 Election

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