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Spotlight on Bernie Sanders

By Sue Kientz

Number Three in the Series

Posted 6 March 2016, 1 p.m. PST

This primary season has brought in a lot of Outsider candidates. On the Democratic side, we have Senator Bernie Sanders. A longtime member of the U.S. Congress, you might not know he's neither Democrat nor Republican — Sanders is an Independent. But he caucuses with the Democrats, and in order to be a viable presidential pick, he is running for president as a Democrat.

Sanders has been very effective in introducing himself to the American people. Right now, he is the only alternative, on the Democratic side, to Hillary Clinton, and he has marshalled quite a following. But questions remain if Sanders has any chance of actually being elected. Pundits and much of the populace alike ask, can Bernie deliver on all he's proposing? Will his rhetoric continue to fire the electorate, and allow him to pull ahead in key states, threatening Clinton's nomination? And if he does somehow become the nominee, can he win the Presidency? Will we just have to wait for November to find out? Not really, as these are perfect questions for Astrology!

Hopefully you have been reading the earlier articles features on this Plog, so you know the drill — we will be looking not just at the classical and modern planets, but the largest asteroids and recently discovered. large Dwarf Planets. The centaur Chiron is thrown in as a bonus, but know that popular Chiron (218 km diameter) is a third of the size or even smaller in comparison to nearly all new Trans-Neptunians used. Even second-smallest 2002 TC302 (584 km) is twice Chiron's size, and tiny 2002 TX300 (143 km), indeed smaller than Chiron, is unusually bright. These important points allow us to focus on the interrelationships between key personal planets (Sun, Mercury, and Mars at least), and their planetary Community (all the rest), and this interaction is presented in diagram form.

Check Out the Bern

Bernie Sanders Sun Diagram Bernie Sanders' Birth Sun and its relationships. The full wheel of Sanders' birth is found at the bottom of this article. Astrodienst reports that a former Sanders campaigner was an astrology enthusiast and asked Bernie for his time of birth, which he stated was 12:27 p.m. This time appears to work just fine, considering the ebb and flow of his current campaign success.
  • Sun square Orcus/Edison/Jupiter. The most exact aspect to Sanders' Sun is from Orcus, joined by Edison (my nickname for 2002 AW197, shown as a lightbulb) and Jupiter all square to his Sun. You likely understand the Jupiter influence, given his liberal bent bordering on outright socialism, as he happily owns. Orcus's stronger influence represents his feelings toward keeping/restoring Order and Fairness, and taking control through rules or methodical means. He feels this to be a great challenge (square), one requiring much effort. Implementing his ideas, following his chosen path (both Edison) also requires painstaking work, but his long career shows this does not daunt him, and in actually running for president, he accepts the great challenge to remake (Orcus) his country, with radical ideas (Edison), liberally applied (Jupiter).
  • Sun opposite 2002 TC302. All that just said, Sanders' Achilles heel in his entire plan is, he needs buy-in from other people. With TC opposed his Sun, does he really know what Others (opposition angle) will do? Recall that in my earlier articles on Mario Rubio and Ted Cruz, who both had Sun/TC contacts, I show the Neptuninan bent of this mid-sized Dwarf. With such a potential fog cast over his grasp of other people, can Sanders really get widespread support? Or with Neptunian TC involved, does this mean there's an idealism that, in the end, works against him (TC in opposition).
  • Sun sextile Makemake. In his favor, Bernie has an exciting and engaging persona. He has the classic Makemake trait of being able to electify people, to get them motivated and energized. Having a supportive Sun/Makemake angle is encouraging, as it makes him appear a viable U.S. presidential candidate, considering how most American presidents have had Sun/Makemake relations. But will this peculiarly presidential trait be enough for him to be actually elected president?
  • Sun semisquare 2007 OR10. Sanders comes off approachable and human, even as he also seems like the crazy old man yelling at the kids on his lawn. The irritant angle from OR10 (weeping heart icon) epitomizes this sensitive and somewhat touchy side.
  • Sun conjunct North Node. Bernie can be popular!
  • Sun trine 2002 TX300. And one reason for Bernie's popularity, is the senator knows how to use the media (TX). Just like FDR (Sun 11 Aquarius trine TX 10 Libra), the first president to grasp the power of radio and use it to speak directly to Americans via his Fireside Chats, Sanders easily and effectively spreads his message.

Bernie Sanders has an Orcus Problem

A key to Sanders' life is that dramatic Sun square to Orcus/Edison/Jupiter. As Sun/Orcus is the most exact, could we get a clue about what that would mean for a President Sanders, by looking at past presidents with Sun square Orcus? There are four: John Adams, our second president, and in modern times, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford. One thing all had in common was, they faced a congress firmly opposed to their will, especially with regards to domestic policy that would change the country.

Orcus is the status quo as well as the prevailing Order. People with challenging placements between personal planets and Orcus often have anxieties when faced with mess or disarray. In my book More Plutos, some examples of Orcus-themed individuals were those with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and baseball players driven to perform certain routines to deal with the pressure of the game. So if one is at odds with Orcus (which Sun square Orcus aptly represents), that could play out as being hindered from changing some structure, institution, or accepted way of life, even if it seems for the better.

One of the main criticisms of Sanders' plans is that Congress will not welcome dramatic changes like "Medicare for All" to replace Obamacare, or instituting free tuition at state colleges. Sanders himself realizes that the only way he will be elected and succeed in his presidency, is if he's backed by a huge percentage of the voting public, both for his election and afterward, as he moves to implement his vision.

Too bad Bernie has Sun/Orcus square, and not a more helpful angle. Lincoln had Sun (23 Aquarius 29) trine Orcus (15 Libra 58), and succeeded in restoring the Union. Eisenhower enjoyed Sun (20 Libra 58) trine Orcus (22 Aquarius 35), and presided over post-WWII America's return to relative peace and prosperity; he also accomplished massive public works projects like the interstate highway system. Reagan, with Sun (15 Aquarius 31) sextile Orcus (13 Aries 01), successfully engineered the fall of Communism by bankrupting them militarily (note Orcus in martial Aries).

Sanders' Mercury Diagram Bernie Sanders' Mercury Relationships. A quick view of Sanders' Mercury setup must strike one as impressive, even as it also lacks many energizing squares.
  • Mercury stellium: Juno, Ixion, Neptune/Quaoar, Vesta. How best to pick apart this hefty conglomeration? Since asteroid Juno seems closest, one assumes his wife is his favorite confidant. I would also venture that he is good at one-on-one discussion, and is even a reasonable opponent.
       Neptune/Quaoar (Q) is his experimental (Q) vision of what society could become (Neptune: idealistic maybe, but certainly visionary). This societal view has been on his mind for a long time, and he has come to the moment he can no longer put off trying to implement it.
       Ixion and asteroid Vesta represent his unorthodox message (IX) which nevertheless is pragmatic and focused on making things work (Vesta). Sanders knows he is asking people to drastically change their expectations of government, to ask for radical solutions (all Ixion, breaker of rules), and he insists they work at it (Vesta), to write letters, vote, participate, demonstrate — as he so often says, start a revolution! From vision (Q/Neptune) to energized revolution (IX/Vesta), Bernie Sanders Mercury/Juno makes his case for action, and asks you to partner with him (Juno) to make it happen.
  • Mercury sextile Pallas and sextile Pluto. Now, it's all well and good to have a vision and a plan to implement, but Bernie has gotten traction because he's willing to fight for his ideas (Pallas, who fights for Right), and he has the power (Pluto), his stature as a senator and long public service. Pallas and Pluto are indicative of some great gifts: he can express his righteous anger (Pallas) and do so with a powerful sincerity (Pluto).
  • Mercury opposite Eris. Here's another marker that Sanders' ambitions depend on Others (Eris). His message must reach large swaths of people, and this is a challenge.
       Mercury/Eris also shows itself simply in the personal trait of having a regional accent or otherwise distinctly "other" (Eris) way of speaking (Mercury). Think of Trump and Cruz, both with Mercury square Eris: Trump's delivery is that combative, I-take-no-crap New Yorker. Cruz often slips into a preacher-style delivery (father influence) or formal debate style (from his college years). Sanders' speech pattern affirms his Brooklyn-Jewish heritage. All three speak in an identifiable style that points to their distinctive backgrounds, whether regional or some other influence.
  • Mercury trine 2007 OR10. Bernie's message has been effective because it's compassionate. His words show he cares about student debt; he cares that so many are not covered by any health insurance. This sensitivity (OR10, the weeping heart icon) is completely apparent and appears quite genuine.
  • Mercury trine Saturn/Uranus. Bernie Sanders is pretty darn smart (Uranus) and practical (Saturn). As I said earlier, this guy has obviously thought long and hard about what's happening in the United States, and so his plans aren't some fly-by-night wish list. Uranus/Saturn trine his Mercury is a significant plus, and shows this guy could be the real deal!
  • Mercury square 2002 TX300. While Sanders' has the Sun trine TX, Mercury square TX seems to undercut that positive Sun position. But Bernie's voice isn't velvet-toned or radio-announcer smooth. It's harsh, it's strained; but that's what gives him his authenticity. He's using that negative, to his advantage. What a fox!
  • Mercury semisquare Haumea. Mercury/Haumea cuts to the quick, and a semisquare has just enough bite to help Sanders and not be a liability. He is unafraid to tell it like it is, to even hurt some feelings. Luckily all the other benefic things around Mercury help him to smooth over ruffled feathers.

Sanders Mars Diagram Bernie Sanders' Mars Relationships. You have to admit, Sanders' Mercury is a great help to his ambitions and aims. But I sure wish his Mars had more helpful connections. Mars shows your ability to act, to make things happen, to accomplish. You can't just talk, you must produce results.
  • Mars opposite Venus. One big argument levied against the senator is, how will you pay for all your proposals? Venus opposite Mars echoes this problem. Yes, he has fabulous-sounding plans, but does he properly account for the significant Venus/Money obstacle?
  • Mars conjunct Sedna and Moon/Varuna. As you can read at length in my Sedna article, Sedna is a marker of determination and resolve, and also about suffering and lost causes. Sedna is a major trait of his Mars/will — which will he manifest, a winning determination, or a sad though valiant attempt?
       Moon/Varuna (V) conjunct his Mars is also potentially troublesome. Moon/Mars is fiery and opinionated, although it's been a typical feature of many president's charts. To be president, you have to be self-promoting, after all. Varuna signifies a verbal creative ability, useful to persuade people to either envision a new reality, or be conned into accepting a false reality. Put them all together, and add Sedna, you could have a very tumultuous emotional state, at times depressive and other times expressive. Certainly with a conjunction, this could be a help or a hindrance, but I worry that it's more a liability in Sanders' case.
  • Mars square 2007 OR10. Bernie exudes sincerity and caring personally; his message is rife with such sensitivity. But for some reason, he has difficulty implementing this concern. Maybe it's a lifelong effort, but does that mean he will be reaping his carefully tended harvest now?
  • Mars trine Ceres. This is certainly a positive indicator, that what Bernie does benefits his community and his country (Ceres: home, the land, domestic concerns). But I sure wish there were encouraging Marss contacts with Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, or Haumea — these would signal an ability to effect deep and lasting structural changes.
  • Moon/Varuna sextile Jupiter. Sanders' Mars doesn't quite benefit from a close sextile to Jupiter, but his Moon/V does. I guess we can stop worrying about how his emotional state is anymore, as Moon/Varuna sextile Jupiter must mean he has a good philosphical way to handle disappointments, hardships, and setbacks that come his way.

Bernie Sanders, Progressed to the Present

Sanders' Sun progressed to Super Tuesday Sanders' Sun, progressed to recent Super Tuesday (March 1st). Sanders might have picked the ideal time to run for president!
  • p. Sun sextile p. Neptune, and sextile 2007 OR10. You can't deny that Sanders is pretty well positioned with double sextiles to Neptune (vision/broad appeal) and OR10 (he looks understanding and approachable). The Neptune is strong, just past exactitude, and his followers are everywhere. The OR sextile is applying, so his emotional appeal can only get stronger. Now it makes sense that his wildly popular slogan is, Feel the Bern!
  • p. Sun opposite p. Uranus. What is Bernie shouting at the podium, during every speech? "I am calling for a political revolution" — Uranus! And who needs to revolt? Not him, it's Others (p. Uranus opposite his p. Sun).
  • p. Sun semisquare p. Moon. Sanders staffers were sure anxious about how he would do on Super Tuesday, so this is one validation of the time of birth provided to Astrodienst. But if that is indeed accurate, Super Saturday (March 5th) might not be as kind to the senator, since that's when the Sun/Moon semisquare becomes most irritating.
  • p. Sun sesquiquadrate p. Mars and p. Makemake. These represent past or receding situations, very likely the tremendous physical and technical effort it has taken to put Sanders in serious contention for president.
  • p. Sun trine p. Eris and trine p. Pluto. Don't we want our president to succeed? Why wouldn't we choose someone who, in just a few years time, is going to be enjoying considerable power (Pluto), and success dealing with Others (Eris)? After all, the U.S. faces a huge challenge dealing with terrorists, the ultimate Other.
       This guy is on track for something remarkable! Can we snag him for president, and all of us benefit? Or are we going to let him slip away like Al Gore in 2000, who didn't get to succeed for the country, but rather turned his focus on Global Warming, leading to his Nobel prize award? This is truly up to us voters.

Sanders' Mercury progressed to recent Super Tuesday Sanders' Mercury, progressed to recent Super Tuesday.
  • p. Mercury square p. Haumea/p. Chiron. As much as Sanders' message resonates with many people, something is stopping it cold. Haumea is transformational change (don't mistake that as Pluto's trait), and Chiron teaches valuable and sometimes painful lessons. The show-stopper in Sanders' pitch just might be that the changes he proposes will be or seem to be, just too painful.
  • p. Mercury sextile p. Moon. The progressed Moon's recent sextile p. Mercury is indicative of his message succeeding with so many. Bernie won four states, which was not bad, and Massachusetts was narrowly lost. But the Moon is a flighty thing, and he needs many more states and many more votes.
  • p. Mercury trine p. 2002 TC302 and trine Makemake. This grand trine involving his Mercury is what has made his candidacy so mesmerizing. His connection with young people has surprised (Makemake) and mystified (TC). His rise seemed to defy gravity in so many ways. A self-proclaimed socialist? But he's no socialist out of nowhere, but a respected senator, and that lent his claims substance.
  • p. Mercury semisquare p. Pallas and semisquare p. Neptune/p. Quaoar. Recall his natal Mercury sextile Pallas? Now progressed Mercury hits another angle with p. Pallas, the semisquare. That desire to take on the status quo in a heroic challenge, has come to fruition. On the other side, another natal theme repeats, as p. Mercury semisquares that Neptune/Quaoar conjunction. One almost believes he has chose his moment well, and that if he had any chance to promote his all encompassing (Neptune) political experiment (Q), this is it!
  • p. Mercury conjunct p. Vesta. If Sanders can pull this off, there is so much work (Vesta) ahead. You can't count him out — Clinton could still fail, with her e-mail server still a lurking issue. But if somehow Hillary evaporates, and Bernie rides roughshod over the Republican nominee, he will have an uphill fight with congressional lawmakers, if he's to fulfill his many promises. But certainly you can see that work ahead, with the applying p. Mercury/Vesta conjunction.

Sanders Mars progressed to Super Tuesday Sanders' Mars, progressed to recent Super Tuesday. Remember how I complained that his natal Mars didn't show the native will or ability that you'd expect for an effective president? In progression, he's grown a better Mars.
  • p. Mars square p. Makemake. Bernie's developed some surprising (Makemake) moves, some clever tactics. It's not been a cakewalk (square Makemake), but he's marshalled the requisite technology and social media tools as needed.
  • p. Mars square p. Moon/p. Venus/p. Ceres. Sanders has given up a lot of the comforts of home, to vie to become Leader of the Free World. Note Moon, Venus, and Ceres are all in Capricorn. He's put off the soft part of life, to work to his goal.
  • p. Mars semisquare p. Saturn/p. Uranus. It's good the semisquare to Saturn is abating, as he can't make stupid mistakes from now on. Coming up (but not too soon that it would seem election-related), p. Mars semisquares p. Uranus. That's down the road some, and maybe indicates tangling with terror/ISIS types.
  • p. Mars sextile p. Orcus. This is perhaps the most promising of all! Again, will he reform/remake the country, or will he detour into another great role, if denied the presidency?
  • p. Mars trine p. Haumea/p. Chiron. Bernie could make those changes which sound so "painful." Look at that trine — he could do it. But we'd have to help.
  • p. Mars sesquiquadrate p. Sun. This is now long-time separated, more about what happened mid-2013, about the time Sanders publicly grilled Ben Bernanke on income equality and introduced legislation on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
  • p. Mars widely conjunct p. Eris and p. Varuna. Both of these Dwarf Planets surrounding Mars are far from becoming exact; his p. Mars retrograded conjunct p. Varuna in 1966, for example, about when he was a civil rights activist. They are not particularly germane for the current period.

Sanders Moon progressed to Super Tuesday Sanders' Moon, progressed to Super Tuesday, 1 March 2016. At the time of this article's release, it's Super Saturday (March 5th), and Bernie's p. Moon has just moved to 14 Capricorn 11.
  • p. Moon conjunct p. Venus/p. Ceres, and more widely conjunct p. 2002 TX300. Sanders' appeals (via all sorts of media — TX) surely has helped him raise boatloads of money (Venus) from non-corporate sources (Ceres, humble householders).
  • p. Moon stellium sextile p. 2002 TC302 and sextile p. Mercury. March might truly be the peak moment of his candidacy, if his progressed Moon is to be believed. Certainly his mystique (TC) is at its height.
  • p. Moon semisquare p. Sun. This figure perfects (becomes exact) on March 13. These are the most crucial days for the campaign, the make-or-break time if delegates end up deciding the nomination (and not a crisis arising out of Clinton's e-mail troubles).
  • p. Moon sesquiquadrate p. Uranus. This is separating; perhaps one could say he's no longer "unusual" but a force to be considered. Earlier Clinton's campaign did not feel particularly threatened by Sanders.
  • p. Moon square p. Mars/p. Varuna/p. Sedna. A great effort lies behind (separating square to p. Mars, coincided with his frantic January fundraising), but more coming (applying progressed square to Varuna/Sedna) that frankly looks less promising.
  • p. Moon opposite p. Makemake. This was exact at the very end of January, when it was revealed that Bernie had raised $20 million. Even more stunning (Makemake), that was $5 million more than Hillary managed.

Transits to Sanders Personal Planets

Will transits reinforce or contradict what progression tells us? As I mentioned in the Ted Cruz spotlight, they both must tell the same story, because the progression pattern is a fractal, or self-similar copy, of the transiting pattern.

Transits to Bernie Sanders' Sun at Super Tuesday
  • Saturn/Moon transiting square Sanders' Sun. While it was good news to win four states on March 1st, that news wasn't really good enough to change the math for Bernie. Hillary looked even more inevitable. Thus the female (Moon), establishment (Saturn) candidate, is majorly cramping his style.
  • Sun/Neptune/Ceres/Chiron stellium transiting opposite Sander's Sun. Moon/Saturn flanks as Sun/Neptune/Ceres opposes (with Chiron tagging along). Overall, the conventional wisdom is dismissive of Sanders' chances. The TV pundits (Neptune as the ubiquitous talking heads, seen everywhere on TV and computer screens) claim he cannot get enough grass roots support. Secretly (Moon) or openly (Sun), they write off Sanders' chances.
  • Asteroid Juno stationing sextile Sander's Sun. His wife has become more high profile, giving solo media interviews for Bernie's cause.
  • Pluto on one side and 2002 TC302 on the other, trine Sander's Sun. Comparable to his progressed Sun/Pluto/Eris triple-trine, is a similar, long-term grand trine involving his Sun in transit. He's got the power! (cue theme music: "Snap! The Power")
  • Varuna semisquare and 2002 TX300 sesquiquadrate Sander's Sun. This is one conflicting note about Bernie. He knows how to use the media, how to appeal, and yet seems oblivious to the impact of chirping he's a Socialist (semisquare TX, bad choice of message). These are the wrong words (Varuna), that will undo his efforts. Sure he explains how much we depend on our socialist constructs (fire dept., police, etc.), but he must be careful that he doesn't unwittingly provide sound bytes for opposition attack ads.
  • Jupiter retrograding to conjunct Sander's Sun. Sanders' support isn't going away. It will grow and consolidate, as transiting Jupiter moves back onto Bernie's Sun degree, snuggling into that grand trine with Pluto and TC. His fans, his delegates, and he will deserve attention at the convention.

Sanders' Mercury transits at Super Tuesday
  • Makemake transiting conjunct Sanders' Mercury. Another emphasis on his ability to make speeches (Mercury) that excite and inspire (Makemake).
  • Venus/Pallas transiting sesquiquadrate Sanders' Mercury. Sanders is outspending and outraising Hillary (Venus is money, honey), and fighting a good fight (Pallas).
  • Juno stationed semisquare Sanders' Mercury. His wife is supportive and out there for him, but that also means he probably doesn't have her attention as much right now.
  • Quaoar transiting square Sanders' Mercury. If he can make it to the White House, that Quaoar (representing innovation, gambling, experimentation, "playing") will finally square his Mercury. Could be him pulling out the stops on every idea known to man, to accomplish his agenda.
  • Long-term: Sedna transiting trine Sanders' Mercury. This almost shouldn't be on here, as Sedna doesn't even reach Gemini until 2025. But that long slow trine completion could buoy what he stands for, his message and his efforts, far past his mortal life.

Sanders' Mars transits at Super Tuesday
  • Mercury transiting sextile Sanders' Mars. This is good for him and his four wins on March 1st. But Mercury is a fast little bugger, and by Super Saturday (March 5), has moved on to early Pisces, not as helpful.
  • Sander's Mars involved in two difficult oppositions: the Eris/Uranus opposing Haumea, and Sun/Neptune opposite Orcus. Will he face and survive the Hillary onslaught, which will only gather steam as she wins more contests? If he perseveres, can he beat whatever ideal Republican nominee that's hatched and matured by November? And if that contest is won, what about ISIS? What about Putin, climate change, and all the unknowable problems that are coming? Sanders' Mars is under a lot of pressure here.
  • Past and Future: Varuna separating and Pluto applying square Sander's Mars. These two aren't as important now. Varuna is past (exact square to Mars around 2014), and Pluto will take until nearly 2020 to square his Mars. Here for completeness.
  • Edison and Ixion/Quaoar trine Sanders' Mars. While Eris/Uranus bear down on his Mars, and Haumea opposes it (a figure for all the fights he faces) — and let's not forget the Neptune/Orcus opposition — Bernie has had help. He has ideas (Edison). He has chutzpah (Ixion), and he's willing to take a chance (Quaoar). Bernie Sanders' Mars here shows the kind of good news/bad news that awaits anyone who ends up president. You could say, it's a good sign, he's so under fire! And yet uplifted as well.

If we want to see how the primaries will pan out, let's look at the Democratic National Convention. Sanders' progressed Moon should tells us what is most immediately happening:

Bernie Sanders Moon p. to Democratic Nat'l Convention

  • p. Moon just past conjunct p. Venus/p. Ceres. He raised a lot of money (Venus), kissed a lot of babies (Ceres). That's now fading away.
  • p. Moon trine p. North Node. His popularity hasn't waned; it's strong!
  • p. Moon moving out of opposition to p. Makemake. You can't call all those Sanders voters crazy. There are too many of them.
  • p. Moon square p. Varuna/p. Sedna. Here is the first real struggle. Will Bernie come away with the prize? Sorry to say, p. Moon square p. Sedna is not a very happy milestone. He wins the nomination only if he'll be sad he can't go home and spend time with his beloved dog.

OK, give Bernie the benefit of the doubt. Let's say he's the nominee. Most people would argue against that possibility, but let's say (cough!) Trump is right and Clinton "isn't allowed to run" because of her "damn email server." How does Bernie look in November, for the election? Again, progressed Moon should provide valuable clues, and we should double-check any other culminating personal planets...

Bernie Sanders progressed Moon and Mercury at Election Day
  • p. Moon trine Saturn. He's past the positive (sextile Vesta, trine N. Node) and challenging (square p. Sedna), and enjoying his achievements (Saturn) of the campaign. But something is not quite right...
  • p. Mercury semisquare p. Neptune. Remember progressed Mercury, so close to square p. Haumea/p. Chiron. That has gotten more pressurized, more exact. In fact, the semisquare to p. Neptune is NOW. What kind of dirt will they dredge up, to fog up the field?
  • p. Mercury square p. Haumea/p. Chiron. As said above, this is troublesome, and getting more so. Sanders would expect brutal attacks from the Republicans. Will he have to verbally abuse them back? Could he keep the high moral ground and survive? How painful would this be, even too painful?

Granting there's some beneficial help from p. Moon trine p. Saturn, and that generally Bernie's progressed figure is positive, that Mercury! That's not so hot. But if Sanders were the Democratic choice, and elected, you must see something positive at Inauguration time. How does progresssed Moon, and Mercury for that matter, fare? There must be a positive, feel-good milestone at such a spectacular moment.

Bernie Sanders' p. Moon at Inauguration Day

This certainly is a hard call! There are markers of excitement (applying p. Moon trine p. Uranus) and a successful societal experiment (applying p. Moon trine p. Quaoar/p. Neptune), but do these denote an actual victory? Or does this describe someone reflecting on a fine attempt, even one that is already over by Convention time?

The p. Mercury now square p. Haumea is the stickler here. I don't think Sanders is being inaugurated with such a difficult progressed Mercury as that. He hasn't cracked the Order of Things, either, with p. Moon applying sesquiquadrate p. Orcus. As he's enjoying the p. Moon trine to p. Quaoar (the Great Experiment in prodding people to vote, to care, to cause a "revolution"), simultaneously he's rankled by the semisquare to p. TC - something he cannot grasp. It's reminiscent of his natal Sun opposite TC: does he really understand Others, or do they remain a mystery? Why won't people choose to vote for a better America, he might be asking at this point. He does not get it that strong motivating factors can only combat the weighty inertia of the typical American voter (or non-voter, perhaps more accurately).

Bernie Sanders is quite a remarkable character. Astrology lets us look beneath the surface as nothing else does, and see this man who has a vision, who has wonderful milestones just up ahead, which could very well be the realization of that vision.

All Sanders would need is for people to believe he can do that. Most people can't use Astrology's "reveal codes" and see the possibilities ahead. The American people have to go on faith, on their gut instinct. But even as we can see the possibilites with Astrology, all the "players" in the presidential race still have their choices to make, which we must observe and seriously consider. It's only then that we may choose who we want to lead America forward.

Wheel Charts

Bernie Sanders birth
Super Tuesday, 1 Mar 2016, 11:59 p.m. EST used
Bernie Sanders, Progressed to Super Tuesday

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