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Periodically you will find articles on your favorite Dwarf Planets in this Plog, which is a Blog about Planets. Here you will get to know the Dwarf Planets better, but those other, boring planets that you've heard about for ages, you know, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, yeah those... they will be here, too.

Shorter articles on current events are also posted on the More Plutos Facebook page

  • Trump, COVID-19, and the Election — Some of the same astrological conditions that signaled The Trump Impeachment and pointed to his possible removal from office (exhaustively covered in the "Trump Isn't Leaving Until" series below) are BACK. But with the election so close, this can't mean impeachment. Donald Trump is infected with coronavirus and taking high doses of strong and experimental drugs. So, what exactly could go wrong??

  • Trump Isn't Leaving Until, A Series — While I could generally see the presidential train wreck coming (see my Mr. Trump's Wild New Year post, written in Nov. 2016!), who knew then that Russians had rigged the tracks?! We still don't know everything, but enough detail has emerged to suggest that 2019 may bring a Nixonian end to the Trumpian era:
    • Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Part 1 - History can show us that presidents don't leave office on just any day
    • Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Part 2 - In this sequel, you find out how useful a president's Inaugural chart can be, when it's treated like a birth chart and secondarily progressed
    • Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Part 3 - The big boss can't leave, until the next in line is "dressed for success," so to speak, therefore we compare Mike Pence's natal, plus transits and progression in 2019, to Gerald Ford in 1974
    • Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Muellerlude - In this interlude (or Muellerlude), we take a look at some quite lucky and exciting aspects coming up, for former FBI director and special investigative counsel, Robert Mueller
    • Trump Isn't Leaving Until, Part 4 - It's the final chapter of this series, as the long-awaited target date of September 2019 has come. Read why personal transits and progression point to this month being a real bear for Trump, confirming all other noted indicators, and how Richard Nixon might even have something to say about the Trump problem.

  • How Long-Lived is Secondary Progression? — While astrologers wouldn't question whether Secondary Progression would "work" for a 100-year-old client, is there a limit to its operation? Could it show milestones even after death, maybe decades or even centuries later? Whose life would last that long? Great artists, that's who! See the trick invented by Johannes Kepler, track the post-mortem milestones of the Earth's literary and musical Immortals.

  • Mr. Trump's Wild New Year Trump cartoon frog glancing helplessly around We may have to accept the results of the Presidential Election and the resulting Wild Ride we have been strapped into. But we can at least keep score of Donald Trump's upcoming challenges, especially Saturn looking to bitch-slap him three times in 2017. Here are the dates to have handy while watching cable news.
  • Trump Toast: The breakfast of Champion LOSERS! Trump Is Toast — Every week until the end of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, a new tid-bit suggesting Donald Trump's candidacy was a disaster, was examined in this series. Includes Nov. 9 post-mortem on the scope of this disaster.

  • Monthly Series: Dwarf of the Month — Catch a brief hard look at a Dwarf Planet that you should definitely be acquainted with, once a month.
    • Salacia. Along with Zsuzsanna Griga (handling the myth) and Steve Tuffill (illustrations, some examples, and keywords), I explore the meaning of Salacia, a Kuiper planetoid I had to forgo covering in my recent book. Salacia is around 900 km in diameter and can't be dismissed lightly. Read the results of our analysis, and comment at Steve Tuffill's Astro Discussion Group on Facebook (ask to join if you already have a Facebook account).
    • Makemake. This third-largest Kuiper planet brings shocking events, news, and people into our lives. With Sun currently sesquiquadrate Makemake, America reels with Makemakean excitement and terror, contemplating a President Trump! It's high time to learn more about this distant, potent Dwarf.

  • Special Series: There are More Presidential Candidates — So many presidential candidates, so little time. But if elected, this plog promises to bring forth each and every candidate, and reveal their Dwarfish parts for all to see!
    • Marco Rubio — The first of the series. Check out this spotlight on Senator Rubio and read why 2024 is really his year.
    • Ted Cruz — Who else deserves to be Number Two in this series, but Ted Cruz? Senator Cruz's birth chart is a wonder to behold, but it is Dwarfed by what it has become in Secondary Progression. You don't want to miss this!
    • Bernie Sanders — He pulls in large crowds, he's exciting young people about politics, but can Senator Bernie Sanders launch himself into the presidential driver's seat? If that is at all possible, Astrology should show he's got good days coming!
    • Hillary Clinton — She's ahead in the delegate count, but does that mean it's clear sailing to the Democratic nomination? Only Astrology has the inside story.
    • Donald Trump — The pundits are hoarse trying to give the American people all the Trump news they desire, all the time, but to know what's really going on under the orange hair, you need Astrology! (this article later published in the July/Aug 2016 issue of Astrological Journal)
    Einstein feels a bit warped from celebrating the discovery of gravitational waves

  • Einstein Lives on in LIGO Discovery — What would Einstein think, specifically, about the LIGO team finding evidence of gravitational waves? Let's find out, through Astrology's age-old tool called Secondary Progression. Read the surprising results, and in the process, peer into Einstein's remarkable brain.

  • Periodic Series on the Terrorist Bastards
    • 22 March 2016 Attacks in Brussels is another effort to explain how Astrologers could definitely pinpoint when those pinheads would come out of their holes to cause their mayhem. All you need are some large Dwarf Planets, really!

    • Can Astrology Develop Time DNA? — Are we really not able to better anticipate terror attacks, as the news media so often tells us? Certainly that's true of mainstream methods. But why Big Batch of Terrorist Crazies not give the "crazy" astrologers a shot at it? This article outlines a method that just might yield the "Time DNA" of future attacks, and all without knowing who the goofballs are who were the perpetrators. You will require Vesta, second largest Asteroid, and yes, those big beautiful Dwarfs.

  • Brexit? Bremain! Get the inside scoop of the question gripping the United Kingdom at Summer Solstice 2016: will they remain in the EU, or will they vote for their ticket to ride? Updated with post-mortem notes written July 5, 2016

  • I... am... a... DAAlek!Doctor Who Turns 52 — Celebrate Dr. Who's 52nd anniversary, by checking out the famous BBC Television show's first program chart, and natal charts for the latest Doctor Peter Capaldi and show creator Sydney Newman. Also witness some stunning comparison's to Dr. Who's near twin-in-time, the Kennedy Assassination, via Secondary Progression, only possible when you use the new, large Dwarfs.

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